Share a Printer from XP to Windows 7

One common problem I have run into with clients is trying to share a printer connected to a Windows XP machine with Windows 7. There are lots of people out there that have USB connected printers attached to one computer, usually a Windows XP machine.

If you get a new laptop running Windows 7, it makes sense to share that printer so that any computer can print to it. Unfortunately, trying to print to an shared printer on XP from Windows 7 is not as simple as it should be!

In this article I will walk you through the steps for XP to Windows 7 printer sharing. I am assuming your printer is directly attached to a Windows XP machine and you want to print from a Windows 7 machine.

Step 1: First make sure that the printer on the XP machine is shared. You can do this by right-clicking on the printer and choosing Sharing.

share printer xp to 7

Click the Share this printer radio button and give your printer a share name. Make sure is less than 8 characters and does not contain any symbols.

share printer

Step 2: Make sure you can see the printer share from the network browsing area in Windows 7. You can do this by going to Control Panel and clicking on Network and Internet.

win 7 to xp printer sharing

Then click on View network computers and devices under Network and Sharing Center.

printer sharing win 7

At this point, you should see the name of your XP computer in the list of computers. Mine XP machine is called Aseem.

network printer sharing

Double-click on the computer name and you should see your shared printer in the list. Here you can try to add the printer by right-clicking on it and choosing Connect.

connect to printer

If everything goes perfectly, Windows 7 should automatically add the printer to your set of printers. However, if you get a message like “Cannot connect to printer”, follow the next steps.

Step 3: Click on Start and then click on Devices and Printers. At the top, click on the Add a printer link.

add printer win 7

Step 4: Next choose Add a local printer. Yes, that sounds counter-intuitive, but this is what you have to do!

local printer win 7

Step 5: Next, click Create a new port and choose Local port from the list of options.

create new local port

Step 6:  Click Next and in the Port name box, type in the path to the shared printer. It should be something like \\Aseem\HPXP, where Aseem is the name of your XP machine and HPXP is the shared name of the printer.

printer share name

Step 7: Now choose the printer driver from the list or download the latest driver for the printer and choose Have Disk. Note that if you printer is a little older, it’s a good idea to download the Windows 7 driver for the printer and click Have Disk.

add prin to win 7

That’s it! Windows 7 will load the driver and you’ll be able to print to the XP machine from Windows 7! The main things to remember are sharing the XP printer and downloading the latest driver for the printer on the Windows 7 machine.

If you have any problems sharing your printer on XP and printing from Windows 7, post a comment here and I will try to help! Enjoy!

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  1. Interesting article. It solved a VISTA problem for me.

  2. Sweet, this was really helpful. I've had a Windows 7 PC since Christmas now and was not able to print to my printer connected to my XP machine. I didn't realize you had to go through all these steps! Maybe I should update that one to Win 7 too!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We've been trying to do this for 3 days and managed it first time with your instructions! I'm very grateful!

  4. it doesn't work with mine. first of all, when i go to the PC that has windows 7, and i go to " view network printer and devices " , i don't see my computer there( the one with the xp ). can you tell me how do i make it discoverable on my windows 7? please, give me the steps.


  5. thanks a lot Aseem for ur organized answer but it didn't work for me. I still can't use the printer even when the printer name is shown in the network menu on Vista …but it says it cannot connect to the printer???

  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your instructions worked the first time. Now I can print from Windows 7 to the printer on my XP machine. Much appreciated.

  7. After at least a dozen attempts to network the printer attached to the XP machine with very complicated instructions from a dozen different sites it didn't work. Your simple instructions worked. I can't tell you how you have cured my frustration. IT WORKED !

    Thanks a million.

  8. I can't connect to an HP Deskjet 3740 on from my Win 7 laptop to my win XP desktop. Hard to believe, but even though I have the disk that came with it, none of the drivers work, and MS and HP both state there is no driver for this printer!! So I guess it's screw backward compatibility and the consumer at the same time. Small wonder I'm still running a box with Win2k. I hate to 'upgrade' when the upgrade is a downgrade. If anyone knows how to get around this, I'd appreciate a tip.

  9. I have a slightly different problem. I *can* share my printer from XP to Windows 7 but cannot share it with a laptop running Vista. I get to the part where I see my XP PC, but when i double click on it, the Shared Printer does not display — instead I get a message "Windows cannot access (Printer Name). When I click on details, it says "Error Code 0x80070035 The network path was not found." Any ideas?

  10. Hi. Very well written in plain English. My problem is that I can see my home router (which is connected to my XP PC) listed in the computer network and devices but I am unable to see my XP computer listed and therefore cannot select the shared printer (which is connected by USB to the XP PC). All very frustrating. Please help.

  11. This also works for sharing a printer on a Win7 computer with an XP computer. I followed the instructions on the XP machine and I was able to connect. I did have to install the printer on XP first, connecting to a bogus port.

  12. I have a Windows 7 laptop, but my problem is a bit different. I was able to install and access via my wireless router to an XP machine that has a HP3740 printer; however, everything I print comes out as a mirror image! This is regardless of application, and is not effected by the "mirror" setting on the preferences page. The HP tech I chatted with said HP would be working a fix, but did not have one now. I would be eternally greatful if anyone could help.

  13. hi there,

    thanks for this wonderfull tips. the connect function from the shared printer doesnt work for me, i got the `cannot connect to printer error and on the add local printer on step 6, i got error too, the access is refused. can someone help me. took me all day to set the network and all is working fine for file sharing execpt this print share.

    thanks in advance, yan

  14. We have been struggling with this for at least a week now, and even canon couldn' t give us clear instructions…your were much easier to follow and we have success! Thank you!

  15. i did exactlly what u said for sharing printer with window 7 and i can see my printer on winodw 7 but i cann't still print from my laptop window 7.any suggestion.


  16. When I double click on my XP computer it asks me my my network

    user ID and Password. Where do I find this information? Why do

    I need to enter it?


  17. wow that was fairly easy! Thank you so much

  18. Your instructions are perfect! After trying dozens of "help Geek" internet articles on this topic, yours is the first one that covers ALL the steps. Thank you!

  19. The instructions are correct for what I want to do. However one of the last steps says to down load the win 7 driver. That I have not found on Dell or microsoft. MS says use the vista driver which did not work.

  20. THANKS! I spend almost 2 hours on this, but with your description it was fixed in a few minutes!

  21. after step 2 I get stuck. can't see my xp computer from the windows 7 machine. Any info or help would be appreciated. thanks.

  22. I followed similar instructions when I first installed Win7 Pro on my computer in order to print to a printer on my wife's computer running Win XP over a wireless home network. I was able to print to the printer for several months. About 4 weeks ago, I started getting an error message "Windows cannot connect to printer. Access is denied."

    I followed the above instructions and still cannot print (same error message). I have checked firewall settings, and everything else I can think of, but no success. Any other suggestions?

  23. I have established internet on my desktop and my windows 7 laptop. I see the printer connected to my desktop listed as a device on my windows 7 laptop when open "devices and printers" But I don't see my XP computer listed when I go to "view network computers and devices" What do I need to do to get my XP computer to show up on windows 7?

  24. Hi, I'm having a problem that a lot of people seem to have: I can't see the XP desktop in the "view network printers and devices" page. Can you please post a solution for people what that problem?

    For the rest it looks like this would've fixed my problems.

