Have you noticed that your PC is taking longer to start up? Or maybe it’s just not performing as well when you start up resource-intensive programs. Either way, it might be time to optimize your PC – and that’s where tune-up utilities come in. 

In this article, we’ll cover 7 of the best free PC tune-up utilities you can use to improve your PC performance. 

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    What Is a PC Tune-Up Utility?

    A tune-up utility is an application that analyzes your PC to improve system performance. This can include removing junk files, managing background processes, removing unused apps, cleaning up your registry entries, and more.

    While it’s possible to perform most of these functions yourself with a bit of PC knowledge, the best tune-up utilities will do it all in one click. Just keep an eye out for software that is designed as a portal to install adware, bloatware, or spyware

    Also, keep in mind that Windows recommends not using registry cleaners. Each of the programs in this list offers the option of selecting which tools to use, so if you’re worried about using a registry cleaner, simply deselect that option in the utility. 

    So, with that out of the way, here are the seven best free tune-up utilities for Windows. 

    1. Razer Cortex

    Razer Cortex is a free tune-up utility developed by the well-known gaming peripheral brand. Cortex allows you to scan and optimize your PC. It also features a game booster that claims to tweak your PC for optimal gaming performance. Razer Cortex features: 

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    • System cleanup
    • Junk file deletion
    • Browser history and file cleanup
    • PC optimization
    • Game defragmentation
    • Driver updater

    Razer Cortex is a great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one PC cleanup, and optimization tool. Cortex is also completely free. The downside? It comes with a mini version of the Razer shop and offers advertisements based on its products. 

    2. CCleaner

    CCleaner is one of the better-known PC tune-up tools. Recently, the free version has been trimmed down as specific tools are shifted to the paid version, but it’s still a decent free tune-up utility. The program offers: 

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    • PC health check 
    • Junk and temporary file cleanup
    • Privacy protection and tracker removal

    The custom PC cleaning option allows you to select from several cleanup options and uninstall any unwanted programs. In all, CCleaner free does little more than the built-in Windows tools, but it’s worth it for the convenience of being able to perform all functions with a single click.

    3. Easy PC Optimizer

    Easy PC Optimizer is entirely free software that allows you to scan and repair issues with your computer. Some of the problems it scans for include:

    • Operating system issues
    • COM and ActiveX issues
    • User profile issues
    • Software issues
    • Driver-related issues
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    With one click, Easy PC Optimizer will then repair the issues discovered, making your PC run better once more. Some additional functions that the software includes are: 

    • Startup program optimizer
    • Auto-close for non-responsive programs
    • A registry restore function in the case of destructive errors
    • Browser cache and history cleaner

    4. Wise Care 365 Free

    Wise Care 365 Free is a limited tune-up utility that analyzes and optimizes aspects of your Windows PC. The free version offers a suite of functions designed to increase your computer performance, including tools to:

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    • Scan and repair the registry
    • Check the Defender Firewall is active
    • Erase useless and unnecessary files
    • Optimize system settings for speed and stability
    • Optimize internet settings
    • Cleanup and disk defragmentation

    The Pro version of Wise Care 365 includes real-time virus protection and PC optimization tools, as well as ways to increase your privacy.

    5. Restoro

    Restoro is a great choice for those new to system optimization. With one click, Restoro will scan your PC for any fixable issues. After a few minutes, it’ll present you with a list of issues, from unused apps to broken files to potential hardware malfunctions. 

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    Restoro’s modules include: 

    • Windows registry optimization
    • System file repair
    • File cleanup
    • Hardware scan
    • Antivirus and anti-malware
    • Error message repair
    • Duplicate file detector
    • Stability issue and privacy concern detector

    The major problem with Restoro is that their free version is one-time use only, and the paid version of Restoro provides all of the features for one year only. If you just need a quick tune-up, it’s worth installing the program for free use and considering whether you want to invest in it. 

    6. Outbyte PC Repair

    Outbyte PC Repair is a lightweight maintenance tool with several helpful tools to optimize your Windows PC, speed up boot time, and fix minor issues. 

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    Outbyte PC Repair offers:

    • Comprehensive diagnostics
    • Speed boost (process optimization)
    • Energy saver
    • Hard disk space optimization
    • Troubleshooting PC errors
    • Virus and privacy protection

    Unfortunately, the free version of Outbyte PC Repair only comes as a 7-day free trial, but it’s worth trying to see if you’d buy the full version. Outbyte also offers deals that include their VPN software to increase the privacy of your internet connection (at the small cost of slightly reduced internet speed). 

    7. The Windows Suite

    People often forget that Windows comes with an entire suite of cleanup and optimization software. The problem is that they aren’t combined in a one-click application. But, if you’re looking to save time, you can be sure that the Microsoft tools are safe. In Windows 10/11, these tools include: 

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    Using these tools, you should be able to easily give your PC a performance boost without needing a third-party program – though it will take a little longer. 

    Just Like New

    Like everything electrical (or mechanical), a computer needs regular maintenance to have optimal performance. Over time, junk files can build up, making your hard drives slow down and reducing your PC’s overall speed. A tune-up utility can be the perfect solution to this, and we hope this article has given you some of the best PC cleaners to try out.