You have your eye on a new computer or laptop, but the price is way out of your budget. What if we told you that there are times when you can purchase a computer or laptop at a discounted price? You just have to be strategic about your search.

Finding the best computer deals can be difficult, but not when you know where and when to look. This article will highlight some of the best times to buy computers from brands like Apple, Samsung, ASUS, etc.

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    Before anything, it’s always a good idea to know what kind of computer you want—brand, operating system, CPU and storage configuration, etc. That’ll help you narrow down your search when searching for the best deals.

    1. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Back-to-School Deals

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest holiday sales worldwide. These are equally the best periods to snap up deals on computers, gadgets, and accessories. If you’re serious about getting a laptop at a discounted price, keep a tab on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on popular shopping platforms.

    Major PC manufacturers (Apple, HP, Lenovo, Asus, etc.) and retailers also host Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on their official websites.

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    “Back-to-School” season is another good time to snag incredible discounts on laptop and computer purchases. Although this season varies across several countries and regions, back-to-school sales typically run between June and September. For instance, Apple’s 2021 back-to-school discount ran for over 3 months.

    College students, parents, teachers, and other eligible participants got a $100 discount (and free AirPods) off select MacBook models. Some local retailers also offer laptops at discounted prices during this period. Make sure you exhaustively check multiple (online and offline) platforms and compare their discounts before deciding.

    2. Capitalize on Clearance Sales

    Many stores and eCommerce platforms host “Clearance” or “Closeout” sales to clear out inventory when closing for the year or going out of business. This is mostly during and after the holiday season, precisely before a calendar year runs out. Clearout items in a store’s inventory are sold at incredibly low prices. Your dream computer might just be in a store’s clearance sale catalog.

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    3. Buy When New Models Are Released

    Computer manufacturers release new products throughout the year, particularly Windows devices. Apple hosts an annual event between September and October where it announces new Mac desktops and laptops. On the other hand, PC manufacturers usually introduce new devices at tech events, shows, conferences, etc.  

    The best time to buy a computer cheap is when new models are announced or available in the market. The arrival of a new product line usually crashes the price of older generations/models—and for understandable reasons. People naturally rush to buy the latest products, lowering the demand for older generations.

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    Of course, decreasing demand (of older computer models) means lower prices. When everyone’s rushing to buy the latest laptop, you should do the opposite—especially if you’re budget-conscious. If a computer brand introduces a new line of devices, wait for some weeks or a month, and check the prices of the outgoing flagship model.

    The arrival of a major CPU upgrade may also crash the price of computers with older processors. Performance-wise, devices with new technologies are better, but they always cost more. If the specifications of an old laptop model are satisfactory, and you aren’t willing to overspend on new features, then it’s a worthy investment.

    Note that this trick mostly applies to Windows devices. The prices of Mac computers usually stay consistent months and years after new models launch. When the prices drop, the reductions are usually steep and might not be worth the wait.

    4. Buy During Celebratory and Promotional Anniversaries

    Businesses, brands, and shopping platforms often host sale events to celebrate festivities, special holidays, and corporate anniversaries and holidays (e.g., Amazon Prime Day). If your desired computer isn’t on sale at a discounted price, you could win coupons that chop some dollars off its original price.

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    Depending on your region or country, it’s common for electronic stores and computer brands to run sales promotions for religious events (e.g., Diwali, Ramadan, Easter, etc.) and national holidays (Independence Day deals, 4th of July sales, Labor Day discounts, etc.).

    Monitor Prices With Tracking Tools

    Finding the best laptop and computer deals takes time and effort. Plus, some sellers advertise fake deals and discounts. We recommend monitoring the price of your desired computer across several websites days or weeks before these promotional deals.

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    That’ll give an idea of the device’s initial price, promotional price, and how much discount you’re snatching up. You can automate and expedite this deal-hunting process using price-tracking software and price comparison websites.

    These specialized tools help you find the best deals on specific products and shopping platforms. Price-tracking services will do all the hard work for you: monitor price fluctuations, check coupon availability, aggregate price history, and even compare prices.

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    You can also set custom alerts to get notifications of discounts and other price slashes.

    Put in the Effort

    You’ll find the best deals for computers and other gadgets in the second half of the calendar year. That’s because many promotional events and holidays fall within the last six months of the year. Another unwritten rule of saving money is to buy the older model of a new product—particularly if the specifications meet your needs.

    Use price-tracking tools to monitor prices if you don’t have the time to keep tabs on the promotional deals. Consider buying a refurbished computer if you don’t find deals that match your budget.

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