    And for the record: can I also scan with my printer/scanner if it's connected like you propose here? And if you can't, do you have a solution for that to? (I actually suppose you can, but you never know for sure with electronics. It's a bit like women: sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. And you never know why :D )

  25. When I go to sharing on My XP Pro I get the message, "Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed".

  26. nice piece of work, this info solved my problem. i was stuck for a copule of days but after going through your post, it only took me 2 minutes to fix the problem. thanks alot

  27. Tried your suggestions, but still get "error 0x000006ba". I wonder is the fact that my HP LaserJet 1022 is connected to USB port on my Dell 530 running Windows XP pro?

    thanks for the help

  28. OMG you are my HERO!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been fighting for 3 days trying to figure out how to make this work and I finally found your website and it works! FIRST try! :)

  29. Oh my GOSH thank you! This is fantastic. I have been trying to hook my laptop up to my work printer for ages. My colleague has as well, I've sent her this link!! Awesome!!

  30. Thanks so much for the tips. The local install worked without a hitch for my HP installed on a Windows 7 machine. Was trying to connect to an XP laptop. Thanks again!

  31. Your steps worked flawlessly. Thank you for taking the time to explain this.

  32. I've used this trick to connect several Vista PCs to XP shared printers over the years. I recently ran into a printer shared by a Windows XP SP2 PC and a Windows 7 32 bit PC that can't print to that share, even when using the above steps. The Windows 7 PC can see all the shares on the XP box, and can even open file shares. When I try to print, the print job goes to the XP box's print queue, but instead of printing, the queue just says "Error – printing."

    I've tried several different drivers thinking it may be a driver compatibility issue. No joy. Both PCs are in the same workgroup. The printer is a Deskjet F340 All In One. I thought I had found the answer in this link:

    but again, no joy. If anyone has managed to correct this particular issue, PLEASE let me know.

  33. I went through all steps trouble free and went into celebration mode and realized that the test pages were not printing. I now have 2 documents in queue that will not print and can't seem to get them to go. Any ideas???????????

  34. YOU DA MAN!

    After several frustrating hours trying to get a new windows 7 desktop to see a printer on my XP "main" puter, I was ready to take the new box back.

    Your "install local printer" trick worked perfectly.

  35. Oh, forgot to add, the new box is 64 bit windows 7,, the "main" is a Pentium 4 on XP, and the drivers ARE in the windows 7 package (many times windows said it could not find drivers), once you get the darned thng to install via the "install local printer" trick using the network address. Bloody brilliant!

  36. Many many many thanks! The advice was perfect! Just what i needed after alot of frustration trying to get helpful info on Microsoft support. Google search for share printer xp 7 got me here and I am so happy!

  37. Perfect …you gave me the solution for printing ! After 2 nights working! thanks a lot1

  38. What a great article! Thanks for solving this problem for us!

  39. Worked perfectly. Thanks for the excellent help!

  40. Using win 7 home on laptop, and Xp pro on ADMIN PC with printer installed and sharing. printer works on 5 other xp and Vista machines. Network printer works on win 7 laptop, but trying to setup shared printer through network didn't work, so I tried your fix, and got message "Unable to install printer. Print processor does not exist" Can anyone help me please. I've got several hours trying to resolve this problem.

  41. Thanks very much, I had been pulling my hair out trying to get the damn printer to work and your local printer option, regardless of logic, worked first time :D I can now print.

  42. I tried this and the printer installs, but when I try to print a test page it immediately fails. I run the troubleshooter and it cannot solve the problem. Any ideas?

  43. Many thanks for the tips – with a little "fine-tweaking" it worked perfectly. I can now print remotely from my new Windows 7 laptop through my Windows XP desktop PC!!!


  44. Thank you so much. I have spent many hours trying to do this. Works a real treat! Many thanks.

  45. Worked 1st time. Many Thanks. I have been trying to share a printer on my home network for weeks. It even works on a wireless connection via Router Access Point! My HP printer is connected to a W7 Desktop. Now, I have wireless access to the Printer from the XP laptop.

    Important points to note: (Not made clear on other sites or networking books)
    1. Make sure the computers are linked on a network.
    2. On the Host Computer, follow the Sharing steps.
    3. From the Client Computer, use the steps detailed above to connect to the printer.

  46. hi recently i have buyed a printer hplaserjet m1522nf and i connected it to my local xp(32bit) machine then i have tried it on sharing on network with windows 7(64 bit) but i am unable to connect it. what i need to do. do i have to install the printer software in windows 7 machine also.please help me by posting the answer to this query.

  47. Worked perfect for me…. however when I did the windows driver update my HP photosmart 4680 didn't show up in the list. I took an educated guess and chose the photosmart 7200 instead and lucky it worked like a charm.

  48. Thanks for your very excellent article! I am able to see my XP computer from my windows 7 laptop, however I am not able to access it. When I double-click on it, it says windows cannot access the computer. However, the XP computer can access my laptop perfectly. Can I know what is the problem and how I can solve it? I needed to access the XP computer so that I can print my documents. Greatly appreciate it if you can help me with this!

  49. Thank you so much. Finally I can now print from my laptop.

  50. i tried to network my printers using windows Xp to windows 7, so that the other can use it but the response is cannot find the driver( I read It from windows 7) pls. help

  51. Windows Seven doesn't have EPSON TMU 220 printer driver. I think. Schiesse.

  52. I guess I'm once more the oddball but even though I'vre tried and tried I cannot connect my new desktop running windows 7 with my laptop running XP. My two printers are connected via USB to my Windows 7 Desktop, both work perfectly. Your instructions assume the printers are connected to the XP computer. I cannot seem to make the switch (XP to 7).

    Can you help me ? When I had an XP desktop I had no trouble setting up my XP laptop to access my printers

    Some comments indicate they worked on the problem for several hours. I've been frustarted for 6 weeks !

    Thanks, Bill

  53. SUPER THANKS! The steps are perfect! I can now printer from my windows 7 to XP where the printer is. I'll do it on my other laptops too!

  54. THANK YOU!!!! After 3 days, hours on the phone and endless pains…I followed your walkthrough and was printing in 2 minutes.

    Thanky you!!

  55. You were the end of a pile of frustration on my end. Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  56. have been struggling for some time – did the add a local port option and it worked – thank you.

  57. Hi

    Great , easy instructions to follow, but when I go to the PC that has windows 7, and I go to ” view network printer and devices ” , I don’t see my PC there ( the one with the xp ). Can you tell me how do I make it discoverable on my windows 7?


  58. Thanks very much – it's worked again!!! Had to re-install as somehow I lost the printer on my laptop. I can now print from my Windows 7 laptop again. Thanks!

  59. It doesn’t work with mine. First of all, when I go to the PC that has windows 7, and I go to ” view network printer and devices ” , I don’t see my computer there( the one with the xp ). Can you tell me how do I make it discoverable on my windows 7? Please, give me the steps.


  60. Hi,

    Followed your instructions but once I got to step 6 my laptop that has w7 on gives me the message….network path not found

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong??

  61. These instructions were good but I followed your instructions and still can't print. Is there something else I need to look at? At least now I can get something in the printer que but can't print anything.

  62. Hey man…thank you…it worked perfectly.

  63. Thank you! This seems to have done the trick!

  64. Thank for your help Aseem! Adding a manual port really helps.

    Maybe a little add for people out there finding out there is no

    XEROX DOCUPRINT P8E driver available in windows 7;

    Try to use Aseems procedure and choose a "close to it " driver manually. I use an win 7 laptop to connect to a win xp desktop to

    print to a XEROX P8E. It works in my case by creating a new port

    under "add local printer" option and choose the xerox docuprint 100 EPS driver. I didn't have printer problems after.

    This might work as well for most other win 7 non supported printer models!

    Good luck.

  65. I cannot see my shared printer in my windows 7 control panel. My router is working fine for wireless internet from the windows 7 laptop. What's up? And the name of my XP computer doesn’t show up on the network screed on the Windows 7 laptop

  66. hey, cool, i got it. i had to disable the firewall! Thanks anyway

  67. I’ll consider that the two machines are connected through a hub or a switch or router, and that your Windows XP is Service Pack 3. Have a memory stick in hand. Also: MAKE SURE THAT ALL YOUR NETWORK CONNECTIONS ARE THROUGH A NETWORK CABLE. IF YOU ARE USING WIRELESS, THE SETTINGS MIGHT NOT BE APPLIED. STRICTLY USE CABLE CONNECTION.

