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How to Remove These 9 Unwanted Windows 10 Apps and Programs

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Do you use all the programs in your Microsoft Windows installation? It is not uncommon for your system to have installed apps or programs that you don’t realize are there. […]

HDG Explains : What Is a Computer Server?

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“The server is down!” “I can’t log into the server.” “The servers are at capacity.” These are the sorts of phrases we hear on a daily basis when using the […]

The 10 Best External Hard-Drives For Windows & Mac

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When it comes to the best external hard drives, there are three things that come to mind – speed, reliability, and portability.  It can be hard to tick all of […]

What Is the Best Format For External Hard-Drives? Pros & Cons Of Each

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External hard drives, flash drives and other similar forms of removable storage have made life pretty easy when it comes to moving data around. However, we live in a world […]

HDG Explains: What Is Ethernet & Is It Better Than Wifi?

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Ethernet is the common standard for wired connections to computer networks. Devices using an Ethernet connection make use of a specific type of twisted electrical cable to connect with, send […]

How to Install Chrome OS in VMWare

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Lightweight and cheap, Google Chromebooks offer a great, low-barrier alternative to a full-powered Windows laptop. With access to Google Docs and Android apps, Chromebooks have plenty of uses, whether it’s […]

What Is a VBA Array in Excel and How to Program One

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VBA has been part of the Microsoft Office suite for many years. While it doesn’t have the full functionality and power of a full VB application, VBA provides Office users […]

What are the Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020?

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If you’ve ever found yourself sitting, staring at your monitor wondering “what programming language should I learn today?”, we might just have an answer for you.  With so many different […]

What Should I Upgrade On My PC? Investing In The Right Hardware

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One of the best things about modern computers is how modular they are. Desktop computers in particular make it relatively simple to swap out just about any component for a […]

5 Google Sheets Script Functions You Need to Know

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Google Sheets is a powerful cloud-based spreadsheet tool that lets you do nearly everything you could do in Microsoft Excel. But the real power of Google Sheets is the Google […]