It’s true, we all spend way too much time sitting in front of our computers. But, if you’re going to spend hours every day in that spot, why not use a comfortable chair? Many “ergonomic” chairs promise to reduce or eliminate back pain, but we think these are the best examples you can buy today.

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What To Look For in a Back-Friendly Computer Chair

There’s a lot of variety in computer chair design, but the general formula is the same: to reduce or prevent back pain.

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    First, you want a chair that provides explicit support for the vulnerable parts of your back. That means dedicated lumbar (lower back) support and support for your neck to prevent strain and fatigue.

    The chair should also allow for correct posture so that you don’t feel the need to slouch. Of course, there’s more to keeping your back healthy than just the chair. The rest of your setup needs to match. That means having your monitor at the right height and adjusting the seat height so that your feet are flat on the ground with a slight bend to the knees.

    The chair also needs cushion materials that conform to your body shape and breathe properly. This is quite a wishlist, but there are chairs out there that tick virtually every box.

    1. Convert Your Existing Chair: Qutool Seat Cushion and Lumbar Pillow (Approx. $40)

    Key Features:

    • Can upgrade an existing chair
    • Cost-effective
    • Better seat and back comfort

    Not everyone has the budget or desire to replace their current chair, or perhaps it’s your work-provided chair, so you can’t change it. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the lack of back support.

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    This cushion kit from Qutool is attached to most chairs and offers comfortable yet firm memory foam cushioning.

    Unlike many memory foam products, this uses a breathable material that should help prevent moisture buildup between your body and the cushion. This isn’t a permanent solution since, in the long run, you’ll want to save up for a good ergonomic chair. There’s also no neck support, so if you’re having problems with your neck, in particular, this will be of limited use. 

    If you’re looking for a fast and affordable solution to an uncomfortable chair that hurts your back, this is a viable economical option.

    2. Best Budget Chair With Lower Back Support: Hbada Office Chair (Approx. $150)

    Key Features:

    • Great price, good design.
    • Flip-up armrests
    • Good back support for the money

    Taking good care of your back doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg, or any other body part for that matter. The Hbada chair is one we recommended as the best budget work-from-home chair, and we still stand by that. It’s priced aggressively, but customers have attested to its back support.

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    It’s also a stylish and practical chair. We especially like the flip-up armrests, which make it easier to slide under some desks or make doing certain activities, such as playing the guitar, more comfortable.

    For the money, the Hbada is a great deal, but costs have to be cut somewhere. So don’t expect it to last as long as more expensive options. Additionally, you may have to purchase an additional seat pad if you find the built-in cushion too thin, but that will differ between individuals. Overall, if this is your budget, it’s a great choice.

    3. An Interesting Alternative: Vivo Dragonn Kneeling Chair (Approx. $100)

    Key Features:

    • Compact
    • Affordable
    • Offers a different way to support your back

    For most people, the best option for an ergonomic chair that will relieve lower back pain is the standard curved chair design with a lumbar cushion. However, there is an alternative which many people swear by. A kneeling chair takes the pressure off your back by distributing your upper body weight to your powerful leg muscles. It also encourages better posture. 

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    Hefty people who need to sit for long sessions or have problems with their knees or hips may not do well with kneeling chairs, but it certainly has helped a lot of folks ease the strain on their backs.

    Kneeling chairs are also mobile, easy to store, and convenient to use almost anywhere. Some people enjoy alternating between kneeling chairs and traditional chairs as a way to change things up.

    4. Mid-range Marvel: Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair (Approx. $350)

    Key Features: 

    • Highly-breathable
    • Clever integrated lumbar support

    While this chair is listed for almost $350, we’ve seen it consistently go for as little as $160, so if the price seems a little high, it’s worth waiting for a sale.

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    Regardless of what price you pay for the Modway chair, this is a solid option that will look great in any office. It has built-in passive lumbar support and a breathable mesh back. So if you work where things tend to get a little sweaty, this will surely help make it more comfortable. As an essential start to better ergonomic and back health, you could do much worse.

    5. Large and in Charge: La-Z-Boy Big and Tall Trafford Executive Office (Approx. $500)

    Key Features:

    • It looks great
    • Comfortable for big and tall users

    People come in all shapes and sizes, and (as this writer knows) it can be difficult and expensive to find a comfortable ergonomic chair if you’re on the heavier side. That’s why this office chair from La-Z-Boy is such an attractive option. The price is reasonable considering the type and amount of material needed to build a safe heavy-duty chair.

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    Even better, it looks fabulous and will make any office space classier than it already is. The cushioning is reinforced for its intended users, and lumbar support is integrated into the chair. The lumbar cushion is quite clever as well, pivoting to make sure your back is supported from multiple angles. With a maximum user weight rating of 400lbs, the vast majority of big and tall people should have no problems at all.

    6. For the Empire: IW-320 ImperatorWorks Gaming Chair (Approx. $3000)

    Key Features:

    • Complete workstation setup
    • Adjustable seating position
    • Includes “zero-G” mode for no back strain

    This is the most affordable product in Imperatorworks’ range of complete PC workstation chairs, but it is still admittedly costly. Yet, if we’re talking total ergonomic solutions, this is one of the most reasonably-priced examples.

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    The IW-320 has integrated mounts for your monitors and can handle quite a variety of different arrangements. For example, you can have one large screen or several small ones.

    You can recline the entire chair and screen assembly, which takes all the pressure off your back while maintaining good posture. This is the pinnacle of making prolonged sessions of work or play as easy on your back as possible.

    The Quest for Total Ergonomics

    As we’ve already mentioned, changing your chair for a better model is only part of the solution. So if you’re finally sitting on something with less sting to it, you may want to check out Cool Ergonomic Gadgets for Any Office. It’s also worth learning about how computer use can negatively influence your health. Health Issues Caused by Computers and How to Prevent Them has the most critical information you’ll need to know what to look out for.

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