The 7 Best Online Invoicing Services

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You were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and now you’re starting your own business. Or maybe you’re an established freelancer who’s looking to go legit. Either way, you’re going to need a professional approach to invoicing your clients and customers. Lucky for you, there are dozens of online options to choose from.  If you’re the […]

How Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection Stops Websites From Spying On You

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For years, websites have been tracking our cookies and spying on our online habits. Isn’t about time we return the favor? No, not spy on the entities spying on us, but learn which websites are trying to peer into our digital lives. Well, now you can by using Firefox’s enhanced tracking protection. But before we […]

How To Preserve & Extend Your Device’s Battery Life

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Technology is continually enhancing the way we communicate and make our lives easier to manage. You have your laptop for completing projects. Your tablet for surfing the net, and your smartphone for staying connected to it all.  Although it presents many possibilities for managing your life, it also comes with some shortcomings. One example is […]

Learn How to Code Like a Pro with These 5 Sites & Apps

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There’s a shortage of computer programmers and software developers. This is a big deal because the tech industry is growing faster than the talent can keep up. Some firms are even willing to pay 20% more for qualified engineers.  Mobile app revenue by itself will generate an astounding $935 billion by 2023. That’s a lot […]