    On the Windows XP machine

    1. Insert your memory stick
    2. Go to the Control Panel.
    3. Open “Network Setup Wizard” icon
    4. Click “Next”
    5. Click “Next” again
    6. Select “other” then click “next”
    7. Select the first option the click “next”: This option has the following, “This computer connects to the internet directly or through a network hub. Other computers on my network also connect to the Internet directly or through a hub”.
    8. On this window, just ignore everything (Computer name, etc) and click “next”
    9. Here rename your Workgroup name as WORK NETWORK, then click “next”.
    10. Here select the option with “Turn on file and printer sharing”, then click “next”
    11. If it asks you, “Are you sure you want to turn on file and printer sharing?”, select “yes”
    12. It will then show a summary of your settings, Click “next”
    13. Your settings will then be applied giving you an option to save them on a disk. In the four options choose the first one (which is to save the network settings in a removable disk). Upon saving the setting, select the memory stick option.
    14. After finishing, a file named “netsetup.exe” will be created and saved in your memory stick.

    On the Windows 7 machine

    1. Insert the same memory stick which you used to save the network settings from the Windows XP machine.
    2. Click open the memory stick
    3. Double on the file “netsetup.exe”
    4. Select “yes” to permit the program to run
    5. On the “Welcome to the Network Setup Wizard” screen select “yes”
    6. Click “next”
    7. Click “next” again
    8. This will carry on in the same manner as it happened on the Windows XP machine.
    9. If the machine prompts you to select the network location, choose the middle one, “Work network”
    10. The machine will then prompt you to restart. In fact restart both machines
    11. After restarting this machine, go to the control panel
    12. Open “Network and sharing center”
    13. On the bottom left corner select, “Homegroup”
    14. Click on “Change advanced sharing settings”
    15. On this Windows select the following:
    a) Turn on network discovery
    b) Turn on file and printer sharing
    c) Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folders
    d) Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file sharing connections (recommended)
    e) Turn off password protected sharing
    f) Allow windows to manage homegroup connections (recommended)

    16. Then click “Save changes”
    17. Done.
    18. Restart.

  68. Dear Aseem —

    Thank you so much for this very successful tip.

    For space reasons, I wanted to keep the Brother 1440 printer on my XP machine and share it to the W7 laptop. But my W7 was refusing to find the driver for the printer when shared from the XP machine. I even connected the W7 directly to the printer as a true local device. In this case the W7 DID find and download the driver and installed the printer. But then, when I hooked the printer back up to the XP and tried to share from it out to the W7, the W7 forgot it had ever downloaded the driver.

    Your fix solved all this, and fooled my W7 into thinking it was directly hooked up to the printer, thus tricking it into realizing it could find the driver. Thank you again.

  69. GREAT ! it worked linking my XP printers to Windows 7×64 laptop.


  70. I tried this. It looked like everything worked, but when I print a file it never prints. It just get's added on the printer's tasks.

  71. I'm stuck at step 2, I cant find my other computer! Its not showing up. What to do?

  72. I can view the XP printer on my Windows 7 Printers and Devices screen, but when I go to print a test page I nothing is sent to the printer. My printer is connected by USB to the XP Printer and I am using a wireless router to connect my documents & printer. I can view my shared documents, but I can not print from my Windows 7 printer. Any advice?

  73. Thank you soooo much for this page and the cannot see other pcs in my network. Added memory to the xp machine then followed the directions from both of your pages. the whole thing was completed in an hr. Will surely share you wisdom with my friends and family. Thanks again.

  74. Man, thanks for this. Great Help. This works for Windows 2000 Professional as well.

  75. Have printer Samsung scx-4100 on XP Professional. Tried to print from Win7 Professional – didn't work. Same printer connected to Vista Home accessible from Win 7 Prof (same). But between 7 and XP – no luck.

  76. Thanks! Easy & "Works like a charm."

  77. Your instructions seemed to work perfectly and I successfully printed a test page from the W7 computer using the wireless connection. However, when I try to actually send a print request to the printer I get an error message:

    "Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close"

    The only way to clear it is to restart my XP PC (printer won't work from the PC until it's cleared).

  78. Worked!!! One confusing part of your instructions, Step 7. Once I found the printer I have from the list, I wasn't sure if I should do Have disk, or Update, or Next. I tried Have disk first, and put in my disk, but I got other error messages, so that didn't work. So then I tried Next. And Voila, it worked.

    Thanks so much!!

  79. Thanks for the help. The "Add local printer" was where I was going wrong, obviously. Then, when asked about overwriting the existing driver with the one from the disk, I said yes and pulled it directly from the disk. Whatever it was, it works now.

    Not sure why the process is, like you said, so counter-intuitive? Things that make you go… hmmm.

  80. Initially I was able to set up my Windows 7 laptop to print on my XP printer but I keep losing the ability to print. I try reconnecting the same way each time and creating or using the previously working port and cannot get it to connect any longer.

  81. Can somebody answer my question?

    I have different operating systems in my network: A Windows Server 2003 32bit (with HP printer 1020), a Windows XP 32 bit (with HP printer 1320), and recently I've added a 64bit windows 7.

    All of the problems depend on the last computer. There is no problem in sharing the system and I can see all of the shared folders and printer in windows 7, but I connect to other printers.

    Which kind of drivers should I install and where? In Windows XP systems or Windows 7? 32 bit drivers or 64?

    Thank you so much.

  82. Awesome and easy. Most grateful for this info.

  83. My problem is I can install this situation for 1 user, but I need to make the printer available for all users. The printer is on an XP, and the other users are on Windows 7.

    Any suggestions?

  84. Thanks. I read between the lines a little bit, and had a few trials and errors, but I figured it out.

  85. Thanks for solving my Win Xp to Win 7 Printer sharing Problem. I followed that and its work good!

    Thanks for again and again
    By Arun

  86. Thanks for sharing this, now my printer is working again. The whole thing took just a few minute! Indeed this is the best explanation and quick reference.

    My devices as below:

    Admin PC OS Windows XP, other connected network PC OS Windows 7, Printer: Samsung Monochrome Laser

  87. I followed all the steps, and I got to see the printer in my windows 7, but when I try to print I get a message " enable bidirectional communication" setting in the printer properties dialog. I went to the printer properties on my XP and under the Ports tab I had the option for enable bidierctional support and that one is checked already. I went to the printer properties on the win 7 and I checked the box for enable the bidirectional support. No success. I can't find the option for enable bidirectional communciation. Please help!

  88. These instructions worked for me. Very clear and easy to follow (I like the "local printer" warning). Many thanks.

    P.S. Why does Win 7 offer so many places to change the printer name in this procedure? One is never sure if you are changing an existing name or entering a new name.


  89. I have a printer connected to my windows 7 machine and I am trying to print to the printer from my laptop and other desktop, each of which are running XP. My network is configured for sharing and I can share docs among all computers on network. However, when I try and add the printer to the XP machines it says,

    "The server for the dell v505 xps printer does not have the correct driver installed."

    I tried downloading a different driver to my XP machines, but that does not work.

    Any suggestions?


  90. That's some great advice. I've been in I.T. for a decade and connecting my Win7 laptop to my parents' printer on their XP desktop wasn't working through any regular method.

    Like you said, selecting "local printer" when you know it's a printer on a networked system is indeed counter-intuitive. But it did the trick! My mistake for just trusting Win7's default settings. Cheers!

  91. Amazing!!! I was getting really frustrated with my network printer not working for Windows 7 from my XP computer. This solved it immediately.

