11 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

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When a former reality TV host signs an alleged $100 million deal for a podcast he started on a whim, people think about starting their own podcast.  If you’ve already […]

The Best Adblockers for Firefox & Chrome

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There was a time when there were no ads on the Internet. Those were the days. But making and updating websites takes time and money. Marketing companies saw the opportunity […]

What Is the Windows 10 Group Policy Editor?

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How To Set Up Gmail IMAP Settings In Outlook

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Arguably the two most successful and popular e-mail programs Gmail and Outlook are often treated as completely separate. Gmail started as serving mostly personal e-mail while Outlook served mostly businesses. […]

How To Air Gap a Computer

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The highest level of security for a computer is for it to be air-gapped. It’s the only way to reduce the chance of the computer being hacked to as close […]

Windows 10 Startup Folder Not Working? 8 Troubleshooting Tips To Try

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It’s nice to log on to your computer and have your favorite programs automatically open, ready, and waiting for you. That’s the job of the Windows startup folder. What do […]

8 Easy Raspberry Pi Projects For Beginners

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Learning how to work with computers and board level electronics is now something that happens in elementary school. The Raspberry Pi Project can take a lot of credit for that. […]

Does Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Work? We Tested It.

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We all accidentally delete files. But we don’t all have a way to recover those files. Sure, there are different apps out there to help you recover deleted files, but […]

How To Block Websites On Windows Using The Hosts File

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What Is Windows Package Manager & How Do I Use It?

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Wish you could install programs in Windows via the command line? Now, there’s an easier way to install all your favorite apps on a fresh computer  after Microsoft recently released its […]