How To Schedule an Email To Go Out At a Set Time

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Sometimes, when you have the time to write an email it may not be the best time to send it. Maybe you want to wait for an event to occur or for news to break before your email goes out. Regardless of the reason, the ability to schedule sending your email at a set time […]

How To Set Up Your Website On Google Analytics

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Google Analytics has always been one of the most popular tools website owners have used to monitor their web traffic. Setting up a new website in Google Analytics isn’t quite as straightforward as it should be. However, following the steps below, you should be able to have your website enabled with Google Analytics tracking in […]

What Is Google Search Console & How To Use It

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If you’re running your own website and you care about how well you rank in Google search results, you’ll want to make sure you use the Google Search Console. What Is Google Search Console? Google Search Console tells you everything that the Google search crawler knows about your website. This provides some insight into how […] vs The Pros & Cons Of Each

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If you are thinking of starting your own blog, and you want to use WordPress as your blogging platform, you have a couple of options. You can use either or Both methods are based on the WordPress content management system (CMS) platform. However there are major differences between the two that you should […]

Obscure Windows System Files and Why You Should Know About Them

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The Windows operating system is made up of a large assortment of files and programs. Some of these run all the time, while others are called by the operating system only occasionally. Nearly all of the core Windows operating system files are stored in the folders C:\Windows\System and C:\Windows\System32 (on your computer, the drive letter […]

How To Set Up An Automatic Backup System For Windows

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Anyone who regularly uses a home computer ends up storing a large amount of very important information that they don’t want to lose. The best way to protect this information is by setting up an automatic backup system for Windows. There are a few approaches you can take to backup your Windows system. You can […]

How To Whitelist Specific Devices On Your Home Network To Stop Hackers

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The way a home network usually works is that anyone with your network passphrase can connect to your home network. However, it’s possible to add another layer of security where only specific devices are allowed to connect. This is called MAC address filtering. Keep in mind however that Mac address filtering isn’t a single security […]

What Is a CDN & Why Is One Essential If You Own a Domain?

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A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of servers distributed across the world that deliver pieces of your website to site visitors located near those servers. The most common use of a CDN is for the delivery of images from a website. This is because images are usually the slowest-loading component of a web […]

How To Get Your Own SSL Certificate For Your Website & Install It

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In the past few years, the entire web has transitioned from an optional secure HTTP protocol (also known as HTTPS) to a scenario where you can’t have a website today without securing it with an SSL certificate. This is because google starting displaying a warning message in its Chrome browser whenever a user would visit […]

How To Identify a DDoS Attack On Your Server & Stop It

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A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack can happen to anyone, at any time. If you have a website that’s running on a dedicated web server, it’s important to understand what a DDoS attack is, how to identify it, and what to do to stop and prevent it. What Is a DDoS Attack? A distributed […]