Cannot Run Windows Update on a Windows 7 PC?

Recently, I was working with a client and they had an issue updating their Windows 7 PC. Basically, whenever they tried to run a check for updates, they would get the following error message:

Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.

Of course, restarting did not help. When we checked if the Windows Update Service was running, we found that it was running. So now we were confused.

In this situation, you can solve the problem by deleting all the currently downloaded updates and retrying. Sometimes an update gets corrupted and then Windows gets confused and thinks the service is no longer running.

The first thing to do is to stop the Windows Update service on your Windows 7 machine. You can do this by going to Start and typing in services.msc in the search box.

windows update services

Next, press Enter and the Windows Services dialog will appear. Now scroll down until you see the Windows Update service, right-click on it and choose Stop.

stop windows update service

Now that the Windows Update service has been disabled, you need to go to the following folder and delete all the files and folders inside of it:


software distribution

Once you have deleted everything, go back to the Services dialog and right-click on the Windows Update service and choose Start. All the files and folders will be re-created and hopefully you can start downloading updates for your PC.

If you’re still having problems, make sure to check out our previous posts on removing and reinstalling all Windows Updates, troubleshooting An Update Failed to Install error, and fixing Windows Update Error Code 8E5E03FA.

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  1. Thanks this was really helpful. I had a completely new installation that wouldn't update at all. Clearly a Windows 7 bug as many people are struggling with this.


  2. I am also having the same problem. I just recently upgraded my Lenovo SL510 Laptop to a Western Digital 750GB hard drive. I clean installed Windows 7 32 bit on it and found that I could not install any Windows updates. I have contacted both Lenovo and Microsoft the assist with resolving this issue and neither one has been able to do anything. If I put the old Seagate drive back in I am able to update my system with no problems. Any suggestions. Yes, all of the services are running. Microsoft made sure of that. Thanks

  3. Good tips …my Windows Update is running again!

  4. Thanks. The first step (enabling the service) worked for me. I didn't need to go to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution and all.


  5. Just to share where I am having the same problem but Windows Update & BITS services are running well.

    Finally I found the problem is cause by Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) which suppose to enhance the SATA disk performance. Problem solved after I download and install the latest version from Intel.

    So the first thing to check is to ensure all third party drivers are the latest version.

    Hope this help.

  6. I can't find Windows Update service, so I can't stop it. Please help.

  7. Thanks kwfoo.

    I had exactly the same problem on a new W7 install and once I updated the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, all was well.

    I would never have thought of that if I had not read your post.

  8. Thank you a lot for posting this. I have been messing with my laptop for days since I reformatted it just before Xmas, and despite being very computer savvy, I couldn't figure it out. All I knew was that it froze whenever I tried to run it, and that only rebooting it in services with it open would get me to the "check updates" page.

    Thanks to your post, I finally got the update check to run and updates are currently installing. I really appreciate it, and I hope you had happy holidays! :)

  9. Hey, guys!

    I am from Brazil, but I bought my Sony Vaio VPCF1 in the USA. Well, once here in my country, I bought a Portuguese version of the Windows 7 Ultimate. After several, but solved, installation problems, I got stuck on the Windows Update failure.

    Thanks to kwfoo! I finally solved this issue.

    Alessandro Albuquerque

  10. This fix worked perfectly. However, is it possible to "undelete" the Update History as you cannot see it anymore?

  11. Thanks. It work perfectly. I was scared thinking that something was seriously wrong with my computer.

  12. Wow! Your solution works! Sorry to sound surprised but have spent a long time on this Microsoft weakness. Thanks so much. For those that get told that spyware causes the problem: Maybe it does, but in my case it was a problem from Day 1 with a brand new PC and new Windows Premium 64 before I loaded anything additional!

  13. Wow, it worked! I don't know how to thank you!!!

  14. I had to start all over again with a new hard drive (old one died) and it could not update. I followed the first guy's instructions and updated the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. I don't know why this driver affects the update process, but it works now.

  15. That is brilliant. I've been looking for this fix for days now. I've just reinstalled Windows and the problem was still there. Then, I found your solution straight after.

    Unfortunately, I didn't see it before, but, many thanks!!

  16. After deleting and restarting, an error follows; 'cannot find specified file'.

  17. This post really helps!

    You solved my problem. :)


  18. I have a windows update error about once a month lately. Have tried every solution posted. I have discovered a simple and easy method!!! It works every time for me (so far).

    Go to Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings: if it is set to AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS switch it to
    PROXY SERVER (port 80) that port was already there for me. Click OK and try Windows Update.

