With the increase of people who work from home, the need for good, but affordable, office chairs increased. Sure you can use your kitchen chair, but how long before the back and neck pains hit you? Office chairs and computer chairs are designed for people who spend hours sitting in front of their PCs. Even the cheapest ones will give your body better support than a dining chair, so here are the best office chairs under $100 we recommend.

To complete your strain-free office setup, make sure to check the best ergonomic keyboards you can buy. You don’t want to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome later in life.

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    1. SMUG Ergonomic Office Chair

    Price: $90

    • Comfortable and easy to assemble
    • Weight capacity up to 300 lb
    • Adjustable
    • Includes headrest
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    The SMUGDESK ergonomic computer chair is a quality product that includes some of the features reserved for higher-priced chairs. It has a breathable mesh back so you won’t be uncomfortable during the summer heat. A memory foam cushion ensures you’re comfortable for all hours you have to spend at your work desk. And this desk chair also has an adjustable backrest and headrest.

    Although this SMUGDESK chair can support weights up to 300 pounds and has a wide seat, people that are above 6’2” tall will have problems finding it comfortable. Also, the wheels are sturdy and they run smoothly, but they can be very noisy due to their 360-degree swivel mechanism design.

    2. Furmax Office Mesh Chair

    Price: $70

    • Comes in different colors
    • Comfortable seat
    • Thick padding
    • Very affordable
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    If you’re looking for a product with good lumbar support, but you’re on a very tight budget, Furmax Office Mesh swivel chair is an excellent choice. This chair has an ergonomic design and a breathable mesh backrest that will cool you off during long office hours. Its thick padded seat and removable armrests also ensure comfort. The awesome part is that the Furmax chair comes in ten different colors, which makes it easy to fit in any office design.

    The Furmax chair’s armrests are also a nice addition. However, they are not adjustable or padded. That means that it can get uncomfortable for prolonged use. Another downside is that its maximum weight capacity is at the lower end, as it can only support up to 265 pounds. Nevertheless, for only $70, Furmax is an amazing deal.

    3. Amazon Basics Classic Padded Office Chair

    Price: $75

    • Comfortable padding
    • Simple to assemble
    • Minimalistic style
    • Padded armrests
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    This chair from the Amazon Basics series is a padded, mid-back rolling office chair, which is great for those on a tight budget. The height can be adjusted and it has a reclining backrest for even more comfort. The armrests are also padded which is a major plus if you work long hours.

    That said, this chair has no neck and head support and that can be a problem. It is also designed for shorter people as it’s very small. Children and teenagers can use it as a studying chair for maximum comfort. However, the maximum weight this chair can support is 275 pounds, and its seating depth is only 16.5 inches. Nonetheless, it’s a great option if you’re on a budget and you take frequent breaks.

    4. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

    Price: $70

    • Promotes good posture
    • Maximum weight 300 lbs
    • Different colors to choose from
    • Easy to Assemble
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    If you’re looking to replace the old uncomfortable office chair that gave you lots of back pain, perhaps try the Gaiam Balance Ball chair. It even comes with a little booklet of exercises that can help you reduce pain and muscle stiffness, and it promotes a healthy posture. Just by sitting on the Gaiam, you’ll work out several muscle groups. Without even noticing, you’ll do a mini workout during office hours.

    That said, the Gaiam balance ball computer chair is not for everyone. Due to its design, it’s limited to people who are up to 6’0” tall. You can buy leg extenders, but that’s an extra expense. Additionally, it can be tough to relax in a Gaiam chair as there is little leg space, or lumbar and head support. Perhaps this chair is best used as a secondary option, next to your regular office chair.

    5. BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair

    Price: $100

    • Modern style
    • Ergonomic design
    • Very good lower back support
    • High backrest
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    Despite the name and design, some gaming chairs make great office chairs, especially if you’re working at home. Gamers will love this option the most, as this is a home office chair designed for long gaming sessions. Although, you should still take frequent breaks since sitting for prolonged periods isn’t good for you.

    BestOffice’s gaming chair has thick cushions all around. It’s covered in modern PU leather that is breathable so you won’t feel any discomfort after a long day of sitting in it. Adjustable lumbar support is included and the headrest pillow is there to support your head and neck.

