Windows 7 – Change Drive Letter

Here’s a quick tutorial for those of you who need to change the drive letter for a hard disk or USB flash drive in Windows 7. The steps are pretty much the same as they were for Windows XP and Vista, so that’s nice.

First, right click on the Computer icon on the desktop and choose Manage.

windows 7 change drive letter

Now click on Disk Management in the left hand pane.

disk management windows 7

Now you will see a list of all the volumes on the Windows 7 computer and a break-down of the partitions by disk. For any removable media you may have attached like USB flash drives, you will see the word “Removable” under the name of the disk.

change drive letter

To change the drive letter, simply right-click on the partition and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.

change drive letter windows 7

Then click on the Change button and then choose a new letter from the drop down menu.

new drive letter

That’s pretty much it! Like I said earlier, it’s pretty straight-forward. If you have any problems changing a drive letter on your Windows 7 PC, post a comment here and I will try to help. Enjoy!

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  1. i always do that, but make sure to do the data backup before attempting a drive letter change, on a bad day, you might lose the data in it, happened to me once… :o

  2. thx 4 nothing. Win 7 Ultimate doesn't have "My Computer" on the desktop. FYI, right clicking "Manage" on Computer doesn't work in Explorer either to rename a drive.


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  3. This method will still not (seemingly or simply) allow you to change the OS drive letter. Why W7 HAS to be on the C: drive eludes me! My HDD was previously set up under WXPP with a C: for utility stuff, D: as the WXPP-OS and I was trying to install W7P onto the E: partition. After rebooting, W7P had the C: drive, WXPP had the D: drive, and my Utility partition had no drive designation. Rebooting to XPP showed the proper drive designations. (Although not having an OS on the C: drive is perhaps less useful than it was 20 years ago (remember del *.* – Opps!) it's the way I've had all my PCs set up since then.) I can use the "disk managment" feature to change all the drive letters around other than for the W7 OS drive. XPP has no problems with my setup, and I can even manage to get Vista to accept residing on a non C: drive . . . Any hints as to if or how I can get W7P to accept being called out on the E: drive? (Which is where it is/was installed after all.)

  4. Superb!! Thank you for your help – I just needed that!! :D

  5. Thanks for the post. Well, my problem is: I have a clean hard disk, that I have separated into 4 partition. Then I firstly installed a clean XP in the first partition which was quite normally named as drive C:. Then I installed a Win7 into the second partition. After finishing the installation, I found that the second partition for Win7 system is also named as dirve C:, and the partition resided XP was changed to D:. That means, both XP and Win7 claimed their partition as C:, but somehow they worked till now. Don't know why and can I make then straight?


  6. Start–>Right Click Computer–>Manage

  7. Pretty useful trick. Thanks very much.

  8. I HAVE BOTH XP, C Drive, and Windows 7, K drive on my computer. How do I chnage Windows 7 to C drive and eliminate XP?

  9. Thank you for posting this!

    Found exactly what I needed.

  10. Sorry, but your response comes over as kinda clueless, especially since you list your MS qualifications! Unless you were trying to be funny ;-)

    "Win 7 Ultimate doesn't have "My Computer" on the desktop"
    No version of Win7 has this as standard, but you can set it on the desktop > personalise > change desktop icons.

    "FYI, right clicking "Manage" on Computer doesn't work in Explorer either to rename a drive"
    It does work, provided you are logged in as an admin, which apparently someone decided you should not be LOL

  11. Thank you! I work with large, external drives of data and because of the need to move these drives around, the drive letter changes and projects lose connections. This will help me considerably.

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