How to Create Password Recovery Disks in Vista

We know the pain of forgetting a lost password.  If you only use a single administrator account and you forgot THE password, you’re dead.  To preempt this scenario, Vista lets users create a password recovery disk. Since this is a preemptive tool, you need to do this while you are still logged in to Vista. 

Remember, this is something everyone should do! If you forget your Administrator password in Vista, this would be the only way to get back into the system!

You will need a floppy disk or a USB flash drive to make a recovery disk. Follow the steps below on how to make it:

· Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts.


· In the User accounts Window click Create a password reset disk.


· The forgotten password wizard will now start. Click next.


· Select what drive you want to create your reset disk and click next.


· Type your current password and click next.


· After the wizard finishes creating the disk, click next and finish.


Now to use the disk in case you forgot your password follow the steps below:

In the log on screen when you have entered the incorrect password you will receive a message “The User name or password is incorrect”. Click OK then on the logon screen click Reset password.



The Password Reset Wizard will now start. Click next and insert your password reset disk. Select your reset disk and click next



· You will be asked to type your new password and a new password hint. Click next after typing your new password.


The wizard will complete and you can now log on to your computer using your new password.

Having the discipline to create recovery disks is the key.  Keep your disks safe and secured as anyone who has a hold of them will be able to reset your password and then use it to login to your computer.

Ben shows you how it’s done.

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  1. How do I create a password recovery disk in Windows 7?

  2. How can I reset the administrator password in Windows Vista? Please help!

  3. I didn't know I 'Had' to set up an 'Administrator Account', I'm still learning about Computerd About 6-8 mons. ago a blue box up, with a 'screen name' on a 'Hotmail' account saying I need a password, to install/change/deleate anything on my computer, I NEVER set up this account & have no password.

    I'v been all over this computer, asking for some help, even spent some $ on sites trying to get this password, add one or change it. A few said there was no password, one said to type 'allow' or 'this computer. I'v tryed booting F8 & F12, many 'tricks' suggested, still can't get or change the password. or the 'Administrator' changed.

    Microsoft is says to contact who ever made my computer, or e-mails me 'How to Change The Password for Your Account' the 'Support Techs' speak English, they don't seem to understand it. They send me to who made my computer, who sends me back to Microsoft, who has told me about 'their' support program that cost money. I think if I spend money, my password will be found, their 'Tech's' don't KNOW anything about computers, they have been 'Jerking' me around for over a wk.It's just a 'scam', I'm not a 13yr.old trying to 'hack' into 'Mom's' computer.
    I'm running 'Vista' home premiun SP2, on a 'Acer' Desktop, that's 2yrs. old. I'm sure 'now' it has 'Spywear' & many problem's since I haven't been able to 'fix' anything. Any more idea's, I now have just a 'pile of plastic junk' I'm on a fixed income, so buying a New Computer is out of the question. This might be a mistake..e-mail me '', I'm Disabled & really depend on my computer. Thanks, to anyone who can help, Pegi

  4. At one time I forgot windows password. I created a windows password reset disk with a program from and I successfully reset the forgotten password with the disk.

  5. Hello, sir.

    I am in a small office as a system supporter. I don't know how to reset the Windows 7 admin password.

    Please tell me about that.

    Thank you, sir.

  6. I know a Windows password recovery which can easily reset Vista passwords, including the Vista administrator password and user passwords. Get it to manage your passwords. You can search WINDOWSPASSWORDSRECOVERY in Google and download the software from the first site listed in the search results.

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