How To Set Up & Configure TCP/IP Files On Linux (TCP/IP Settings For Linux)

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Even non-geeks have likely heard of “TCP/IP” but does everyone know what it is or how to configure it on a Linux server using the command line? It helps to […]

WordPress Jetpack: What Is It and Is It Worth Installing?

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Some of the many benefits of the self-hosted is its out-of-the-box features and its flexibility via plugins and themes. Many choose over for increased access and control […]

5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Worth Using

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Are you thinking of transforming your WordPress site into a fully functioning WordPress membership site? Choosing the right WordPress membership plugin is vital for your business and its opportunity for […]

WordPress Gutenberg: What New Features Does It Bring To WordPress?

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WordPress 5.0 introduced a completely new block-based editor called Gutenberg. It is an easier and new way to create content. Instead of a simple editor and a back-end code editor, […]

How To Teach An Online Course

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Online education is growing in popularity as more people of all ages are using the Internet to take classes. Taking classes or an online college course provides increased access to […]

How To Play Blu-Ray Discs On Your Computer

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Remember the days when you put a disc into your PC and watched a movie? That’s not so easy anymore. Newer devices no longer come with default optical devices, Windows […]

How To Resize, Combine, & Merge Layers In Photoshop

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One of Photoshop’s many simple image modifications is its use of layers that make it easier to adjust, remove, and combine image elements. Layers in Photoshop are like separate flat […]

How To Manage Your Zoom Recordings History

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Recording a Zoom meeting for future reference is a better way to preserve a record of a meeting than taking notes. Meetings can be recorded locally to your computer or […]

How To Set Up a Conference Call

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There are numerous tools and apps to set up a conference call between multiple people. From video calls to audio-teleconferencing, getting started with free conference calling has never been easier. […]

How To Rotate Text & Images In Photoshop

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Have you ever taken a horizontal picture that you want to put in a vertical frame? Or have you embedded an image on top of a background and then wanted […]