How to Install and Setup Kali Linux

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Whether you’re interested in a career in cybersecurity, or just want to learn more about Linux and computers, Kali is a good Linux distribution to use. It’s free, comes from […]

How to Connect to a Network Printer in Windows

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Times change and so does Windows. If you’ve recently moved from a Windows Server 2012 and Windows 7 or 8 environments into Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10, things are […]

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Channel (And Improve Performance)

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Are you finding your Wi-Fi slower and dropping connections lately? Chances are your Wi-Fi router is broadcasting on the same channel as someone else, or maybe several people. Just like […]

What to Do With an Old Android or iPhone

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“I can’t throw them out, they still work…sort of. But I don’t know what to do with them!” Did you read that in your own voice? Yeah, me too.  There […]

19 Best Outlook Mobile App Tips for Android and iOS

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Outlook has been the heartbeat of business for a long time. Now, it’s moving into our personal lives too. Is that because work from home has exploded? Is it because […]

Right Click Slow on Windows 10? 5 Fixes to Try

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The context menu is a quick way to do important things in Windows. It’s also known as the right-click menu. So what do you do when the right-click menu is […]

How to Add Desktop Clocks to Windows 10

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Time matters now more than ever. More people are working from home. But that can make syncing up with your co-workers a little challenging. “I’m on Atlantic time and they’re […]

How to Rename Files and Folders in Linux

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Whether you’re a veteran Linux user or just picked up a distro like PopOS or Ubuntu, you still need to know how to manage your files and folders. That means […]

How to Fix System Interrupts High CPU Usage in Windows 10

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No matter how powerful CPUs get, there’s always going to be something that uses up all the resources. Perhaps the most frustrating issue to fix is high CPU usage because […]

Best Markdown Editors: All Platforms and Online

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Are you looking for a Markdown editor? If you are, then hopefully you know how to use Markdown and what it is. Briefly, Markdown is a method to format text […]