  92. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a genius. After fooling around with this for hours today and getting nowhere, I followed your instructions and it works!!!

  93. If the XP computer is not seen in the Windows 7 computer, restart both computers in order to make sure that the sharing and name change you made before is really executed.

  94. This was extremely helpful. Except, I was unable to "see" the computer on the network. What I did, instead, was add the check mark (in the printer settings) to "List printer in directory" on the host machine. So, while I was still unable to see the computer itself on the network, the process of adding the printer could find it because it was "listed in the directory."

    Thanks for the wonderful help! I wouldn't have thought of the other possibility without this initial problem solving.

  95. I did exactly what you said above, but I still don't see my XP machine where the printer is installed. Please help.

    Thanks much.

  96. Hello,

    You explained everything really well, but it still doesn't work for me. I really hope you can help me.

    I did everything you said.

    The name of the printer in Windows 7 was first the type of the printer. When I tried to connect, nothing happened.

    I did all the other things (adding new local port) but I got an error "Can't find networkpad."

    Then, I changed the name of sharing the printer on both computers to "HPXP". Then, I got an error like "cannot find printer."

    Then, again, I did all the other steps but still: "Cannot find networkpad."

    Could you please help me?


  97. Thank you so much. This info was the most help I have ever gotten, after many tries, trying to connect my printer from my desktop to my windows 7 laptop. My friend found your page here and it works!!

    Many Thanks! I will find you again whenever I need more help! :-)

  98. The instructions worked first time, brilliant! I like to preview my work before printing, however, I am unable to do so on my Win7 machine. The feature is indicated on the properties page, but I am unable to 'click' on it.

    Canon MP630 printer

  99. My new laptop was unable to connect to the printer on my XP desktop although I could see the printer I wanted to connect to. It just kept saying can’t connect. Your instructions worked perfectly on my windows 7 x64 laptop – XP desktop.

    Thank you so much for your help. When I did this with a windows 7 x32 laptop it connected easily without any of the above problems. Something to do with the x64 platform?

  100. I have spent more hours than I want to recall trying to do what I did here in less than 2 minutes thanks to Aseem’s wonderfully laid out directions. I have a Epson Stylus R200 Photo that I wanted to use to print from a new Win 7 laptop and was about ready to go invest in something to make it happen when I decided to try one more google search. I came up with Aseem’s article right off the bat and tried it as he has it laid out.

    There you go, printing from my Win 7 laptop to an XP system and printer than has no released driver. I love it!

  101. My Dell 942 AIO printer does not have a driver compatible with windows 7…now what? Is there a way around that?

  102. Thank you so much! I've followed advice from three websites and two users from Yahoo Answers, and none of them worked. But this works perfectly!

  103. Thank you for the solution. After 2 days of a headache, this is the only solution that worked!

  104. You are a Maji Maji Magician! It worked like a miracle. Thank you so very much.

  105. Thank you so much for creating this guide! It has helped a ton. I've been trying to get it to work for months. Lucky I found this page, otherwise I'd still be trying to get it to work!

    Still personally, you would think that Microsoft would make it easier to do.

    Once again, thanks. This has saved me heaps of time!

  106. Wow, thanks so much. Rarely are help articles so well written and successful. You rock!

    Pat in New Lenox, IL

  107. Your step by step instructions are wonderful but I, too, have come to the step where I can see my XP computer which contains my printer but when I try to view it it asks me for my network user name and password. I have tried every combination of user names (from my router) but can not figure out where and how this came from.

    I even turned off the password in security from Windows 7 computer, but this didn't help. I do not have a password for my router either.

    How do I disable this screen or actually find where this name and password exists?

  108. Thank you for your tip. It helps me connect my printer from Win7 to XP in no time.

    Most appreciated.

  109. Great description of the steps involved. I followed everything to Step 6 where I entered the port name and I clicked "OK." I, then, got a small window titled "Server Port" with the message, "Not enough server storage is available to process this command." I read through every other comment but did not find anyone else with this problem. Can you tell me how to increase the "server storage"?

    Thanks again for your hard work at setting up these instructions.

  110. My Jan 2 comment @ 11:02 contained a typo in the email address. What can I say, it's late. If you have any ideas for my problem with the server storage please send the to this address.

    Thanks, again.

  111. Thanks so much. The information you provided was easy to follow and did the job. I am very surprised that tech support (or lack of tech support) from Canon is not aware of how to do this.


  112. I placed a comment yesterday concerning step 6 and a message I received concerning "Not enough server storage."

    I did some research on that and found some info concerning a registry key that might need to be modified. When I checked my reg I found the key missing. I backed up the reg and then edited it to include this key – IRPStackSize DWORD 0x0000000f (15) which is supposed to be the default size. Their suggestion was to increase the parameter. I just made the the key as is and all has worked fine. I printed a test page fine.

    Thanks again for your help. You have a very interesting blog that I now plan to follow.

  113. Great info, but I get the text box asking for my user name and password. Totally lost now!!!

  114. Thank you a million times. I echo all the other positive comments. This worked for me and I looked for a solution for Hours.

    Thanks Again Very Much!!

  115. Thank you, this worked fine for me at first. However, a week later when I went to print from my laptop using Windows 7, it showed the printer offline and it would not allow me to just "connect." I tried to fix by rebooting the wireless router and the printer but this did not work. Then, I uninstalled printer and re-installed. The laptop shows the printer as "ready," but I still cannot print anything. The Laptop states "sent to printer" but it stays in the queue as an error.

    Can you solve this?

  116. Thanks. I really appreciate your help, as I have been trying to get this to work for ages and this solved the problem for me.


  117. Please don't take this off the air. I just now followed your concise directions and was finally able to print from my new laptop connected to my desktop via wireless DSL. After a full year, it is still helping us amateurs.

    Excellent!!! No other words.

  118. Hello Aseem.

    Thank you for your useful website article about printer sharing. My system is XP (connected ethernet) via local network to Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop. About a month ago, I carried out your instructions to the letter. Everything worked superbly including the Windows Printer Test Page. All the 'Properties' etc, including ink levels appeared installed in Win 7, exactly as though the laptop were the host computer and the printer (Epson Stylus CX 3600) had been installed from disk!

    The installation has since been unused until now. Upon trying to re-use, all of the 'Properties' facilities have disappeared, including ink levels etc. All I have left is a basic ability to print.

    What's happened please? Are you able to help?

    Your thoughts gratefully received please.


  119. Really, it is a great idea. I followed the instructions as is. Now, it is working perfectly.

    Thanks, buddy.

  120. Incredible. I have been trying to get my printer working for 2 days. Although I could see it through the network and install it on the Win 7 PC, the network would not allow the printer to print.

    I had done most of what you say and it hadn't worked. What was different about your instructions? The only difference was the printer name. It had been Kodak 5300 AiO. On seeing your words about the name, I shortened it to Kodak and it worked.

    Well done and thank you for solving a most annoying problem.

  121. Thanks!

    I was facing the exact problem and, after reading this article article, I could solve the problem.

    Santosh Kumar

  122. After 1 hour and ditching my print server, you saved lots of additional frustration and time with this tip.

    Microsoft really needs to get their act together, this was way not intuitive without your help.

  123. Wow, I'm so glad I found this article. Thank You!!!

  124. If you can't see your XP computer listed under the Network Tab, change the setting on the Windows 7 computer from "Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections (recommended)" to "Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers". This should let your Windows 7 computer see all the computers on your home network regardless of the operating system.

  125. Thank you so much for the step-by-step instructions for printer sharing between Widows 7 and XP.

    Much appreciated!

  126. Solved my problems in minutes instead of hours!

    Thanks a million.

