Freeware Versus Shareware – What’s The Difference?

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The term freeware was first used nearly four decades ago when Andrew Fluegelman, a programmer, created the PC-Talk program for the IBM PC, although it wasn’t freely distributed initially.  A few months later, Bob Wallace, a Microsoft software developer, developed the PC-Write word processor and called it shareware because it wasn’t distributed freely. Ideally, freeware […]

How To Change Your Router SSID & Why You Should

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SSID stands for Service Set Identifier and is the primary name of your WiFi network. If you tap on the WiFi icon on your phone or computer, it’ll pull up a list of available networks within a range that have different names consisting of letters and/or numbers. For example, you may see simple names like […]

How To Fix Windows Keyboard Keys Which Stop Working

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A keyboard without working keys may seem like a blow to productivity, but it’s possible to repair. If you’ve been working on your PC and suddenly some or no characters appear on your computer screen, we’re going to show you how to fix it. If you have a desktop PC, it’s easy to just swap […]

What to Do When Your USB Drive Is Not Showing Up

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USB is an extensively adopted technology that allows us to plug lots of devices into our computers every day. Although it’s quite easy to set up, sometimes it’s not all plug and play. What do you do when your USB drive is not showing up? This can be caused by several different things such as […]

Can Connect to Wireless Router, but not to the Internet?

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It’s hard to imagine that just two decades ago, only about one percent of the world’s population was online. Today, more than 4.3 billion people are actively using the internet, which is more than half of the global population. That’s how important having an internet connection is. A few things can be quite frustrating as […]

How To Set Up Your Own Email Server

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If you’re a privacy lover in search of a nice alternative to popular web-mail providers like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, you’re in luck. You can learn how to set up your own email server and escape the routine scanning of emails these providers perform on millions of users, and enjoy a safe and private environment […]

How To Create a Chatbot For a Website Or Facebook Page

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If you’ve tried ordering a pizza for delivery or contacted tech support about an issue with an app, you’ve probably encountered a chatbot. They may take your order or answer your question, sometimes even give you suggestions based on what you’re asking, and more. By adopting bots, small and large enterprises reduce costs by handling […]

What To Do If You Think Your Computer Or Server Has Been Infected With Malware

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Just as our bodies struggle with the groggy feeling that comes with infections, our devices also throw up certain symptoms or errors that could indicate a number of problems. Malware infections usually come through visiting compromised websites, clicking on the links to malicious sites from social media or email messages, or inserting infected USB flash […]

How To Check Your Router For Malware

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Your router is a prime target for hackers who want to freeload off your WiFi connection or infiltrate your network. If it’s compromised, they can redirect your personal or business internet requests to malware-infected servers. However, most people don’t realize the magnitude of the problems that come with a router that has been hacked. Manufacturers […]

4 Ways To Edit a PDF File

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When John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe, developed the Portable Document Format (PDF), he wanted to make it easier for people to distribute documents without the need to print them. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out to be very user-friendly. Not only were the files large in size, but the format didn’t support external hyperlinks and could […]