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How To Upgrade To The Latest Ubuntu

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The ability to upgrade Ubuntu to the latest version had many benefits, including using the latest software and getting access to new security patches. Before upgrading to Ubuntu, keep the […]

How Do HDMI Splitters Work & Best Ones To Buy

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An HDMI splitter is a device used to connect multiple devices to a single source. It does this by taking the HDMI video output from the source, which can be […]

How to Detect Rootkits In Windows 10 (In-Depth Guide)

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Rootkits are used by hackers to hide persistent, seemingly undetectable malware within your device that will silently steal data or resources, sometimes over the course of multiple years. They can […]

How to Open a Locked File When Another Program Is Using It

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Sometimes while deleting a file on your Windows computer, you may come across an error that says “The action can’t be completed because the file is open in a program”. […]

How To Update Windows Without Windows Update

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Windows updates should be installed directly from the Windows Update utility built into the operating system. But what if it doesn’t work? If Windows won’t update or you can’t see […]

How to Remove Malware From Your WordPress Site

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WordPress is one of the most popular website management systems used worldwide. According to W3Techs, it powers 34% of all websites on the Internet. The popularity of WordPress is in […]

How To Remove Viruses Before Your Operating System Starts

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Most viruses are fairly easy to get rid of. Just open an antivirus scanner, wait for it to gather results, and then delete whatever it finds. Sometimes though, the virus […]

HDG Explains: What Is A Keylogger & How Do I Remove It From My Computer?

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A keylogger, or keystroke logger, is a sneaky program used by cybercriminals to covertly record each keystroke made on your computer. The main aim is to harvest your sensitive information […]

How To Connect a Phone Or Tablet To Your TV Via USB

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Smartphones and tablets provide a convenient and ideal way of accessing content for on-the-go use, but there still remains something to be said for viewing on a big screen television. […]

HDG Explains : What Is Bluetooth & What Is It Most Commonly Used For?

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Many of you reading this might remember the bad old days of getting any two gadgets to talk to each other. Cellular phones (not smartphones!) all had their own proprietary […]