    Option 2. If it was set to PROXY SERVER, switch it to AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS. Try again. Don't give up yet. Switch back to PROXY SERVER. Finally, Windows Update should work!

  19. Add me to the list of problem solved by undating Intel's RTS. Running Windows 7 U. Thanks for the help.

  20. Oh my goodness this simple fix solved a problem that i have been beating my head against for TWO DAYS. I've a Vista machine here so I wasn't sure it would help but it does indeed work on Vista. Specifically, Vista Home Premium 32 bit, on an Acer Aspire 4530 – problem began on a clean load of Windows immediately after installing the SMBUS driver.

    Thank you so much! I realize this is a very old post bu thank you anyway.

  21. OH MY GOD! Thank you soooo much! This problem has been bothering me A LOT since when I play games on this computer it was all laggy and stuff. For a while I tried to keep it up with Registry Booster which sorta helped but not quite. After I got this PC back from repair, Windows Update hasn’t been working at all, until now! :D lol 71 updates needed! But anyway, YOU SHOULD GET HONOURED WITH THE TITLE “Sir”

  22. You are the man!!! Worked like a charm. Glad I didn't listen to so-called Microsoft MVP who declared it to be a uncurable virus that mandated clean install.

  23. Thank You. That helped me a lot. Windows 7 seems to be so buggy. That's my 3rd serious bug in this windows.

    1st one was that it stopped being genuine at 1am last month (was disabling onboard display to FORCE ION2 HDMI output on TV that didn't want to work well without doing so) that required me to restore hd image from windows backup. 2 weeks of work lost. Fixed.

    2nd one is memory overflow when using HDMI display on Nvidia ION2 netbook (maybe it's global HDMI or nvidia problem). After few times switching on/off monitor while having DirectX game open, there are huge memory corruptions. Programs won't start, they crash until restart, and while multiply clicking windows update check, it fails everytime AND CORRUPTS WINDOWS UPDATE FILES – that made me search for this sollution. NOT FIXED!

    3rd was this one. Fixed.

    Windows 7 certainly is better than Vista but it still has VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS AND BUGS. Microsoft should really pay more attention to their products!

  24. I recently replaced my HD and used Windows recovery to restore my system. Neither Windows update or Live Messenger worked after that. I tried the method suggested above in stopping and then re-starting the update service after deleting files but that didn't work either. I then checked for updated drivers at and, after updating three drivers, everything now works as it should! Thanks, kwfoo!

  25. I know this entry is a lil'bit old but thank to you Aseem, my girl friend's laptop is now back again. :)

    Thank you.

  26. Hi, I had the exact problem just like:

    "starquest9 Said,August 13th, 2010 @12:23 pm I am also having the same problem. I just recently upgraded my Lenovo SL510 Laptop to a Western Digital 750GB hard drive. I clean installed Windows 7 32 bit on it and found that I could not install any Windows updates. I have contacted both Lenovo and Microsoft the assist with resolving this issue and neither one has been able to do anything. If I put the old Seagate drive back in I am able to update my system with no problems. Any suggestions. Yes, all of the services are running. Microsoft made sure of that. Thanks"

  27. I am just wondering if starquest was able to fix his problem, if so, how? I tried pretty much everything and still doesn't work. Please help, much appreciated in advance. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on a Lenovo SL510

  28. Thanks a ton. Spent 3hrs already on other tips to fix this and yours worked!

  29. Thanks for the tip, worked like a charm.

  30. Many thanks from per previous posts installing Intel RST did the business for me. Very grateful as has saved me $ and time.

  31. I had this problem on Windows Vista, and this solved it. Thanks!

  32. Thanks!, Just got a new hard drive for my laptop. Windows wouldn't update after installing the operating system. This fix worked.

  33. Thanks you, my bestfriend. It's very useful for me :*

  34. Thank you! After hours looking on the internet, you gave me the correct solution! Nice work!

  35. Just a note of thanks.. This happened on 2 computers which I had cloned drives to increase space.

    Microsoft should have this information on their support site.

  36. You are a genius. I followed your open “services.msc” and delete all the files and it worked.

    But a big WTF to the guy that talked about a virsus causing this problem on the microsoft site.


  37. Thank you! I've been battling over the same problem for a number of days now and had tried and retried all the suggestions from Microsoft.

    After stopping the service, deleting the files, restarting the service and then running windows update I found I had 15 Important updates which I'd missed!

    Thanks again.

