Fix COM Surrogate has stopped working in Windows 7

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A client of mine started having a strange problem when browsing pictures and videos on his Windows 7 PC: it would popup with the following error message: COM Surrogate has […]

Tab Key Not Working in Windows 7

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Having problems with your tab key in Windows 7? I know I am! My desktop machine runs Windows 7 64-bit and has been working fine for a months until a […]

Use Netstat to See Listening Ports and PID in Windows

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Being in IT for almost 8 years, I quickly learned that the netstat command in Windows can be of great benefit if you know how to use it! Even though […]

Audio Not Working on Your Laptop?

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Over the years, I’ve had lots of issues with my laptop and one of the biggest problems has been the audio. Not sure why, but sometimes it would randomly just […]

Join Windows 7 HomeGroup from Windows 8

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So now that Windows 8 is coming out, you’ll be happy to know you can join it to your existing Windows 7 homegroup if you like. Windows 7 introduced the […]

Fix Word Opens in Safe Mode Only

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I installed Office on my Windows machine a long time ago and everything was working fine until today. I tried to open a Word document from my desktop and for […]

4 Ways to Access the Control Panel in Windows 8

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Getting used to using Windows 8? Since I’m a computer tech guy, one place I am always visiting on my computer is the Control Panel. I’m just so used to […]

Fix “Windows Anytime Upgrade was not successful” Error

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One of my clients ran into a problem when they were trying to upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional using the Windows Anytime Upgrade tool. Instead of it […]

No Sound or Audio in VMWare Fusion Windows 7/XP Machine?

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I’ve been messing around with Windows 7 in a virtual machine for quite a while now and I recently installed a new copy, but ran into one problem. For some […]

VMWare Fusion BIOS Setup Loads Too Fast?

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I have Windows 7 installed on my Mac using VMWare Fusion and today I needed to get into the BIOS in order to change the boot order for my VM. […]