HDG Explains : What is Metadata & How Is It Used?

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If you own a website or work in fields that involve writing or managing online content, then you likely heard of metadata. It’s something you can’t get away from (nor […]

Best DIY Home Security Gadgets to Protect Your Home

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Home security is a big deal, yet many from the younger generation don’t treat it as so. In 2015, we had a property crime committed every 4 seconds in America. […]

The 7 Best Online Invoicing Services

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You were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and now you’re starting your own business. Or maybe you’re an established freelancer who’s looking to go legit. Either way, you’re going to […]

How Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection Stops Websites From Spying On You

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For years, websites have been tracking our cookies and spying on our online habits. Isn’t about time we return the favor? No, not spy on the entities spying on us, […]

How To Preserve & Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

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Technology is continually enhancing the way we communicate and make our lives easier to manage. You have your laptop for completing projects. Your tablet for surfing the net, and your […]

Learn How to Code Like a Pro with These 5 Sites & Apps

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There’s a shortage of computer programmers and software developers. This is a big deal because the tech industry is growing faster than the talent can keep up. Some firms are […]