Fix Internet Explorer 9 Issues

With every new edition of Internet Explorer, there are always a new set of problems that one must contend with! IE 9 is a good step forward in that it supports many standards and will make designing web pages much easier, but it does have a few technical problems.

Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes flash crashes, sometimes webpages don’t display properly, etc! In this article, I’m going to try and list out the different issues I’ve run into with IE 9 including the ones mentioned above.

If you’ve run into a different sort of problem with IE 9 that I haven’t listed here, feel free to post a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Webpage Not Displaying Correctly

If you are viewing a webpage and something is not looking correct, for example, the layout or colors, etc, you can try a few things in IE 9 to resolve the issue.

The first thing is to try Compatibility View. You can do that by clicking the little torn paper icon in the address bar.

ie 8 issues

That tends to fix most display issues in IE 9, but if it doesn’t, you can try two other options: turning off Tracking Protection and turning off Hardware Acceleration.

Tracking Protection is basically InPrivate Browsing, that used to be in IE 8. They just changed the name. In order to turn it off for a website, you have to click on the Filter icon that will appear in the address bar.

turn off tracking protection

That will show any filtered content, which is usually scripts, etc that run on the website. Note that if you are having issues on sites that run Flash, you can also try to turn off ActiveX Filtering as that may be blocking the Flash from loading properly.

To turn off Hardware Acceleration in IE 9, click on the Tools button, which is the gear icon and click on Internet Options.

Go to the Advanced tab and check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering box.

ie 9 hardware acceleration

IE 9 Crashes a Lot

If you installed IE 9 and you are getting message like

“Internet Explorer has stopped working”

then you might have some corrupt files or other serious issues going. The best thing to try here is to uninstall IE 9 and re-install it.

You can also try to re-register the IE 9 dlls. Go to the command prompt and type the following and press Enter after each line:

regsvr32 softpub.dll

regsvr32 wintrust.dll

regsvr32 initpki.dll

regsvr32 dssenh.dll

regsvr32 rsaenh.dll

regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll

regsvr32 sccbase.dll

regsvr32 slbcsp.dll

regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll

If that doesn’t do anything, you can try two other things: start with no add-ons and reset Internet Explorer settings.

You can quickly check whether it’s an add-on problem by clicking on Start and typing in:

iexplorer.exe –extoff

If the issue goes away, you know it’s an add-on. You can then go to IE 9, click on the Tool icon, and choose Manage Add-ons. Go ahead and disable the add-ons and then restart to see which one is causing the issue.

ie 9 manage add ons

To reset Internet Explorer settings, go to Tools, Internet Options and then Advanced tab. Scroll down and under Reset Internet Explorer, click the Reset button. Then click it one more time. After it’s done, restart IE.

reset ie settings

If you’re having other issues with IE 9 and you’ve tried all the stuff above, it could be a problem with some third-party software such as anti-virus or something else.

In those cases, it’s best to try and create a new user account and then see how IE 9 behaves. Sometimes with a new user account, things start working much better. If this is the case, something is messed up with your current profile.

Hopefully, that helps with some of the main issues people have had with IE 9. If you have questions, post a comment and I’ll try to help!

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  1. I have pre-insalled Windows 7 84 bit and I am constantly "nagged" to update Internet Explorer. I download and install and get the message that IE installation could not be completed. I have contacted Microsoft and followed 'all" their suggestions to no avail.

    Safe mode. close all programmes and still no joy.

  2. My family's home computer has three gmail accounts. Yesterday, each of these malfunctioned. At the top of the block of line-item emails, the usual horizontal commands to delete, etc., have been corrupted to a large grey block with the commands in a column on the left of the grey block. The commands don't look right. The grey block obscures most of the page. The line-item emails can be right ina narrow swathe below the grey block. Is this a Google misfire or my Internet Explorer 9. How may I correct it?

  3. I fixed all my Internet Explorer 9 issues by switching to Firefox 7 :P

    (terrible joke, I know)

  4. Hi there, I am having this issue starting tonight. When I right click on a link, I don’t see “open in a new tab” anymore. I am using internet explorer 9. I reset the explorer it works but it takes my google bar off. When I turn the google bar on, it goes to the same way, I don’t see “Open in new tab” anymore. Any suggession? please help !!

  5. Hi. Youtube claims I have internet explorer 7 when I have 9. I’ve check by clicking the gear and then the about internet explorer. How can i fix this?

  6. I helped a friend with a vista sp2 machine recover from serious malware infection. After two days work including various scans, only IE9 proved to be an intractable problem (blank screens on google for instance although ebay worked??).
    Reverting to IE8 cured the problem but at first IE9 would not reinstall. Eventually an automatic update did the trick but IE9 still didn’t work.

    Reinstalling and uninstalling (in that order) AMD Vision Control Engine (which includes video drivers) cured the problem for the original user account. But here’s the puzzle…. with the guest account and any type of newly created account, IE9 fails in the same manner. Firefox and Chrome work fine. Any idea whats going on?


  7. Don’t know why my last reply was rejected by the moderators but for what its worth, the solution to my IE9 blank page problem turned out to be font related. Disable the Windows Font Cache Service to check. (using msconfig, NOT services.msc.) If its to blame, clear the dat files from the WFCS ServiceProfiles and reboot. BINGO

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