How To Install Only Safe Browser Extensions

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Browser extensions can improve your browsing experience, block intrusive ads, or bring new functionality to your everyday internet usage. There are thousands of browser extensions and extension developers, so it’s smart to be cautious about the extensions you use.  When you install an extension, you give it permission to use certain data, so it’s best […]

How To Find Lost Or Forgotten Files On Windows 10

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Trying to hunt down specific files on your Windows 10 PC can sometimes feel like trying to locate your car keys. Technology hasn’t quite got to the point where we can wish for something to appear and it does. Instead, we have to manually search for lost or forgotten files. Thankfully, there are still some […]

4 Best Third-Party Apps For Windows 10 You Should Install Now

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Most Windows 10 tools have been around and improved upon for decades, but even still, there are many third party apps that outperform the default options. Most options are open source, but all of them are free. None include any form of adware, so you can download these tools for free without feeling like you’re […]

How to Find Out What App is Using Your Webcam on Windows 10

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I will explain a very effective method to find out what app is using your webcam. This way, you can stop it from being used without your permission, or simply close an app to free up your webcam to use in another application. For some reason, Windows 10 struggles to let you use your webcam […]

How To Fix ‘Not Enough USB Controller Resources’ On Windows 10

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Want to know how to fix the not enough USB controller resources message on Windows 10? Read this to find out why it happens and what you can do to fix it easily.  First I will explain why this message appears in the first place, and how it can impact the performance of your peripherals. […]

How To Set Up Dual PC Streaming With No Capture Card

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It’s surprisingly easy to set up dual PC streaming with no capture card by using OBS NDI. The performance is great and it requires no extra purchase. OBS NDI will use your network to send your gaming PC content to your streaming PC. This guide will take you through every step necessary to get started […]

Ryzen 3900X vs Intel i9-9900K – Which CPU Is Truly Better?

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The ultimate CPU battle – the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X vs the Intel Core i9-9900K. Both are the best offering from each side of the CPU war, but which one comes out on top? I will dive deep and find out which CPU is truly better. For a long time the i9-9900K was considered the […]

How To Cut Out An Object In An Image In Photoshop CC

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The best way to quickly cut out an object in an image in Photoshop CC is to use the new Select and Mask feature. I will explain how you can use this effectively and cut out images as fast as possible. If you are regularly editing images, you’ll want to know how to cut out […]

How To Protect Yourself From Threatening “We Have Your Password” Emails

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Have you received a threatening email with your password in the subject line? Your password has leaked but usually it’s an automated scam with no immediate threat. Here’s how to keep safe. Usually this automated email scam asks for a large ransom in dollars or bitcoin. It may demand that if you don’t respond, your […]

Does Faster RAM Matter? – 2400MHz vs 3000MHz & Better

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It seems RAM is getting faster every day, but does faster RAM matter? Does it make sense to buy 3000MHz or is something like 2400MHz good enough? Let’s take a look at what higher frequency RAM actually does for your system and whether it’s worth buying or not. Once you have finished reading, you will […]