  127. Thanks. Uniquely clear, step by step, and worked!

  128. I think I discovered why some folks may not be successful and others are. When installing a printer on a Windows 7 computer, and you reach the prompt that states, "Share this printer with other computers?" click NO. I was having trouble getting the Windows 7 computer to work through my Windows XP computer until I clicked "NO" to sharing. Now it works great, but this was not detailed in the instructions at the end.

  129. Thanks. "Add Local Printer" worked to connect a network printer. Go figure.

  130. I followed these steps & they almost worked. However, I got to where I loaded the drivers & after that it just hangs there for ever. Any thoughts?

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

  131. Thank you! You've made my life much easier.

  132. I have tried this and it does not work for me. Is it because I'm running Windows XP Professional – 32 bit and Windows 7 – 64 bit? And the two versions do not play nice together, especially with one being 32-bit and the other being 64-bit.

    Please let me know.



  133. Thank you very much, It really works. Solved my problem.

  134. Your tip worked superbly for connecting a printer from a Windows XP machine to a Windows 7 machine (32-bit), but it still doesn't work for connecting to Windows 7 (64-bit). It keeps saying that it can't install the driver with an 0x08000FFFF error (even after cleaning register, etc., etc.).

    Any solutions?

  135. Excellent article! A few points to help anyone who still cannot connect:

    1. If the the Win 7 client machine is 64-bit, you will need a 64-bit driver for the printer. (If anyone has found a way around this I'd love to know!!!).

    2. For some strange reason, I must allow file and printer sharing on my Win 7 client before it will "see" the share files and printers on the XP server.

  136. I followed your instructions. However it did not work. When I tried to connect to the printer, it gave me a message "no driver found on network." I, then, followed the instructions at the end. When I tried to download the current driver for Canon i560 from, it gave me a file with .exe extension, not a driver file. I executed the .exe file. I was still not able to print to the XP printer.

    Do you have any further suggestions?


  137. Wow and thank you. I have been working on this for two days. I did have to add this as a local printer.

  138. This seems like it is heading me in the right direction, yet, I am not there yet. I have a case where I bought a new computer that is Windows 7 Pro and I have downloaded the XP mode. I have an older plotter (HP 600) that is not able to run in Windows 7, but I was able to download it into XP mode. Now, I need the Windows 7 program to see the XP mode plotter. Can the 2 modes be networked together and how? I have set the XP plotter to be shared, yet, when I bring up the the network on Windows 7, I can not see the XP Mode system.

    Can you help me get this working? Otherwise, I have a plotter I cannot use.


  139. Thank you so much. I've had my old laser printer connected to my Windows XP Pro machine and haven't been able to connect my 64-bit Windows 7 laptop to it over about a year and a half! This worked great. I have a driver installed on the XP machine and another one on the Windows 7 machine that I verified was working by connecting directly to the printer. Once it was no longer physically connected, all I had to do was the local port trick.

    Thanks again.

  140. Oh, I so appreciate you. I have been working on this forever. It worked. You're awesome.

    Thank you.

  141. Hello Aseem.

    Question: My printer, Epson RX500, is connected directly via USB to a PC running XP Pro SP3. I have a home network and a second XP PC that is able to print wirelessly to the Epson. I have purchased a laptop running Win 7 64-bit. When I do the "add a printer" process, it sees the printer via the wireless network.

    But now the problem. The RX500 is an older all-in-one and Epson does not provide a Win 7 driver for it. When I connect the printer directly to the laptop, it automatically installs a driver and the printer works. I have looked through all the drivers in the Driver Store repository, but, apparently, Win 7 renames drivers with cryptic file names. I see three drivers with things like "prn" in the file name. How do I find out which driver Win 7 used when the printer was connected directly to the laptop, and would that same driver work for printing wirelessly? I read one internet post that said the driver name has to be the same on both the PC and the laptop? Is that correct?

    Many thanks for any light you can shed on this for me.

  142. Amazing! Your explanation was by far the best. Now, I'm able to share my printers in the network with XPs and W7s.

    Thanks a lot!

  143. Awesome! You rule. I've been trying for a couple hours and, with your instructions, it worked the first time.


  144. I get to the part where I click on the printer. Then, it asks me for ID and password. I entered what I thought it was. It says the credentials are not sufficient and to enter sufficient credentials.

    Any ideas? I was so close.

  145. I have done every step-by-step, but when I clicked to connect, I received a message "Connecting to HP 3740 on KIDS, looking for a driver. Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied."

    Now, do I need to install the driver on the Windows 7 computer? How do I go about it?

  146. Thank you very much!!!

    Very well explained. Worked great for me.

  147. Just bought a Windows 7 laptop & I’ve been struggling to get this new machine connected to my home network consisting primarily of a desktop running Windows XP. My HP Photosmart 7960 is physically connected to the XP machine. The process is not intuitive or well explained by Microsoft but I followed your instructions & voila, it worked! I was originally having “driver problems” as described by some of the comments but by adding the HP 7960 as a local printer to the laptop, I was able to avoid these driver problems.

    Many thanks for your research & presentation.

  148. I have an iR1018 connected to Windows XP SP3 32-bit and tried to solve the problem as above. But when I try to print from Windows 7 64-bit it goes through XP SP3 32-bit and comes to the printer. But then printer shows an error saying something like “change reg’d size common settings” (on the printer).

    Please help because my boss will kill me since I advised to purchase a more expensive PC and now I am dead unless I resolve this issue!!! Please, please, please.

  149. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your solution worked perfectly.

  150. I am trying to print to a HP Photosmart C4600 that's connected to an XP desktop from a Windows 7 notebook. I am able to see the printer from the notebook; however, when I print, I get an error message saying an unknown error occurred while printing.

    Please help.

  151. I had the same problem. Then, I went to the Printer manufacturer support and they emailed me with the proper way to do it. I would list it here, but we all have different printers. I followed their direction and it worked the first time.

    Good luck.

  152. Wow. Counter-intuitive was quite a diplomatic way of putting it.

    Thanks so much. I spent a couple of hours fighting with this yesterday.

  153. Hello.

    I have a Lexmark printer connected to a Windows XP machine and I want to use the printer form Windows 7 machine.

    The problem is that the printer is very old and there are no drivers available for Windows 7 still. So, I cannot connect to the printer.

    Is there any way by which I can use the printer from my Windows 7 machine? Can I create some virtual printer so that I am able to use the printer?

  154. Thanks. This worked great. Kodak was no help.

  155. Tried all the steps, but Windows 7 machine not seeing the XP machine. Any ideas?

  156. Finally, after searching for days, I finally found the solution.

    Thank you….

  157. I get to entering the printer port path on the Window7 machine and get an error message saying, "Not enough server storage is available to process this command."

  158. A big thanks for the instructions to install the networked printer from an XP machine into Windows 7. Counter-intuitive YES!

    Boy, how Microsoft sucks!

  159. This is very exciting to see that I may actually be able to print but I seem to have a problem with the fact that on my windows 7 laptop I cannot see the XP computer in the list of shared computers? How do I get this on the windows 7 ? Help please :)


  160. I have 3 laptops in my office. Two are WIN xp pro and my main one is WIN 7 PRO x64. I’ve been using the WIN7 PRO x64 laptop between my office network and my home for over a year. I have an HP P2015 printer hooked to one of the WIN XP PRO laptops (via usb) which is shared on the office wired network, and I print to that shared printer and also share a backup file on it’s hard drive.

    I’ve had occasional issues where I could no longer access the shared drive or printer from the WIN 7 laptop, but had no problems at all with the other WIN XP PRO laptop on the network. About a week ago I suddenly could only print one page at a time from WIN7 but I could access the shared drive.

    Research said bad SPOOL file on WIN7 laptop (“thunking spooler APIS from to 64” was the error message), so I removed and reset per instructions. Now I cannot even add any printers from anywhere on my office network through any of the above ways. I can only install a wireless bluetooth printer, or install if I hook up directly via USB to the p2105 I normally share.