  38. I have a lenovo T410 that had the same problems with the windows update and the optical drive was always powering down and could not be turned on without booting in safe mode.

    I tried all the suggestions here and elsewhere and finely found there was PC doctor on board but disabled.

    After a system scan it listed some issues and some updates that addressed these problems. It also needed updating,

    . I downloaded and installed the windows updates. Now all seems to be well.

    I am so frustrated with M.S. that I now run UBUNTU O.S. as a duel boot for most of my computer needs,

  39. @kwfoo

    Your suggestion worked! I installed a new SATA drive on my Lenovo u450p laptop and could not get windows update to work even though the windows update service and the BITS service was started.

    I installed the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver from Intel's website, restarted my computer, and windows update is working.

    Thanks again!

  40. My issue was with a Dell Inspiron 1521 that I ” Factory Restored ” to Vista Home Basic 32bit…


    Windows Update Error screen: [Big RED Vertical Bar and text]

    Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running……..


    Apparently, I am NOT the only one.

    Hope this is of some value…



    I thought deleting the entire [ C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution ] directory structure was ‘excessive’, so I looked and decided to ‘take-out’ the contents of the DataStore directory..

    Directory of C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDataStoreLogs

    10/11/2011 07:55 AM .

    10/11/2011 07:55 AM ..

    10/11/2011 07:55 AM 8,192 edb.chk

    10/11/2011 07:55 AM 131,072 edb.log

    10/11/2011 07:55 AM 131,072 edb004D5.log

    10/11/2011 07:43 AM 131,072 edbres00001.jrs

    10/11/2011 07:43 AM 131,072 edbres00002.jrs

    10/11/2011 07:55 AM 131,072 edbtmp.log

    10/11/2011 07:43 AM 65,536 tmp.edb

    7 File(s) 729,088 bytes

    Press any key to continue . . .

    Total Files Listed:

    8 File(s) 1,785,856 bytes

    5 Dir(s) 126,952,452,096 bytes free

    I then navigated to [ C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuWindows Update ] Right-Click Windows Update “Run as Administrator”

    VIOLA!!!! it worked.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. OMG thank you! even microsoft tools don't work, but i found it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH


  42. This works wonderfully, but you MUST reboot a Vista machine before Windows Update will start working again.

  43. Thanks a lot for posting this. I have been messing up with my new HP Probook laptop for days since I bought. Despite being very computer savvy, I couldn’t figure it out. Whenever I click on “check updates” it used to display a mesaage “Windows Service is not running…u may need to restart your computer”.

    Thanks to your post, I finally got the update check to run and updates are currently installing. I really appreciate your help.


  44. Thanks! A corrupt update through WSUS knocked out 40pcs in one go – all started showing this. We were very confused! Thanks again for the fix.

  45. This was great advice. My updates are now working with this fix. TY

  46. Thanks for the tip and the comments from everyone else. My drive had bad sectors so I put a 1tb drive in and updated from a backup. I tried deleting old updates, no luck, then downloaded the newest Intel RST and it works again. Cheers.

  47. Thank you very much for this. It's hard to believe that none of the long-winded solutions from the official Microsoft support site and Windows 7 forums worked but your simple and easy to understand fix worked the first time with minimal fuss.


  48. Dude, You are AWESOME. Dell 15XPS laptop HD died, replaced drive (WD Blue 750 GB) and reinstalled from the Recovery Image (no Windows DVD with system). Windows Update was DOA. Tried updating the Intel Rapid Storage Driver but that did not work. Stopping the Update service then deleting the files in the SoftwareDistribution folder and then starting the Update service worked perfectly. You have lived up to your moniker! Thanks. John

  49. Spent many days trying to solve this problem, and you sorted it out for me in minutes. Cannot thank you enough. Best wishes for Xmas.

  50. I've been fighting with this for days before I found your tips – you'd think the Windows Update troubleshooter could be updated to incorporate this simple fix…

  51. your windows update fix worked PERFECTLY thank you very much

  52. The Rapid Storage Technology driver update, this is what finally
    solved my problem. I had tried the fix at the top without success.

  53. Incredible solution. I searched a lot on the net but could not find an easy solution. Thanks Buddy.


  54. Thanks a lot for your post. I was having this problem on Mac book with windows 7 as parallel. Saved my time on figuring out this issue. Thanks again for your help.

