How To Use WiFi To Make Cellphone Calls

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WiFi calling is the ability to use a cellphone, without a cellular connection, to make a phone call through a WiFi connection.  In many parts of the world, the Internet reaches more places than the cellular network does. You might have seen this out at the cottage or when visiting a friend in the country. […]

How To Boot Someone Off Your Wifi Network If You Catch Them Hijacking Your Internet

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Why is my Internet so slow? Why is Netflix stopping and starting all of a sudden? Why is my game so laggy? You’ve likely asked yourself this question at least once.  The answer could be that more people are using your WiFi than there should be. Let’s look at how to deal with that. How […]

How to Restore a Deleted Mailbox with PowerShell

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No matter how you accidentally deleted a person’s mailbox in Exchange, you can probably restore it using PowerShell (PoSh). The key is doing it as soon as you realize the mailbox has been deleted.  It’s a heart-jumped-into-my-throat moment when we realize we’ve accidentally done this. If you’ve only deleted a few email messages, we can […]

7 Best Programs to Immediately Install on Your New Computer

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How long does it take you to get a new computer set up just the way you like it? We’re talking Windows here. Yes, we know Macs come with pretty much everything you need and not too much that you don’t. It’s a different story with Windows, figuring out what you need and what you […]

Easy Ways To Find Hardware & Other Computer Specifications

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“What do you mean how much RAM do I have? It’s a computer, how should I know?” If you’ve found yourself saying this, you will know the frustration of not having technical answers. It can also delay getting the help you need. Let’s look at some tools to keep those answers at your fingertips. Find […]

How To Safely Destroy An Old Hard-Drive

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The age of privacy appears to be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you should willingly give up all your information. Yet that’s what thousands of people do everyday when they throw out an old computer. That hard drive, even if you don’t think it still works, can have all the data harvested […]

7 Health Issues Caused by Computers and How to Prevent Them

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Constant use of anything is going to lead to problems. Computers are no different, and it could be argued that humans spend more time on them, including smartphones, than anything else we do. Except maybe sleeping. This can cause, or make worse, some serious medical conditions. We’re going to first look at the health issues […]

12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With The Windows 10 Taskbar

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A key to quality work is a quality workspace. Organized, a place for everything and everything in its place. That’s one of the ideas behind the Windows toolbar. Let’s learn how to make the most of it. The Windows toolbar is the strip across the bottom of your screen where the Windows button is on […]

How To Fix ‘Filename Is Too Long’ Issue In Windows

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If you’ve ever seen this issue, it was probably a simple fix for you. If you’ve seen this error more than twice, then you also know that it can be a complex issue to fix sometimes. Let’s hope you only run into the easy fix variety, but we’ll prepare you for the less easy, guaranteed […]

3 Ways to Wipe & Reinstall Windows 10

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We’re all thankful that it’s no longer the days where it seemed like you had to re-install Windows every six months. There are still times, though, where we must go to the last resort. Sometimes, you just have to scrap it all and start all over again. When Should I Re-install Windows? There are several […]