    Attempting Step 2 will go as much as 4 or 5 hours before finally failing even with installing current drivers manually from the vendor prior to attempting. Alternative Step 6 gives me “the network name cannot be found” even though the name is correct. Even my office tech support cannot seem to fix this.

  161. Thank you for the information. Everything worked fine but in the area #7 above where you say to install a driver I can't find my printer,even when I do the windows update. That is my problem, the driver. I have a Epson Stylus CX7800 series. On my Win 7 wireless I find the printer (from my desktop XP) I click print and it sends it to the printer, however it just won't print. When I keep checking I get a box that tells me it can't find the driver. Can you help?


  162. I have the same problem as Tom Miller above. I have a Epson Stylus Photo RX500 printer connected to a XP computer via USB. I'm trying to remotely print to it from my new HP Win 7 laptop and it fails. I get the message "NO driver found. The file *.inf on (unknown) is needed". I tried hooking the printer up locally to the Win 7 laptop and it works fine. It's pulling drivers from c:Windowssystem32spooldriversx64*.*. The problem is that none of these drivers are ".inf" like it wants when its trying to connect remotely. So I'm stuck. Please advise.

  163. Correction. The "add a printer" to local port instructions in this article worked. My mistake was that the first time through it did not finish up correctly so when I tried to add it again the computer said that the port already exists. What I did was change the shared drive name on the XP computer the printer is attached too. On the windows 7 wireless computer I went back and followed these instructions and, whola, the printer is now connected properly. The one thing I would add to this article is that after the "add a printer" is finished go to "control panel", then "devices and printers" and if the remote printer is not shown then the "add a printer" didn't work correctly.

  164. Oh so sweet! this was very helpful. i succeeded in sharing my printer from windows xp to windows 7 !!


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    I have been searching for hours now, and it worked directly!

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  166. Your reward if not on Earth will surely be in Heaven.I have toiled on and off for weeks with this problem and hundreds of dud web advice.All seemed to work,but didn't.Your advice worked like a charm.My XP printer was 'seen' but that was all.I neede to run through your beatifully succinct instructions.Thanks Aseem.

  167. Just a thought,your advice would be better headed 'windows-7-to-xp-printer-sharing' the way it is : 'xp-to-windows-7-printer-sharing' is the wrong way around for this problem.

  168. great – ive been struggling with this problem for 2 weeks. sorted, VMT.

  169. Cannot get past the step where I am supposed to see the XP computer through the Network Sharing on the 7 computer. Help.

  170. Thanks you now i can connect it with window 7.

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    I worked on this thing all day, and got nothing. Did your steps and was working in minutes.

  172. been searching for this for a week already.Works great!Thanks!

  173. THANK YOU!!!! I tried different methods over several days and this one was the only one to work. I did each step as I read your instructions and when I got to the last line I was printer sharing. THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!

  174. Thanks a lot..I spend a lot of time on trying to share a printer before I found your website on the net……a great help….thanks heaps again!

  175. Thank you for your post was spending considerable time trying to add a printer via the network like usual with no success your solution worked wonderfully thank you again.

  176. I have tried everything, and then some more, to print to a Lexmark X1100 attached to a WinXP 32 bit desktop from a Win7 64 bit laptop. Everything seems to set up corectly but every time I try to print I just a get a message saying "Communication Not Available" "The printer cannot communicate with the computer". The drivers are installed properly, the Local Port is installed properly, my network sees the WinXP machine and the printer works fine when attached directly to the Win7 laptop. I've tried switching off the firewalls but makes no difference. Any ideas?

  177. Thank you so much for this. My husband and I were trying for hours to get the printer to work on my Windows 7 laptop. Excellent, clear directions.

  178. My windows xp printer is sharing, but I still am not able to connect with my windows 7 laptop. I followed the directions and something is still not working.

  179. Thank you Aseem. It works for HP LaserJet 3005dn connected to XP PC. As suggested, I updated the Win7 driver. Now the Win7 Desktop and a wired Laptop Win7 machines can print to a shared pinter with XP. A suprise bonus-both Win7 machines have internet too. The XP is connected to AT&T DSL Motorola modem. The end wires of Win7 Destktop and Laptop were respectively inserted to the vacant 4 holes in the modem. Then follow your instuctions and voila.

  180. Thank you. Your local port tip did it for me. I have the printer on an XP machine and a laptop with W7.

    Keep up the good work.

    So many useful tips you provide. Wonderful.

  181. Thank you! Your instructions were spot on.

    Many other sites do not cover the exceptions / problems which arise and assume it will be simple.

  182. Fabulous, so simple after hours of trying Thanks:-)

  183. Thanks!! I finally was able to print a test page. Next, up I will try other applications.

  184. This is so simple and sweet. Thanks a million!

  185. My situation is reversed. I have a new desktop with Windows 7 and my kids laptops with Windows XP. Can't get the laptops to print off of my hp 6500 all in one through the network. Would I use the same steps as you stated or is there something different I should do? Makes it rough when the kids find something they want/need to print for school and have to go and change computers.

    Thank you for your help.

  186. The printer on my desktop running windows XP Home Edition version 2002 service pack 3 is a Dell AIO printer A960. My laptop computer is a Dell running Windows 7 Home Premium 2009 ,service pack 1. I get to step 7 and insert my disc as directed. It tells me the folder I specified C:Windowssystem 32drivers does not contain a compatible driver. Also to make sure it works with Windows for x64 based systems. Any suggestions?

  187. THANK YOU!!!! I had a huge headache trying to get my printer working on my new PC.

  188. I did all your steps for the win7 wirless laptop to xp usb printing but got the "windows can't find the drivers". No problem when I connect usb printer to the laptop.Thank a lot for any help you can provide.

  189. hi i tried connecting my printer from windows xp to windows 7. i see the printer name on my own system but i keep on getting the error message ” can’t connect to the printer”. i have tried all the methods but its not still working. please can you assist me. i really need your help. thanks

  190. I’ve seen this similar solution posted other places, But no one goes the other way.What if i my W7 DOESN’T ‘see’ my XP?

    I have been aggravating myself for a few sundays now, as thats the only serious time i get to sort this out! I go through the entire setup process, but i can’t see XP on W7.HELP!

  191. I have read the intruction and I will try all my best to follow it. and I will see the if it will work. but one question? The printer have to be conected in one cumputer were i will to all this steps???? because I have 3 cunmputer and I have the printer conected in one and now I want to share my printer with the other two.

    please ansawer me in my mail

    thank best reggards

  192. I also got to the end of the step when is seems to just stay at installing printer and nothing happens.

  193. Wonderful! Worked like a charm! Thank you! The counter-intuitive step that you mention was something I never thought I would select because well, like you said it was counter-intuitive. Who knew it was the trick that worked!

  194. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been trying for 3 months to get my XP printer working from Windows 7 laptop. You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

  195. Had similar problem. The Win7 machine could see and ping the XP machine that had the printer connected directly to it, but the Win7 machine could never find/install the printer. I used the alternate method shown in the article, but when I used the text address to the printer (\{xpmachinename}SamsungC), I got an error message like “Network path not found.” So, I tried using the XP machine’s IP address followed by the text printer shared-name: \ This worked. Win7 even offered the latest driver, and the test page printed fine.

  196. Hi,

    I have been at this problem for hours… and found your site.. I still can't get my XP computer showing up on the windows 7 screen. I have a Vista laptop, and it sees the XP just fine.. The windows 7 sees the Vista, but we have the printer on the XP and that 7 just won't see the XP>> The XP is hooked up wirelessly to system using wireless adapter, but its shows as hooked up as local, not wireless. What do you suggdest

  197. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's been so many years of running up and down stairs from one computer to another to print things out. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow and it works perfectly! Now I'll have to find another way to get my exercise;-)

  198. Thank you so much, your method worked like a charm :)
    Spend three weeks trying to figure out how to get the printers to work!

