Previously, I wrote an article on how to create your own batch files using regular DOS commands and today I will talk about how you can schedule that batch file to run in XP. This is very useful for servers or specific computers that require the same tasks to be performed on a routine basis, such as copying data or deleting files.

To get started, create a batch file and put it in the appropriate directory on your computer or server. Now go to the Control Panel and choose Scheduled Tasks.

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    schedule batch file

    Now, click on the Add Scheduled Task link to bring up the Schedule Task Wizard.

    scheduled task wizard

    Click Next and then click Browse. Navigate to the location of your batch file and select it.

    schedule task batch file

    Now type in a name for your task and choose a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, one time, etc).

    create scheduled task

    Depending on what you choose, the next screen will allow you to customize exactly what days and times you want the batch file to run. Here are the options for weekly:

    schedule task

    Finally, enter in the credentials for an Administrator account on the computer so that the task can run without any problems.

    scheduled task

    And that’s it! Click Finish and your task will now show up in the list of scheduled tasks. Your batch file is now scheduled to run according to the schedule you created.

    run scheduled task

    If you are using a newer version of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 10, make sure to check out my other article on how to create and schedule batch files. If you have any problems setting up your batch file as a scheduled task, feel free to post a comment here and I will help! Enjoy!