    6. Howzone Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

    Price: $100

    • Ergonomic design
    • Breathable Mesh backrest
    • Adjustable
    • Steel frame
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    The Howzone office chair can be adjusted on a variety of axes. You can adjust its headrest height, as well as lumbar support, padded armrests, seat cushion height and tilt tension, and reclining backrest. You can make this chair fit your body posture perfectly and adapt it to different working modes. Its mesh backrest will help you stay cool.

    The construction of the chair is solid since it has a steel frame instead of plastic, so it’s sturdy enough to support a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. The textile seat is well-padded, and the armrests are covered in faux leather. The Howzone home office chair comes in black or gray so you can easily match it with other office furniture.

    7. Keerdom Office Chair

    Price: $100 on sale

    • Modern design with different color choices
    • Ergonomic
    • Fits small office space
    • Easy to assemble
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    Although its regular price is around $120, Keerdom has frequent sales on Amazon and their chair can easily be found for under $100. This is a very stylish chair that can fit a small office space, since its armrests can be flipped so that the chair fits under the desk. Both the backrest and seat are made of high-quality mesh material that keeps the chair breathable and sturdy.

    Unfortunately, tall people can find the armrests to be too low and short. They also don’t have padding which can cause some discomfort during prolonged use. The Keerdom’s office chair also has a short seating area, but the cushion is very comfortable.

    8. SMUG Armless Task Chair

    Price: $85

    • Armless modern design
    • Sturdy construction
    • Easy to assemble
    • Good posture support
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    This SMUG task chair is a chic option as it’ll bring a sleek elegance to your workspace. The seat and the backrest have soft lines and comfortable padding made of high-density shaping foam. It’s covered in PU leather that allows your body to breathe even after hours spent sitting in this chair. Nevertheless, the metal frame ensures sturdiness and smooth swiveling. But this chair won’t tilt backward when you lean on it. It has a stable angle for your back support and you won’t be able to change it.

    The SMUG task chair is designed to fit small spaces easily and it won’t be a good choice for tall and more heavy people. Its maximum capacity weight is only 250 lbs. However, the seat height is well adjustable and the chair is so light it can be easily be used by both kids and adults.

    9. MCQ Mid-Back Swivel Task Chair

    Price: $90

    • Modern design for small spaces
    • Adjustable
    • Easily assembled
    • Comfortable
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    MCQ task chair is another armless option designed to fit any space, but it’s also a very sophisticated office desk chair with a mash-up of modern and art deco styles that will fit perfectly with almost any office. It has soft PU casters that enable the chair to move smoothly and quietly on all types of floors, be it hardwood, carpet, or any other material.

    Its 360°-design swivel mechanism moves the chair in all directions. This chair is very easy to assemble as it comes with a well-written manual and extra screws and tools. The only downside is its lower maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

    10. HOMEFLA Tall Mesh Drafting Chair

    Price: $97

    • High-quality mesh material
    • Adjustable foot ring
    • Sturdy construction
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    If your office includes a drafting or standing desk, pair it with an affordable, tall, and comfy drafting chair. Homefla makes its drafting chairs with upper back and lumbar support, something that most manufacturers often overlook in this price range. The high-quality mesh material keeps it firm and enhances airflow. Its footrest ring can be adjusted to any height you need and help you relax your legs. You can lower this chair to the height of a regular office desk too.

    Although the HOMEFLA doesn’t have padded armrests and they are not adjustable, they are a nice addition to the design. The casters are made of soft PU material that protects your hardwood floor, but they’ll just as easily roll on any other surface.

    Get a Dedicated Office Chair

    Even though you’re on a budget, you should pay attention to the quality of the office chair you’re buying. All in all, having a dedicated office chair is essential for anyone who spends long hours on their computer. This is especially true for those with any kind of physical impairment that requires additional ergonomic support. By taking the time to find the perfect chair, you can avoid potential issues in the future. Not only will your overall productivity increase, but your back and neck will thank you as well. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your office chair, just make sure it fits properly and provides enough comfort and support.