How To Install a Linux OS On Your Android Phone

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The general trend for technology is to become smaller and smaller. From desktops to watches, users see value in having a mobile computer without having to carry around a bag […]

How to Take a Linux System Benchmark

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Benchmarks are used to assess the performance of software applications and computer hardware. Popular among the Windows PC gaming community, hardware benchmarking measures various attributes, such as memory, processor, and […]

How To Create Your Own Coupon Popup in WordPress

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Online shopping has made it convenient for consumers to search for the best prices. Coupons have a significant impact on purchasing decisions and other forms of action that web developers […]

How To Get Ready For Windows 7 End Of Life

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Microsoft recently officially announced Windows 7 end of life, effective January 14, 2020. This means they will no longer offer Windows 7 support. Continuing to use Windows 7 moving forward […]

How to Create a Linux Disk Partition

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To use storage devices such as USB drives and hard drives in Linux, you need to also understand how to structure them when using Linux operating system. Storage devices are […]

How To Navigate & Use the Linux Directory Structure

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Linux directory systems are different from Windows and may confuse new users. So think of the Linux directory structure as a tree. The root of the tree is where it […]

What Is a Chatbot and How To Use One On Your Site

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The Internet has modernized our lives and moved most of what we do to the online world. We communicate, relax, learn, watch, and shop from the comfort of our own […]

10 Cool Linux Terminal Commands You Have to Try

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Linux terminal commands don’t have to be boring. Many commands are cool, fun, and entertaining for users. This article will discuss some pro-Linux command tricks to save you time, frustration, […]

How To Track Windows Computer and User Activity

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There are many reasons to track Windows user activity, including monitoring your children’s activity across the internet, protection against unauthorized access, improving security issues, and mitigating insider threats. Here will […]

How To Quit Frozen Programs In Linux

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Even a robust operating system like Linux can sometimes encounter problems that cause apps or programs to freeze. There are several ways to kill or quit a frozen program on […]