  199. Thank you your steps worked perfectly – I was trying on and off again for two weeks trying to resolve

  200. I called Okidata tech support and they told me it couldn't be done, XP 32bit share, Windows 7 64bit client. Your instructions (steps 3-7) just proved them wrong. The built-in Windows 7 drivers for ML420's works fine if you connect them directly, but connecting to an XP shared one, all I could get was a long Windows Update search, followed by a prompt to find an missing INF file. Your method gets you to the driver list, just what I needed.

  201. Thanks. Kept tryng to connect as a network printer – kept failing. Your steps worked. Hallelujah.

  202. Thank you very much.

    Best help I have ever got!

  203. I followed your directions and everything goes through but doesnt actually print. It says it does but it doesnt. What can I do?

  204. Hi..

    I’ve read your instructions and I think it really helped. I have a different problem. What if the printer was not on the list? mine is hp laserjet 1015.. thanks a lot in advance.

  205. THANK YOU!! My husband and I have been trying to set this up for HOURS!! This was soooo much easier than what HP was directing me to do. You’d think they would just give the exact instructions you did. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

  206. I have a Dell AIO 942 connected to my XP machine. The printer is shared on the XP machine. I can view the printer on the windows 7 machine but I needed to manually add the printer. I have had the printer working when it is connected directly to the 7 machine I used the same driver file and I get to the “Installing printer…” screen with the green bar but I do not get any further. Any thoughts?

  207. Thank you over and over. I have two desktop dells ( xps600 and dimension8250) running winxp with an HP Photosmart 7350 connected to the 8250 in a wired network. HP has no win7 driver for this yet so had to use the deskjet 5550 driver. connected directly to the laptop and was printing this afternoon, but for the life of me could not get it to configure to do wirelessly. IT SEEMS COUNTER INTUITIVE TO DO IT THIS WAY BUT THATS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO was the key to my problems. This was my first negative experience with win 7 hopefully there wont be many more. thanks again

  208. check HPs website for alternative drivers thats what i had to use for my old Photosmart7350, hope that helps

  209. PS about 7 hours into this I found your directions amid many others and was done in about a half hour!

  210. Thank you SO MUCH! I struggled with this for two days before I found your page!!

  211. I am trying to share an “hp LaserJet 1200 series” printer from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 7 computer. I followed your steps and I get a message that says that my address is incorrect. I don’t see how it would be wrong. Please help.

  212. This worked! Love it when that happens. Thanks!

  213. Thanks bunches! If someone does not have the cd that came with the printer (like me)…just plug the printer directly into the windows 7 before you start with the instructions and the drivers will download :)

  214. Oh…and then plug printer back up to xp computer and start with the directions…I also had to use \\\printername….where the ip address is address of xp computer…would not accept computer name

  215. Fantastic solution. Thank you very much.

    Best regards from Vietnam.

    Bao Nguyen.

  216. i connected the printer but if i click print in my laptop its not printing…

    Please help me in this process…

  217. Worked like a champ! I have been pulling my hair out with this issue. Never would have thought to add it as a local printer.

  218. This is marvelous! It worked perfectly!

  219. Thanks for a solution that really works. HP was unable to help.

  220. What about the other way around? A printer connected to Windows 7 and a laptop with Windows XP?

  221. It works for a while, but I believe when I shut the computer down, then restart it, it doesn’t work any more. I have to delete the printer and add it again. I have done this multiple times thinking I have it fixed, then it does it again.

  222. I had the same problems reported by nitishgarg (April 4, 2011) and Bryan (Jan 11, 2012). I could see the printer connected to the XP computer from my Windows 7 computer but when selecting it for connection it could not find the driver and would simply ask for the location of “.inf” file without much choice other than to cancel. I had connected the printer to the Win 7 PC directly via USB cable and it found the driver and was able to print fine. But when I tried to connect via the network it would run into the above problem.

    I followed the advice of adding a local printer and it pulled up the choice of printers and drivers, when I selected mine (Lexmark 232) it of course indicated there was already a driver for that printer (from the direct cable connection). Declined to replace it (it would not matter anyway, for it would replace it with the same version of the driver) and it was then able to connect just fine. Printer working thru the network now.

    Thanks for the advice.

  223. I was ready to tear my hair out before using this method. The printer is on an XP desktop and I was trying to connect to a Windows 7 laptop. Using the “Add a network printer” option, the install kept failing because I supposedly didn’t have the right .inf file for the drivers? This was even after I plugged the printer directly into the laptop and was able get it working that way. By using the “add a local printer” method, specifying the port and picking the printer from the list, the correct drivers installed and now all is good! Thank you so very much for a great article. You’re a lifesaver!

  224. I sure wish I had found this site before. It would have saved me the considerable amount of time I wasted with HP Technical Support.

  225. I thought this was the solution, when you remarked about getting the error like “Cannot connect to printer”, because that’s what I’ve been battling. Best info I can get, is my Dell PC lacks the file winprint.dll. Microsoft says copy it off the CD . . . But Dell didn’t send a CD along with the box! I’m screwed, cause Billy Gates won’t share the file.

    I did exactly as you described, and STILL get the same error. Where the heck is a copy of winprint.dll? I suckered for a couple web sites that appear in Google to offer downloads, but they are pure scams, hawking registry ‘cleaners’ that have no credibility, and probably consist of spyware. So, am I a happy camper? Spent three days on this. You’d think Microsoft would come up with a “Wizard” that asks what operating systems you have in your workgroup, and then walk the user through it. This is a thousand times more grief than it needs to be.

  226. Thank you so much, I wish I found this website sooner than after. trying to solve this problem for 3 days.

  227. You’ve totally left out steps from the windows 7 process. What happened to network discovery mode, turning on printer & file sharing from windows 7 adv settings ? I’ve been trying to get my win7 laptop to printshare w/ my xp dtop & nothing I do works. I’ve disabled Avast antivirus, double checked router settings, etc.

    My machines can see each other, but I one cannot access the other. I think the culprit is my XP machine & there must be a security setting or bad registry entry somewhere that is just corrupted. I’ve even seen postings listing to change the tcp ip properties of the network connection which didn’t work either. WINDOWS SUX A** !

  228. WOW! I spent days trying to figure this out. It works! Thank you.

  229. Thank you great step by step guide works with kodak esp 3250 on xp and win7 laptop

  230. Very nice.. used this to share printers back and forth both ways between an XP Pro 32 bit and a Win 7 64 bit machine.

  231. Thanks Bro Aseem. It works to share a canon MP2 printer from XP to W7. Good guide.

  232. I have tried every thing but unable to install the printer, getting error 0x0000046a. can any one help me out. i have installed the printer in xp and shared that & want to get print from win7.

  233. THANK YOU! It’s quite a pain having two different OS, but after following these steps (and a few others, bc I had some trouble along the way- the printer wasn’t found, no driver found?? – Not to worry I fixed it) I finally printed from my laptop -running W7- to the printer connected to my XP. AWESOME.

  234. hi,

    im at the HAVE DISK step already.

    when i press HAVE DISK for EPSON LX300+ , (or even for any printer) , a message comes up and says – “insert the manufacturers installation disk. Copy files from : ….

    but i dont know where to find it… Pls help what to do.

    I cannot directly connect my Windows 7 laptop to the printer bec it needs a printer port, my laptop only has usb ports.

    its driving me nuts. Hope someone can help! thanks!! :)

  235. Thank you Aseem! I been struggling with this issue for months. Connecting via local printer settings was the trick, even though it was counter intuitive as you say.

