How To Fix Your Computer Without Calling In Geeksquad

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Most of the folks who write for this site know their way around a computer intimately. From the early days of IBM compatibles running DOS all the way to modern gaming PCs and laptops, collectively we’ve done and seen nearly all of it. Which makes it easy to forget that the average PC user is […]

4 Useful Tablet & Smartphone Benchmarking Tools

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Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the main daily computing device. In fact, for people who aren’t PC gamers or who don’t need to use an office suite, there are few reasons to own a laptop or PC these days. In a pinch you can even use something like the Samsung DEX and turn your […]

Everything You Need To Know About SSD Wear & Tear

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In what seems like a very sudden move, SSD technology has gone mainstream. These fast, solid-state drives are a common feature on even mid-range computers. Even the next generation of Playstation will feature an SSD instead of a more traditional hard drive. In general this is a good thing. SSDs represent a major leap in […]

10 Ways To Boost a Weak WiFi Signal

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WiFi has completely transformed the way we live and done away with (most) of the wires that were run everywhere in the old days. That doesn’t mean WiFi can’t also be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it’s simply a question of not having enough bars on the signal meter. At other times, it seems like the signal […]

How To Delete Temporary Files & Other Junk On a Smartphone or Tablet

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Deleting temporary files on your phone or tablet is almost a necessity as time goes on. Your device uses files for a specific reason, but then when it’s done with them, it might not remove them, which can lead to unresponsively, excess storage usage, memory problems, etc. Temporary files are created after apps are installed […]

Do Cloud-Based Simulation Services Mean You Can Ditch That Expensive Workstation?

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People use computers for all sorts of purposes. The computer you have at home can do a variety of things. You can browse the web, play video games and (sadly) get some work done. The sort of work most of us do comes down to typing documents or maybe fiddling with a few Excel spreadsheets. […]

See How Much Your CPU Bottlenecks Your GPU BEFORE You Buy It

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Buying a new graphics card is one of the great joys of owning a gaming or other high-performance PC. You get to take a computer you currently own and, for a fraction of a whole machine’s cost, upgrade it to current graphical standards. Unfortunately, despite being a key component to gaming performance, your GPU doesn’t […]

Block Websites For Free With Parental Control Software

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Since the internet found its way into our homes, there has been a new avenue through which our children can be exposed to inappropriate content. Your children are only a click or a tap away from violent or pornographic content. Before the advent of smartphones and tablet there was usually only one PC in the […]

Use The Windows 10 Task Scheduler To Automate Almost Anything

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This seems to be the age of automation when it comes to our private lives. From smart homes to Siri shortcuts, we can now achieve more by doing less. So why are you still doing repetitive tasks manually in Windows? It turns out that Microsoft has really turned the dial to 11 when it comes […]

What’s the Difference Between Consumer and Professional Workstation Graphics Cards?

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The GPU or Graphical Processing Unit is one of the most important components in any computer. It’s the hardware component dedicated to processing the visuals produced by your computer. When you watch a video, play a game or edit photos, your GPU plays a major role in how pretty the graphics are, or how smoothly […]