How To Move Columns In Excel

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Organizing your Excel spreadsheets isn’t always easy, especially when those spreadsheets are large. But if you know how to move columns in Excel more efficiently, you can reorganize even large […]

How to Alphabetize In Excel

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When you want to alphabetize in Excel, whether it’s to sort a column or a row, the process is usually straightforward. However, when it comes to alphabetizing multiple rows or […]

How To Use The PMT Function In Excel

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If you’ve ever considered taking out a mortgage or any other loan, knowing how to use the PMT function in Excel can give you some insight into what your payments […]

How To Calculate Standard Deviation In Excel

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In statistics, standard deviation is a measure of how dispersed a set of data is relative to its mean. In simple terms, it tells you how “spread out” a collection […]

Differences Between Microsoft Excel Online And Excel For Desktop

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If you have an Office 365 subscription, then you have access to all of the features that the cloud-based versions of Office applications offer. But does that mean that Microsoft […]

YouTube Not Working? Here Are Quick Fixes To Try

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Have you ever tried watching YouTube videos only to find that the loading icon just keeps circling, or the video is entirely blank? What are the reasons for YouTube not […]

What Is Data Analysis And The Best Tools To Use

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When most people think of data analysis, they think of manipulating and analyzing data in a tool like Microsoft Excel. The reality is that data analysis encompasses a wide range […]

What Is Superfetch (Sysmain) On Windows 10 And How To Disable It

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Superfetch is a Windows system process that has had multiple names throughout the years. On Windows XP it was known as Prefetch. Superfetch was introduced in Windows Vista, and on […]

How To Send a Fax Via Email

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While fax machines are a dying technology, there are still a lot of businesses that use them to send and receive paper documents. If you’re working with such a company, […]

How To Make a BAT File In Three Simple Steps

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Do you find yourself opening the same programs every time you start your computer? Are you always opening the command prompt to run the same commands all the time? Learning […]