  236. I have the same situation. I tried these instructions and they failed too. The only change I needed to make using these instructions was to give the printer being shared a name that was less than 8 characters in length. This didn’t help either. I could see the newly named printer in my laptop network sharing printer window, I clicked connect. No way could I print. I even rebooted both computers. The same original names came up on both computers, checked off enabled and the same response on the printer trays occured. Namely, a flash of the task being printed on XP computer, and then a longer response task on the laptop. The status: “spooling” is noted on the lap top, but it still doesn’t print.

  237. Aseem, as the guy said in “Apollo 13”, “YOU ARE A STEELY-EYED MISSLE MAN.” I think that’s right. Anyway, this worked perfectly for me and it came after 2 hours of trying every different way. You’re the man! Thank You!

  238. Great help!! It worked like a dream and made me look like the office genius. A downloaded driver from Brother, the printer needing to be shared, was worthless. The Microsoft update also did not contain my exact printer model but I successfully interpreted the driver name that went with the printer. Thanks for the info, Brother should have your page linked.

  239. So what happens if you want to share the printer from the windows 7 computer to an xp OS, if we plug the printer into the windows 7 computer it runs too slowly. Its an old HP laserJet 5000 printer. I’m going round in circles trying to fix this downloaded a million different drivers, keeps asking for a x86 driver and needs to locate a .INF folder?

  240. Good… Now I can print… BUT… no more than 1 sheet at the time from Office 2010. I mean, if I want to print 20 copies… I jut get one, even when I set the printer in 20 copies.

  241. Aseem, you have helped me out of one of the most frustrating problems ever to confront me and I’m a computer geek myself. Microsoft don’t have a constructive answer and neither did my printer manufacturer but you made it look so easy. Why does Windows 7 have to complicate matters when it used to be so easy with XP? I’m 78 years old this year but I still enjoy the challenges that technology has brought to this world. Keep up the good work … Thanks!!

  242. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Have been trying to work this out for 2 years and is fixed now in 5 minutes. Thank you SO much.

  243. i followed your instruction everything worked but when it finish installing the driver on window 7

    i got a error message

    ”printer driver was not installed

    operation could not be completed

    (error 0x00000002)”

    can you please help me with this


  244. My new Win 7 PC, was setup like this, but then suddenly it wouldn’t print – despite the printer being there. I follow the steps you advised – as soon as I clicked the ‘Connect’ button, I looked to see if I could print – Hey presto – the printer was ‘READY’ again and now back working. Previously for a while it just said ‘OFFLINE’. Thanks for help.

  245. Thanks very much for this,

    i had loads of problems, including XP not showing on the Windows7 ‘View network computers & devices’ list

    Eventually after i sorted that, when i tried to connect, a login screen popped and it wouldn’t accept any of the Admin account logins.

    Again, eventually sorted the problem out then found that my old printer didn’t appear on the list and HP don’t offer Windows7 drivers for old printers!

    Well, luckily, i clicked on that ‘Windows Update’ button in your last picture. It took a good 5 minutes, i thought it had locked up, not responding, but eventually it did come back and the list of printers was quite a bit longer, and believe it or not, they even had my 10yr – old HP Deskjet, which not even HP could help with. Well done Microsoft.

    Loaded that driver and Bingo, it printed the test page at first try.

    i was amazed, really pleased..

    So Thanks once again, Aseem, for this very useful Blog post, which although couldn’t sort out all my problems, it gave me

    a very clear framework of what had to be achieved. As i sorted out one problem then i could progress to the next stage.

    Thanks again,

  246. I spent 3 hours trying to get the Windows 7 machine to print to the printer connected to my XP machine. I had to manually install the printer, despite the fact that windows 7 automatically added the printer as described in your article. thank you

  247. Hi there, great writeup, thank you. However, I’m still having a problem connecting to an HP Laserjet 1320 that’s available via a Win XP client. I see the computer when I activate the Network icon, but when I double click on it, I get the message “Windows cannot access \\”, and running the Troubleshooting utility doesn’t rectify things either. What’s interesting is that I am able to connect to another XP client which also has a 1320 printer attached, and it works fine, so I’m thinking there’s something with the original XP client that needs tweaking. Any ideas?

  248. If you have a document on Windows 7 that you want to print, and the printer is connected to an XP computer on the network:

    If after step 6 in this article (above) you get a message that says the port already exists, then open devices and printers in the start menu, right click on that printer, and select remove.

    If the printer associated with the port is no longer present in devices and printers, then open printmanagement.msc. (You can find it quickly by typing it in the search box in the start menu.) Look around in there and you should be able to find and delete it.

  249. i am almost flicking out. am trying to connect a windows 7 64-bit computer to an Xp 32 bit. Have tried to look for drivers on the hp website and failed. Any assistance will be of great help.

  250. is it just the same procedure configuring a shared printer from an xp 32bit to windows7 64bit?hop somebody could help me.tnx.

  251. Surprisingly easy fix for my Windows 7 64 bit driver issue with a Canon Pixma 3000 printer. Not a word about this on the Canon website were I first looked.

    Thank you for your explanation.

    Verrassend simpele oplossing voor mijn Windows 7 64 bit driver probleem met een Canon Picma 3000 printer. Geen woord hierover op de Canon website waar ik eerst zocht.


    Was almost throwing my new win7 laptop through the window there for a while. Until I found your post!

    Solved the problem Neither Brother nor Microsoft support where able to solve!!!!

  253. Thanks so much for this tutorial.

    I’ve recently had to re-install Win XP on a new drive and lost connection to the printer for my wifes’ Win 7 machine.

    I was at a loss until I found this.

    Worked exactly as you taught. Connected again!

  254. You made my day. I was tired of pluging and unplugging my usb cable to my laptop! I dont usually comment on posts but dude you saved my life :D Thanks a lot!!

  255. Marvellous stuff. I’ve spent a couple hours trying to resolve this issue and getting nonsense messages from my pc that the printer was not connected. Aseem, you are a real pal for putting up this info. Many many thanks!

  256. Thank you SO MUCH for this process. Worked perfectly!

  257. Thanks a million, this solved my problem :)

  258. Great! I have struggled for 2 days to get to print over my home network from a Windows 7 laptop to an Epson printer on an XP PC. Followed your instructions using Local and worked a treat. Thanks.

  259. Well thanks a lot for this tutorial.I get a problem when at Windows 7 machine I have to add a driver from Have disk option.Following is my manufacturers website

    I do not know which file I need for Windows 7 machine, I downloaded by selecting OS as Windows 7 and Language English but in the Have disk option it is not accepting any file that I have downloaded.

  260. An easier thing to do when you click on add a printer is to click on wireless or blue tooth. Input pc name along with printer name and you are done. No need to install the drivers and such. Nice post otherwise.

  261. This solved my problem!! Thank you so much!!

  262. I can print from my win7 professional machine, but not from my win7 home premium box. I really just use my win7 home premium. Please help me!!

  263. Hi guys! I got so excited when I found this solution BUT… For some reason, Windows 7 Home Basic does not allow sharing on networks (nevermind sharing printers). Please if you can help with some guidance, guys??? Cheers! Q

  264. Sorted the problem with a shared printer on a Synology box and a windows 8.1 Surface tablet trying to connect and print, brilliant!

  265. Many Thanks! 2nd method working very well…

  266. Thank you!! You saved me from going to buy a new wireless printer. ;-)

  267. I followed all your instructions step-by-step and still cannot print from my hp laptop Windows 7 to my printer on Windows XP. The printer is HP PHOTOSMART 7760. When I try to connect to the printer from windows 7 I get an error message: NO driver found . The only driver I have is for Windows xp and my windows 7 can’t find any upgrade. Help me please.

  268. Thank you so much for these detailed instructions. I was SO close to having a connection, and this was just the thing to get me over the hurdle!

    Best wishes


  269. Wow, the above steps work like a magic.

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