9 Useful Things Linux Can Do that Windows Can’t

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Think Windows is the only operating system out there? Think again.  Have you heard of Linux? Linux and Windows are considered to be the world’s best-operating systems. When deciding whether to choose a Windows or Linux operating system, most people look at features such as cost, support, security, functionality, hardware compatibility, and reliability. Before deciding […]

6 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Ubuntu Installation

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Have you noticed your Ubuntu system’s performance has slowed down? Even though Ubuntu 18.04 (the most recent version) is a very powerful Linux distribution, over time, your installation can become sluggish. There are a variety of factors that can affect the speed of your system, including: The number of programs you have downloaded Low virtual […]

How To Create a WordPress Child Theme

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Why should you never customize WordPress in the existing parent theme? What happens to your customizations when the theme you are using is updated? The answer is they are lost, and your hard work to create your site according to your brand and messaging guidelines and preferences will also be lost. A child theme enables […]

10 Tips on Getting the Most out of Github

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GitHub is an online hosting service for mostly computer code with version control. Think about Github as a cloud-based development service for code and other similar types of files. Github boasts over 30 million users who are all sharing, developing and working together to build tomorrow’s software. It hosts source code projects in different programming […]

10 Most Popular Software Choices for a New Ubuntu User

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Ubuntu has come along in leaps and bounds since its inception. It has always been slick and fast and very visually appealing. But in the last ten years, Ubuntu has come of age as the preferred Linux platform. Ubuntu and Linux in general are governed by user needs. Unlike closed applications that you find in […]