The Amazon Fire tablet is one of the best tablets focused on entertainment. Its 10.1 inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution offers a beautiful experience watching movies or TV shows. It also features quad 2.0 GHz Cortex CPUs, two 2 megapixel cameras capable of 720p video, and a stereo loudspeaker system.

It’s also a valuable tool to have on the go since it comes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable. This means you can connect quickly to any public Wi-Fi network and use your wireless mouse, keyboard, or Bluetooth earbuds for maximum productivity and privacy.

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    But if you’re going to take your Amazon Fire tablet on the road, you need to be able to protect it with a high quality case. The following are some of the best Amazon Fire tablet cases for the Amazon Fire 10, the latest model available today.

    Which Amazon Fire Tablet Case Should You Buy?

    People use Amazon Fire tablets for many different reasons. The purpose of the tablet really determines the kind of case that you’re going to want to purchase.

    The Amazon Fire tablet cases listed below are organized into three categories. These are cases for tablets primarily used by:

    • Children: For gaming, education, or watching children’s content
    • Professionals: Using productivity apps, watching content, or reading content while traveling frequently
    • Standard Users: Adults who want to keep the tablet in a bag or backpack and use it occasionally while outside of the home

    Each of these categories of users have very specific needs, which the cases are tailored to handle. We’ll cover each of these categories below.

    Amazon Fire Tablet Cases for Children

    If you’ve purchased an Amazon Fire tablet for your kids, then you’ll need to buy a case as soon as possible. Kids are more prone than anyone else to dropping or scratching their tablets. So, you’ll need a case that offers optimum drop and scratch protection so you can keep your investment safe.

    Amazon Kid-Proof Fire 10 Tablet Case

    Amazon has also created a protective Amazon Fire tablet case just for kids. This case is made from a hard foam that’s lightweight but can still absorb nearly any shock from any angle.

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    The protective case offers access to all ports, buttons and cameras. It features an adjustable stand that lets kids use it at a viewing or typing angle.

    The design and ruggedness of this case makes it perfect for kids of any age, even toddlers. It comes in black, blue, pink, purple, and red. Choose any color for about $35.

    Shreborn Lightweight and Shockproof Kid-Proof Cover

    Designed specifically for the Fire HD 10 tablet, this case by Shreborn is about as rugged and protective as they come. It includes every cutout needed for ports, speakers, and cameras.

    The case is made from heavy duty EVA foam which is truly child-proof. It can withstand tremendous shock from drops or hits. There are two feet on the back that will let your child stand the tablet and watch it from a convenient hands-free viewing angle.

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    The unique thing about this tablet case is that it includes a grip handle that makes it very easy for even small children to carry around the tablet without dropping it.

    The design itself will make any child smile every time they use their tablet. It comes in purple, blue, green, pink, red. Choose your child’s favorite color and pay only about $20 for this case, regardless of color.

    Amazon Fire Tablet Cases for Professionals

    The following are Amazon Fire tablet cases that have features specifically geared for ease of use while traveling and productivity while mobile.

    JETech Smart Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake

    The JETech smart cover for the Amazon Fire tablet is made from a combination of poly-carbonate and polyurethane that combines flexibility with rigid protection. 

    It’s one of the slimmest cases available so that it’s still easy to slip the tablet into your briefcase or purse. The smooth interior protects your tablet’s display from any scratches while traveling, while the synthetic exterior keeps the body of your tablet looking unblemished and new.

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    The smart cover is magnetic which supports the Amazon Fire’s sleep/wake function. Just open the case and the tablet will wake.

    The tri-fold cover is the best feature for traveling. You can use it in one position to stand the tablet up for normal viewing, or lower it to a lower angle for easy typing. It’s also one of the most affordable, ranging from $16 for black to $22 for other colors.

    MoKo Slim Folding Cover

    The slim MoKo case is perfect for professionals who are looking for something stylish as well as rugged. This case features a lightweight premium polyurethane leather exterior and a soft microfiber interior.

    This provides basic surface protection but don’t expect it to save your table from any serious drops. This shouldn’t be a problem if you carry it mostly inside a bag or briefcase. The magnetic lid will work with the Fire tablet’s sleep and wake feature. It also leaves all of the ports and controls open for easy use.

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    The built-in flip stand lets you use two display angles – either viewing or typing. If you like using a stylus with your tablet, there’s a loop to store it securely. It also has an interior hand strap so you can use the tablet comfortably with just one hand.

    It comes in 28 patterns, so you can choose a style that suits your taste. This case will run you about $20 for all colors.

    Amazon Fire Tablet Cases for Everyone Else

    Most people who use the Amazon Fire tablet for daily use need a more rugged case, since the tablet isn’t normally stored inside a bag. Since it’s carried around more often, external protection is critical.

    Roiskin Shockproof Protective Case

    The Roiskin shockproof tablet is specially made to provide superior drop protection for your Amazon Fire tablet. To accomplish all-around protection for your tablet, this case has a rugged outer shell plus a soft rubber internal material that keeps your tablet free from scuffs under any situation.

    It’s ideal if you’re mostly using the tablet to view entertainment or other content, since it comes with a built-in kickstand on the outside of the case. The kickstand design lets you view the tablet from one of two optional angles.

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    Both layers of protection offer shock and impact resistance that’ll keep your tablet safe even if it falls off a table or chair. It’s rugged enough for carrying around at work or school, and offers enough protection even if the tablet will be used by kids.

    It comes in seven different stylish colors, all priced at about $10, or $1 extra for black.

    Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Case

    If you’re looking for a high-quality, minimalist Amazon Fire tablet case, you can’t go wrong with Amazon’s own solution. It’s designed by Amazon so you know it’ll fit your Fire 10 perfectly, with access to all ports and controls.

    The slim design includes an innovative fold-out stand that lets you place the tablet in a vertical or horizontal hands-free viewing position. The case also includes the magnetic clasp that keeps the cover closed while also activating the tablet’s sleep/wake feature.

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    The case is made from a premium fabric, with a microfiber interior that’ll keep your tablet and screen free of scratches and clean. Keep in mind that the fabric exterior won’t protect from extreme drops, so treat this case as a fashion accessory rather than true drop protection.

    You’ll need to drop about $40 for this authentic Amazon case, so make sure you pick a color you like!