Install Purchased Apps from Windows Store on Another PC

I’ve been using Windows 8 for a few months now and one thing that I have done is purchased a few cool looking Metro apps from the Windows Store. If you have ever purchased an app on an Apple device, you are probably familiar with the fact that you can then download that same app for free on other iOS devices. It’s nice because I’m not about to pay for the same app on my iPhone and iPad.

In a similar fashion, I’m not paying for the same app on multiple instances of Windows 8. With the Windows Store and app purchases, you can purchase an app and install it onto up to 5 Windows 8 PCs. I’m not a big fan of the 5 PC limit, but it’s better than nothing I guess. And I doubt most people will own more than 5 copies of Windows 8.

However, unlike the App Store from Apple, you can only use one account for installing the apps on the different PCs. So if a family member buys an app from the Windows Store, you can’t download it for free. With Apple, you can simply copy and email the app to anyone for free.

In order to install a purchased app on a different Windows PC, you need to open the Windows Store app.

windows store

Open the Charms bar and then click on Settings. This will open the settings for the Windows Store.

windows store settings

Click on Your account and then right-click anywhere on the screen. This will bring up the App Store bar at the top.

app store bar

Now you will see a list of apps that you purchased, sorted by the ones that have not been installed on the current PC first.

install metro app

To install the app on the current PC, just click on it and then click on the Install button at the bottom of the page.

install app

That’s it! Now you can install your purchased apps on up to five PCs for free. At that point, you have to do some odd things like create another Microsoft account and then purchase the app again. You can then install it onto another five PCs using the new Microsoft account. Enjoy!

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  1. This Article is incorrect. I just installed an app my wife purchased on her computer with her profile onto my own computer which has a different profile.

    In the Store App, access settings in the charm menu, click account, and then you click sign in with a different account. Then go to “my apps” and reinstall the app on the computer. Then repeat the steps above to sign back into your normal profile.

    This is pretty sweet!

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