How to Find, Download, and Install Custom Icons in Linux

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Linux users have the freedom to customize their system to fit their preferences, including the desktop theme and icons. There are many simple ways to create custom icons in Linux to change the look and feel of your system. We will discuss the following methods to use custom icons:    Finding and installing custom icons from […]

5 Free Tools to Create Professional Infographics

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is an infographic worth? Infographics have both words and pictures, so they represent the best of both worlds. If you have no design skills, how can you take your research and data and integrate it into a visually appealing infographic? Luckily, there are a host […]

How to Restore Old or Damaged Photos Using Digital Tools

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Photos are precious keepsakes of the past. They evoke memories of wonderful times with friends and family. However, those photographs can get stained, torn, faded, and creased over time.  Luckily, with the help of digital technology, there are many tools to help you clear up blurry images, edit and enhance your photos, or repair and […]

How To Set Up Virtual Desktops In Windows 10

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Windows 10 has a built-in feature enabling users to not only connect two or more computers to one monitor but to also create multiple virtual desktops. Each one will display different applications, programs and windows enabling plenty of multi-tasking.  It’s great for people who want to keep their personal and business apps and data separate, […]

How to Use Windows 10 Compatibility Tools to Run Outdated Apps

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Most programs and applications that were created for earlier versions of Windows will continue to work in Windows 10. However, some applications are no longer compatible and might not run as expected while others may not run at all.  Nevertheless, there are ways you can continue to use and enjoy your favorite applications using Windows […]

7 Ways to Create More Disk Space in Windows 10

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When your computer runs low on physical storage, its speed, performance and ability to maintain system integrity will be affected. A poorly managed hard drive can leave you with little space to install significant updates and will generally degrade the user experience over time. In this article, we will discuss several ways to create more […]

10 OneDrive Sync Issues & How To Fix Them

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OneDrive is an Internet-based platform to store your files. It is like having a hard drive in the cloud. The more files and folders you store and sync, the higher the chances you will experience OneDrive sync issues.  In this article, we will discuss the following ways to fix sync problems: Problem with your account […]

How To Set Your Own Scan Schedule For Windows Defender Antivirus

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Windows Defender, which is one part of the Windows Security suite of tools, is an antivirus Windows 10 App that comes pre-installed on Windows 10 computers. Its purpose is to keep your system secure from spyware, malware, and viruses. Running in the background, Windows Defender monitors your computer in real-time and takes cleanup actions when […]

How To Dual Boot Linux Mint and Windows

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When you have more than one operating system (OS) on your computer, you can reboot from one into the other. This allows you to use the best application for the job at hand.  What are some of the reasons you might want to have multiple operating systems on one computer? Each OS has its own […]

10 Ways To Make Your PowerPoint Slideshow More Engaging

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Delivering presentations via PowerPoint doesn’t have to be boring. No matter who your audience is, you can create slides that are engaging, effective, and to the point. PowerPoint Slideshows can incorporate video, be converted to DVD, PDF and more. Before you create the first slide, identify the goal of your presentation. What do you want […]