Power failure, a loose or broken USB connection, and hardware damage can cause your Fire TV device not to turn on. This tutorial covers several ways to troubleshoot a Fire TV Stick that won’t turn on.

Hard rebooting the streaming stick might fix the problem. Unplug your Fire TV Stick from its power source for 1-3 minutes and plug it back in. If the wall outlet has a power switch, ensure it’s powered on. Also, change the Fire Stick remote’s batteries.

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    Try the troubleshooting fixes below if your Amazon Fire TV Stick still won’t turn on.

    1. Use Authentic Fire TV Stick Accessories

    To power your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need a power adapter with at least five volts (5V) and one amp (1A) output rating. The streaming device may not turn on if connected to a USB adapter that doesn’t meet the power supply requirement. Using a counterfeit USB cable or power cord can also cause your Fire TV Stick not to turn on.

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    Don’t power your Firestick from your TV—the USB ports may not have enough electric current to power the streaming device. Instead, plug your Fire TV Stick directly into a wall outlet using the USB cable and power adapter included in the box. Also, ensure the USB cable fits tightly in the power adapter’s port.

    If you lose your Firestick’s power adapter and cable, buy authentic Amazon-branded replacements from Amazon’s store or website. You can also use a third-party USB adapter and cable to power your Fire TV Stick. However, ensure the USB adapter’s power rating is at least 5V/1A.

    2. Check Your TV’s HDMI Connection

    Your TV may fail to detect your Firestick if the HDMI connection is loose. Push your Fire TV Stick into your TV’s HDMI port and ensure the connection is tight and snug.

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    Also, double-check that your TV’s HDMI input source is set to the appropriate channel. If you plug your Fire TV Stick into HDMI 1, ensure the input channel is set to HDMI 1. Switch your Fire TV Stick to a different HDMI port on your TV if the issue persists.

    Your Fire TV device may also fail to display visuals if your TV’s HDMI port(s) is faulty. Plug your Firestick into a power outlet and connect it to a different TV. If it comes on, the HDMI ports on the previous TV are probably damaged.

    If the Firestick connects through an HDMI hub or splitter, plug the streaming stick directly into your TV’s HDMI port instead. Contact your TV manufacturer or visit a TV repair shop/technician if your TV doesn’t detect any HDMI device.

    3. Cool Your Fire TV Stick

    Your Firestick may get stuck on a black screen or fail to come on if it’s too hot. Fire TV Stick devices can overheat if they’re too close to your TV or other heat-emitting devices. If your Fire TV Stick is unusually hot, unplug the power adapter and let it cool for a few minutes.

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    Connecting your Firestick using an HDMI adapter can prevent it from constantly heating up. The HDMI adapter extends the streaming stick away from the back of your TV and reduces its exposure to heat.

    An HDMI extender or adapter ships with all Fire TV Stick models. If you can’t find the extender, buy an Amazon-branded replacement from Amazon’s website.

    4. Restart or Factory Reset Your TV

    Restart your TV if your Firestick device still won’t turn on or if it displays a blank screen. Reset your TV to factory default if the issue persists. Refer to your TV’s instruction manual to learn how to reset it to factory settings.

    Get Technical Help

    Your Fire TV Stick won’t turn on if its charging port is loose, dirty, or faulty. Use a tweezer or compressed air to dislodge dirt stuck in your Firestick’s Micro USB port. Contact Amazon Device Support if your Firestick won’t turn on after trying these troubleshooting solutions.

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