How to Bypass Copy Protection on Old iTunes Music Files

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In 2009, Apple dropped the annoyingly restrictive FairPlay DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection from the iTunes music library. The anti-piracy technology was put in place to curb illegal sharing of […]

How to Recover Files From a Damaged USB Stick

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USB sticks are among the many small and portable modern conveniences you can use to recover files.  Unlike a hard disk drive, a USB stick doesn’t have any moving parts, […]

Windows 10 Accessibility Features For Disabled People

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Technology is a tool for all, which is why Microsoft made several vital improvements in Windows 10 to help people with different disabilities have a better experience. Most priority features […]

How To Take a Screenshot On Chromebook

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If you just got a Chromebook, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a bit different from most laptops. One of these differences is the absence of the Print Screen (PrtSc) key […]

Spyware Removal Tips for Your Computer or Smartphone

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Spying is a terrible invasion of a person’s privacy, and most of its forms aren’t just offensive, but also illegal. It’s common with paranoid spouses and partners looking for the […]

How to Troubleshoot WiFi (Wireless) Printers

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Few things are more frustrating than when you want to print a document, and your wireless printer is in an error state, or gives you the silent treatment. Perhaps you’ve […]

Remove or Uninstall a Printer Driver from Windows 10

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If you connect to different printers across several locations all the time, you’ll probably not use all of the printers installed on your device – probably just once or twice. […]

Freeware Versus Shareware – What’s The Difference?

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The term freeware was first used nearly four decades ago when Andrew Fluegelman, a programmer, created the PC-Talk program for the IBM PC, although it wasn’t freely distributed initially.  A […]

How To Change Your Router SSID & Why You Should

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SSID stands for Service Set Identifier and is the primary name of your WiFi network. If you tap on the WiFi icon on your phone or computer, it’ll pull up […]

How To Fix Windows Keyboard Keys Which Stop Working

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A keyboard without working keys may seem like a blow to productivity, but it’s possible to repair. If you’ve been working on your PC and suddenly some or no characters […]