  55. After weeks of debugging, chasing imaginary spyware, your simple fix did the trick!!
    Thanks for this great post

  56. Thank you! Solved my problem as well. You saved me a re-install. Kevin

  57. I had tried all kinds of fixes last night and finally tried this. Worked like a charm. Thanks!


  58. This worked perfectly. Thanks for the simple and easy to follow solution.

  59. Wow – this actually worked, after all other Microsoft recommended fixes failed. Thank you veyr much, sir!

  60. THANK YOU! Only for me, the latest Intel drivers didn’t work, had to go back to Version 1001

    But you at least showed me where to start. Awesome!

  61. Thanks so much! Great walkthrough. Worked perfect. Better than the crazy fixes I read prior!!!

  62. BINGO! fresh install w7 ultimate N – kept getting this error – technet support was silly (why don’t they know about this?)

    Thanks for the tip – updates working now… although given MS’s update bungles – it might have been a blessing keeping it disabled.

  63. THANKS a TONNNNNNNNNNN dude…..really this helped me alot.

  64. Thanks you so much – this worked for me. I was able instal Windows7 updates.

  65. This also fixed my problem. Amazing that you figured this out. Please do this if you are running Intel RSY… it works!

  66. Thank you! It worked! I tried Microsoft’s Fix It tool and many other suggestions that didn’t work.

  67. Thak you very much for sharing this step by step guide. After a hard disk crash on my lenovo laptop I bought a new hard disk and installed the software using the factorey recovery disk and when tried to update windows I got that weird message. Hpefully I found your post and now works normal.

  68. nice really works…im running my updates again…thanks..

  69. PerformOperation on exe returned exit code 3355443746 (translates to HRESULT = 0xc8000222)

    Yes indeed your above solution worked well and solved my problem, now windows update is running and no more above error. thanks

  70. Man !! I had my hopes up so HIGH!! I have tried EVERYTHING listed here and then MANY others… NONE work :( Any other ideas or suggestions? I have been hunting fixes on this issue for MONTHS, trying everything I could find, to no avail.

    Thanks in advance :)

  71. Ran several Microsoft Fix-it utilities, reset the Windows Update, ran the WU Repair utility, and nothing worked except your solution. Kudos to you, and thank you for sharing your expertise!

  72. thanks so much, my windows is finally updating!!

  73. Well done. Fixed a SP1 install issue. Thanks.

  74. Have a vista home premium, and after a system reinstall, I tried everything. This was the only thing that worked!!


  75. Awesome, it really works. I was working around this issue for 3 hrs until I get your advise.

    thanks a lot!

  76. I too have run into this problem and tried some of the fixes listed in this discussion. After updating all the drivers including the Intel RST I still couldn’t get Windows Update to run. I clicked on the link to enable Windows to update other Microsoft software and bing (pun intended) the updates started to work. This was on a Compaq CQ10 netbook. The OS was Win 7 Starter and it was pre-service pack 1.

  77. THANK YOU! Finally fixed it for me, such a bloody hassle.

  78. Hi every one,

    RANDAL was absolutely right, I installed the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application, and it worked right away. I did the restart the system.

    Thanks Randall and Aseem for this forum.


  79. THANX!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a solution that works!!!!

  80. much better solution: Install Ubuntu 12.04 and live happily ever after!

  81. Spent a whole afternoon googling this problem and reading all kinds of posts with convoluted, scary procedures to try. Came across this site and tried it because it looked like something even I could handle. Took less than 2 minutes and worked like a charm!! Thank you so much!!

  82. Just great!!Thank you very much..

  83. Thanks a lot….All the steps i had followed…its working now….brilliant answers…really i’m very happy….

  84. This worked. I put in a new harddrive loaded windows 7 x64 and tried to run updates and it didnt work. I did the above and it worked perfectly 5/20/2012

  85. Worked perfectly on Windows Vista 64-bit. Thanks!

  86. Just had this issue. Tried stopping and restarting Windows Update service without success. Then changed setting to “never check for updates” and manual update worked.

  87. Thanks! Worked great. I sometimes bring up my old PCs. I appreciate your effort – it really helps us keep things running.

    This situation reminded my why I switched to Linux a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder, also!

    Good luck and good fortune.

  88. Thanks much for the solution. Clearly written too. Dick S

  89. worked perfectly. Even microsoft help doesn’t say this effectively. Good one!

