HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows 7

If you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 7 and are wondering what happened to HyperTerminal, you’re not alone! HyperTerminal was a sweet little program that let you connect to other computers, Telnet sites, host computers, BBSs, etc using your modem or Ethernet connection.

In Windows 7 and Vista, you will no longer find the HyperTer minal program. If you need HyperTerminal to control serial devices, there is a way to get it back! Also, there are several new alternatives to HyperTerminal that are probably better for secure shell access and troubleshooting modems.

Windows Remote Shell

Firstly, if you only need remote shell access, you can use the new Windows Remote Shell command line option in Windows 7 and Vista. To learn more about using WRS, simply open a command prompt and type in winrs /?.

windows remote shell

It’s basically a SSH replacement that allows remote command line access over an encrypted connection. It also uses the SOAP protocol.

Phone and Modem Options

If you were using HyperTerminal to troubleshoot modems, you can now use Phone and Modem Options to do this. Go to Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sounds and then click on Phone and Modem Options.

hyperterminal windows 7

All you have to do is provide information about the Country/Region, Area Code, Carrier Code, and Outside Dial Number to access the dialog box. Once you do that, you can troubleshoot your modem in Windows 7 or Vista.

HyperTerminal Alternatives

If you don’t want to use all these alternative methods, you can still use alternative programs for HyperTerminal. Here are some of my favorites.

HyperTerminal Private Edition – This is a commercial terminal emulation program that you can use to communicate with serial COM ports, dial-up modems, and TCP/IP networks.

TeraTerm – TeraTerm is an open-source terminal emulator and SSH module that supports IPv6, SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, serial ports, and file transfer protocols (XMODEM, Kermit, ZMODEM, B-PLUS, etc).

Putty – Another free Telnet and SSH implementation for Windows. It also is an xterm terminal emulator. This is probably my favorite alternative to HyperTerminal.

Original XP HyperTerminal

If you just can’t live without the original HyperTerminal in Windows XP, you can actually extract two files from your XP installation and copy them over to Windows 7 or Vista.

The two files you will need are hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe. Simply copy those files into any directory on your machine and it will work. You should be able to find hypertrm.exe in C:\Program Files\Windows NT and hypertrm.dll in C:\Windows\System32.

If you have the Windows XP CD, you should be able to find both of these files in the i386 directory on the CD.

windows 7 hyperterminal

So that’s about it! Even though HyperTerminal is no longer in Windows 7, it’s really not needed since you have a lot of great alternatives like Putty, etc. If you want it simply because you’ve been using it for a long time, either download the Private Edition or copy the files from XP. Enjoy!

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  1. Honestly I don't understand why they took it out in the first place. They should have left it. Especially if so many people miss it. Nonetheless this was a good article I didn't know about the winrs command.

  2. Will I be able to use any of these alternative options without an external modem??

  3. Thank you sir. Copying XP32 hyperterminal files to a directory in W7-64 worked for me. Copying to system32 didn't for some reason. Just made a hyperterminal folder on c: and all good!

  4. Is there a way to use AT commands on Hyper Terminal to send MMS?

  5. There are 2 other DLLs that should be included for full functionality, that most of the sites with articles about this neglect to mention.

    C:Program FilesWindows NThtrn_jis.dll


    And if you want the help files, they are:



  6. Really helpful! Thanks very much; that is very good of you to provide this great information, with several good options, for free. You are a good man!

  7. I've copied all the files. I use a serial connection. In XP, I was able to set up my connection and save it to my desktop. Then, when I needed it, it was ready to go and I was able to download the data and save the text file. I can't do that anymore. I get a message that it can't find the file. I click OK and hyperterminal comes up, but none of my settings were saved.

    What is the missing link?

  8. Great post. Thanks a lot! It really helped me when I was desperately seeking help over this issue.

  9. Well, I use TeraTerm and it seems OK till now.

    Dont know why they didnt provide Hyper Terminal in Windows 7.

  10. The reason the stripped down version of Hyperterm was not included with Windows Vista or Windows 7 is because Hilgraeve, the company that owns Hyperterm wants everyone to pay for it. They even removed the Hyperterm Personal Edition from their website. I believe they now have a time limited trail version, however, the Personal Edition version is still available from several websites (search Google for it) and is compatible with both Vista and 7. Just remember it was only free for "personal use" When you install it and say you don't personally own the computer you're installing it on it will send you to the Hilgraeve website for you to purchase it.

  11. Thanks for your help…..interesting that the XP64 app is Hargraeve's product licensed to MS.

  12. great help..and great info..thanks Buddy

  13. Hi Team,

    I just copied all the .dll and .exe. It is working with my Windows 7.

