Trust is a well-known name in the European computer peripherals market, but with the GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix, the company is showing its pedigree, with two high-quality gaming mice that will satisfy casual and serious gamers alike without breaking the bank.

The GXT 960 is the more budget-friendly of the two, with a smaller (yet no less impressive) design, but both products have a high DPI sensor and adjustable RGB lighting. Putting both products to the test, we’re going to give you a full runthrough on the pros and cons of both gaming mice in this extensive comparison review.

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    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    Trust GXT 960 Graphin Vs GXT 970 Morfix: Design

    A gaming mouse should be sturdy, with good ergonomics, plenty of features, and look beautiful on your desk. That’s exactly what Trust has accomplished with both the GXT 960 and the GXT 970.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    The GXT 960 Graphin is the cheaper option, with a lightweight honeycomb-style casing. At just 74 grams, you’re unlikely to get arm-ache with the GXT 960, but serious gamers may prefer a little more weight and control, as the Graphin is extremely light to the touch. 

    Like its bigger brother, however, it includes appealing RGB lighting that can be clearly seen through the honeycomb holes across the casing. It also comes with a “drag-free” cable which should limit any friction behind your desk (making gameplay a little easier).

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    In contrast, the GXT 970 Morfix is a serious mouse for serious gamers. Heavier than the GXT 960 (coming in at 167g), the mouse feels a lot more premium, with a smoother exterior that feels more glamorous than the GXT 960. It’s bigger to hold, though, so if you’ve got smaller hands, you may prefer to stick with the GXT 960.

    As you might expect from a gaming mouse of this calibre, the GXT 970 Morfix also has a number of additional buttons and features to help you play better. The GXT 970 Morfix has a side panel that you can use for quick gameplay actions, with two additional panels you can switch between, depending on your tastes and needs.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    You can switch between a 9-digit keyboard or a three-button quick action set for scrolling through commands or options. You can also switch the side panel on the other side to help with ergonomics, especially to suit different hand shapes or left-handed users. 

    This puts it in direct competition with other gaming mice like the Razer Naga Trinity, which includes three interchangeable side panels as standard. 

    While the GXT 960 Graphin is a more budget-friendly alternative, it’s still easy to hold and handle. If you’re looking for a premium experience, the GXT 970 Morfix is the better option here. It has many of the features you’d see in a far more expensive product, lacking only adjustable weights and more side plate options.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin Vs GXT 970 Morfix: Specs and Features

    Although both the GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix are aimed at slightly different ends of the market, both products are a testament to Trust’s desire to offer a premium experience for all its customers, as they come with a surprising set of similar specs and features.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    One of the most important features of any gaming mouse is the DPI (Dots Per Inch) count. Whatever the specified DPI count is for a mouse, this means that, when you move the mouse by one inch across your screen, the mouse will move by the number of pixels specified.

    For both the GXT 960 Graphin and the GXT 970 Morfix, the DPI count is 10,000. This means that, compared to a standard PC mouse, you’ll be putting much less effort into moving your mouse across your screen to hit your targets.

    This high level of sensitivity should make your gameplay experience even better, but don’t worry—you can change your mouse speed in Windows Settings and by using the Trust control software if you want to tone things down a little.

    For GXT 970 Morfix users, you can also make use of the DPI select buttons on the top of the mouse to quickly switch your DPI sensitivity levels. If you need to quickly switch up your sensitivity (or lower it) mid-game, pressing these buttons will change things automatically. This feature isn’t available for the GXT 960 Graphin.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    Alongside a high DPI count, both mice offer customizable RGB lighting, with up to 16.8 million colors available for you to select. You’ll need to install Trust’s control software to control this, otherwise the mice will rotate through a set number of color schemes.

    While the GXT 960 Graphin does have a couple of built-in side buttons for you to customize using Trust’s control software, the GXT 970 Morfix is the real winner. As we’ve mentioned, it comes with two customizable side panels, each with a different number of buttons and controls for you to set up and use for gameplay macros.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin Vs GXT 970 Morfix: Software

    To get the most out of both Trust gaming mice, you’ll need to download the Trust management software. This gives you full access to RGB and thumb button customization to make either mice better suited for you.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
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    Thankfully, it’s an easy set up for both products. A label is included on the mice cabling with a direct link to the download page, making set up swift. The software is different for both products, but the interface is pretty similar for both. If you already have a Trust mouse, however, you’ll need to download this new software.

    The Trust software sits as a tray icon in your taskbar, letting you quickly access and change your settings. It offers quick access to your RGB colors, mouse button actions, and mouse sensitivity. 

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
A Comparison Review image 8

    If you want to set different mice settings (one for gaming, one for work, etc), then you can save them in the Profile options section. These can be imported or exported, letting you take your settings with you to other PCs.

    Overall, Trust’s control software is simple and easy to use. Set up will take minutes, giving you complete control over how your mouse looks, acts, and responds.

    Which Trust Gaming Mouse Is for You?

    The GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix are a signal of intent from Trust that they’re going all-in to target casual gamers with affordable, high-quality gaming peripherals.

    Both are competitively priced, retailing at £34.99 and £44.99 respectively in the UK, with similar pricing in the European markets. It’s unclear if the products are heading for the U.S. market, but if they do, we’re sure they’ll be well received.

    Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
A Comparison Review image 9

    If cost is an issue, but you still want a beautiful, sensitive, and lightweight mouse for casual gaming, then you’re unlikely to be disappointed with the GXT 960 Graphin. Lightweight really means light, however, so if you prefer a heavier mouse to control, you may need to look at other options.

    That’s where the GXT 970 Morfix comes in, which offers the same sensitivity and RGB lighting, but coupled with a higher-quality casing and customizable side panels. The only downside to the Morfix is a lack of customizable weights, but at less than £50, this is a minor issue that doesn’t detract from the quality of the mice overall.

    If you’re coming from a controller or a standard PC mouse, then both the GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix will take your gameplay to the next level. If you’ve built up a gaming backlog through the last few Steam sales, now’s the time to start getting through it.

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