  90. Finally this works, but i had the same issue as zzzzzz issue

    Windows Update wasnt in Services therefore this wasnt working… so I replaced all the folders i had deleted and then did the following

    click Start, type cmd, when cmd.exe appears in the list, right click it and click Run as administrator

    type in regsvr32 wuaueng.dll (so it will look like this C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32 wuaueng.dll)

    hit enter

    a message says it was successfully called

    now go into services and windows update will be there

    now you can stop it, delete the folders as above and restart it in services (you dont even need to restart your comp)

  91. Thank you…. It fixed the issue for me.

  92. Thanks,works great and to think Microsoft wanted $99.00 to correct problem

  93. Many thanks – Win update cratered and no amount of “fixes” from windows “fix it” would solve the problem. This seems to have worked!

  94. Thanks a ton!!! I tried multiple fixes which did not work, but your solution worked like a charm. Blessings to you!

  95. Hello,

    Thanks for this blog post. I used it to fix a problem one of my customers was having with their Windows updates not installing on Windows 7. I gave them your instructions and they were able to successfully download and install Windows 7 updates.


  96. Thanks for posting this. The only suggestion I have to speed up the solution is to right click the service to make it manual, reboot, then delete the folder. My 3 images I was working with all said that the directory was in use even after I stopped the service and rebooted to delete. Manual wont have the delayed start, which apparently is NOT much of a delay and you can always set it back to automatic(delayed)after you’re done. Thanks again for posting this.

  97. thanks for the tips…. It really worked..

  98. Worked for me too. Thanks! I was having the exact same problem

  99. Dude… you ROCK! I am now updating my daughters’ Windows-7 computer. We have three Apples (two MBP and one iMac)… And we have this one “great” Windows-7. I was at a dead end until I read your post. You ROCK! Let me send you a book or two… for FREE!

  100. This page is very useful for anyone with this problem, but it is important to realize that this is really a number of different problems that can cause the symptoms people described. That’s why the solution that works is not always the same. In my case the problem started when I installed Win 7 (x64) on a 3 year old Toshiba laptop. Windows updated fine–UNTIL I INSTALLED THE TOSHIBA UPDATES. Then I could not get Windows update to work, and got the message indicated above. I also got error messages about search functions, and some drivers were shown as not digitally signed (even though they wee).

    The important factor was that the original machine came with a 160 GB HDD, but it had been updated to a new WD 500 GB drive. The Toshiba updates apparently did not take this into account, because an older version of the Intel HDD driver was installed by Toshiba with their machine-specific updates. What was required was to install the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver, which corrected all the problems. What made this difficult was that the error messages did not provide much of a clue as to what the actual problem was. New hard drives over 500 MB now often have a different formatting framework (WD calls this “Advanced Format” drive.) Once that is taken into account, everything is corrected. Someone ought to notify Toshiba and Microsoft about this. Other laptops may also have the problem when attempting to install or clone to a new drive.

  101. Worked for me too. Thank you very much! I had exactly the same problem..

  102. Got the same problem on my laptop that’s less than one year old. Had it stored for about 5 weeks and got the error. Tried it and now it works great! Can’t thank you enough!

  103. Thanks! Very helpful. Instant results. Nice work!

  104. This fixed my windows update problem. Thanks!

  105. Thanks for the post. It worked and saved me a lot of work. Some other postings were recommending a completed reinstall of Windows 7. I would rather have a root canal!! Great solution!

  106. I am running Windows7 on a Dell Inspiron laptop. Windows Update was working OK until I passed the first anniversary of activating the new computer and software (coincidence?). After that, if I tried to run the Windows Update, I just got an error message:

    “Windows update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.”

    After a few puzzling days, this was cured by your solution, THANKS. And I passed this info to another user with the same problem, who also is very appreciative.

  107. After working for 2 days trying to get Update to work on Windows 7 x 32 .

    Microsoft had no idea, nor did my IT man. Nor did the computer manufacturer.

    Finally found your site.

    Fixed the problem in 8 minutes.

    Thank you

  108. Thank you!! After updating Intel Rapid Storage Technology to version Windows Update did not work anymore on my Gateway C142-XL laptop. Your tip solved it!

  109. Your information is a real life saver! Followed your procedure and Windows Update started right up as though nothing had happened. Thank you very much.

  110. I echo the above replies. This worked like magic for me. I was a bit sceptical at first but after reading so many success stories I decided to try it. Many thanks for a great tip!

  111. Thank you so much! I’m so glad there are people like you who know how to keep us in the right direction. I encountered the exact same problem with the Windows 7 updates, and this worked perfectly! Thank you!

  112. Thanks for this tip…it worked like a charm.

  113. You are a geek indeed. Solved my problem.


  114. Worked like a charm, thank you for the post.

  115. Not sure why every time I come back here, my comment is “awaiting moderation.” Did I post incorrectly? Is there some reason why my reply is not appearing on other computers that come to this page?