    Normally when I was using XP, I used to access hyperterminal by typing 'hypertrm' in 'run' ,but in WINDOWS 7 I need to go to the folder where I kept Hyperterminal. Is There any work around for this…? Ur help would be appreciated.

    Mahesh M

    TEAM -T ogether E verybody can A chieve M ore

  14. I found on my Windows 7 64bit system this did not work. When I put both the EXE and the DLL in the C:Program FilesWindows NT directory it worked fine. But for some reason it did not want to find the DLL in the System32 directory.

  15. Thanks so much for the free advice. It's hard to find these days!

    However, my only connection option when loaded onto Windows 7 was TCP/IP. I have an adaptor which I had hoped would allow me to use a USB port as a Com port. Will this not be available because of Win7?

  16. I recently found a terminal which could be used as a replacement for putty. It's called ClearTerminal and it's free and can be downloaded from " http://www.clearconnex.com/content/clearterminal ".

    It seems fairly simple and easy to use and at the same time has many good features which are not freely available otherwise.

  17. For those of you using Windows 7 64-bit, you should place the dll into the WindowsSyswow64 folder (instead of the WindowsSystem32 folder).

  18. That did not work for me, I copied the required files from the XP installation disk (the file names were ending with _ so I renamed them as completed DLL and EXE extensions and tried every possible directory but it never worked :(

  19. It did not worked for me on windows 7. When I double-clicked the exe file, it came with an answer ıllegal operation.

  20. Wondering if we just cant buy the download from Hilgrave for Hyperterminal for windows 7? Should work, yes?

  21. I created an HT file and saved it in the same folder as the exe. On my desktop I created a shortcut to "C:Program Files(x86)WindowsNTHypertrm.exe" <Session>
    Where session is the name of the HT file and inside the quotes is the exact path to the exe.
    I am using a Belkin F5U257 USB to Serial adapter. If you just click on the HT you get the error and no saved settings but if you run the exe with the name of the HT as an argument, it works. I am working on how to fix the HT registration so you can just click the session, but one thing at a time.

  22. Hypertermial was so good to connect to unix consoles..but i guess we will have to use teraterm now..i have not tested or used winrs yet but looks convincing

  23. Thanks for the good post, quite educating!!

  24. I got the files specified off of an XP Pro install disk, changed the last letter of each file name to the appropriate letter, but Windows complained that it was incompatible with windows 7. My 64 bit “Home Premium” Win 7 does not have the XP emulator. So, unless you have Win 7 Pro or Ultimate flavors, Hyperterm will not run on your Win 7 system.

  25. If you grab the files out of the i386 folder on the WinXP disk you need to expand with the rename option before they are usable. If you open a command prompt, assuming your disk is in the d drive and you want to save Hyperterminal in a folder on your c drive I would type “expand d:\i386\hyper*.* -r c:\Hyperterminal” That will grab the program and help files, then do the same command replacing hyper*.* with hitic*.* and htrn*.* to grab the last two files and put them in the proper directory.

  26. Thank You DBS,

    I recently went to a Windows7 Box (from XP). I was not able to get a terminal response until I copied and pasted the .dll into the Syswow64 folder as you mentioned, that did the trick. Now I can talk to the Stromberg DRC (IC) as before.

    Thanks again

  27. Originally could not get serial comm to work. Using a 9300-USBS converter (from Allen-Bradley). Putting the dll in the WindowsSyswow64 folder made the difference, and i was able to connect just fine. However, after the program sat idle for an hour i came back and found it no longer worked again. Tried re-booting, etc, no luck.
    Any ideas?

  28. This was a really good article. Thanks for putting it together, it was very efficient and it alerted me to more than I was looking for. I swear. Microsoft has no real concern for folks. They just change things around and delete things at their leisure. Has anyone else noticed how we can’t even save our desktop icons anymore? Wow! What kind of bonuses did they get for removing that feature? They said it was part of the new design to remove the locking down of your icons.

  29. I can’t believe that a computer or software company does not recognize that some of us use a computer as a tool, just like using a crescent wrench. I don’t know how to do all of this myself and even if i did I don’t have a copy of XP around. I don’t have to know how to build a wrench just pick it up and use it. For all of you that understand this, good for you. My company just gave me a new computer with Windows7 and I need it to do a job in the field, but I can’t until I can get back to the office over 200 miles away for a fix. Thanks for leaving it out.

  30. Thanks, excellent advice and directions. Wish more “How-To” were as good as yours.

    Gratefully Yours

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