How to Test Your Microphone in Windows 10

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Once you install a microphone on Windows 10, you’ll want to configure it. That means changing audio levels, input types, and making sure that it sounds crisp. If you’re setting […]

6 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

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What Is Nearby Sharing on Android?

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Android Nearby Share is a handy file sharing option for Android devices. Nearby Share is a relatively new addition to Android, too, arriving in mid-2020 on a limited range of […]

8 Troubleshooting Tips For a Slow Ethernet Connection

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What is Hiberfil.sys and How to Delete It in Windows 10

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6 Best Disk Space Analyzers To Find Lost Gigabytes

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What is the Page File in Windows 10?

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The Windows page file is a special file that holds data your RAM cannot hold when it reaches its limits. Your system RAM has a limit. If your system tries […]

How To Replace a Motherboard Without Reinstalling Windows 10

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Every now and then, you’ll want to make upgrades to your system hardware. The most common part to upgrade is a hard drive to a solid-state drive, or a shiny […]

The 5 Best Budget Chromebooks in 2020

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Chromebooks have taken the world by storm. The Chrome OS-based laptops are affordable, come in a variety of sizes from a whole host of manufacturers, and are incredibly simple to […]

4 Ways To Speed Up Windows 10 Boot Times

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Windows 10 is Microsoft’s fastest booting operating system ever. But could it be faster? The answer is yes, it could. You have a few options available to help Windows 10 […]