  116. Great advice, once I worked out that msc was msconfig. Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot

  117. Legen…..dary, this process fixed that shi**y problem. thnx guys

  118. thank you, thank you!!!! Finally someone who knows what they’re doing. Months searching, got this link from post and fixed.

    thanks again

  119. Thanks worked for me, had to restart then it worked.

  120. Upgrading the Intel Rapid Storage Drivers did it for me! Thanks for helping me with this issue.

  121. Give yourself a pat on the back brother! I looked far and wide for a fix and you nailed it! Thank you!

  122. It worked! Stopped services, deleted files in c:\windows\softwareDistribution, restarted services, looked for updates and they were downloaded!

    Thank you very much

  123. SUPER!! I had same problem, but in Windows Vista PC. This worked for me to!! I was about to restore my windows installation, but “fortuantly” I didn’t have the disc here at the time… :) I tried many different fixes before this. Thanks a lot!

  124. After spending long, long time searching I finally found a solution. Thanks a lot.

  125. Thank you … It was really helpful … Thanks a lot. Its working perfectly!!!

  126. Oh my goodness!!! This actually seems to be working. It finally downloaded updates. Now, I am installing them. This is closer than I’ve been before to making this thing work!!!

  127. Weird. That option just isn’t there for me to check. Not sure what to do now…

  128. I have a Lenovo T500 with Turbo Memory installed running Win7 Pro. Everything worked fine from a 320gb drive to a 500. Then I clone upgraded to a 750 (Advanced Format) and windows update stopped. Tried most all the above and nothing worked until I updated the Intel Rapid Storage Driver manually to their latest, by picking one from heir list because their online update utility kept crashing and was no help. The Intel update worked but it was not Lenovo provided and now the Turbo Memory won’t work. WU finally worked again – defender worked again also and I re-installed.

    So bottom line. Lenovo probably knows about this but has done nothing to provide a correct dirver for 750 GB drives or warn about them. And INTEL sure knows about it, but their fix doesn’t take into account THEIR Turbo Memory HW. If you have updated to the newest SATA driver, do not update any other INTEL HW driver. I got the blue screen of death trying to re-install the INTEL Turbo memory driver and it happened again updating the INTEL Wireless Lan driver. Total corruption both times. Thankfully I keep a pure working clone that I can re-clone these destroyed drives. Strongly thinking MAC for my next workstation.

  129. Worked like an absolute charm, and I’m a “computer guy”! I think I may have actually run across this fix years ago, but I would never have remembered it had it not been for your timely advice. Thanks a million!

  130. I don’t know if you are still monitoring activity on this post, but, sadly, I must report that I have been struggling with this problem for 2 days without success. Other posts I have found give the same or similar advice as found here. I have again tried the directions as posted here, as well as at the other referenced posts.

    I had a failed hard drive. I bought a new drive (250GB Toshiba SATA/600) and installed Windows 7 SP1 from an ISO downloaded from I activated Windows with Microsoft. I am still getting those update errors … can’t beat it with anything I have found. I really don’t want to continue building my system back to full function until I know I don’t have a SERIOUS problem. Of course having Windows Update functional is important for the numerous updates, including security-related, that come out nearly daily.

    Any further ideas? I am glad so many others have fixed their similar problems, but I am very frustrated with my status.

  131. Thanks a lot! very helpful! it works perfectly now!

  132. When I right clicked on windows update services, it gives me the option to start it and not to stop it. I click start and then i get this error.
    Windows could not start the Windows Update service on Local Computer.
    Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.

  133. I cannot stop windows update. It does not allow me to click “stop.” Can anyone tell me what to do?

  134. Deleting the files in SoftwareDistribution worked like a charm. I’ve been struggling for days and someone posted a link on Thanks guys

  135. Thank you very much……. Its really working…..

  136. You’re my hero. After wasting hours on advice which was not much more than arrows shot in the dark, your simple advice quickly solved the problem, which in turn solved several other problems. THANK YOU!!

  137. This process made Windows Update work perfectly.

  138. I was approaching wit’s ends with this issue, having tried so many variant solutions to not avail.

    Seriously, this is highly appreciated. Saved my sanity on the issue one could state – new rig with win7 and I thought perhaps I brushed some network component on motherboard prior to installation…

  139. Fixed my problem after hours of researching and troubleshooting…thanks

  140. Windows update is running again!

  141. Man you’re the best! after hours of searching and trying everything, this is the only solution that worked!

    thank you so much!

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