How to Customize the Command Prompt in Windows 10

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Many of us got our start in the era of DOS or even earlier, before the advent of graphical user interfaces. Since the early days of Macs and Windows machines, […]

5 Great Affordable 3D Printers to Buy for Starters

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3D Printing is defined as any process in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object. This process was incepted in 1981 by Hideo […]

4 Great Online Image Compressors and Optimizers

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With Full HD screens now a working minimum standard and even cheap smartphones packing at least five megapixel cameras, it’s easy to forget how much image size matters on the […]

How to Improve Windows 10 Display Quality

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Whether you edit graphics, play video games, or watch movies on your Windows 10 PC, spending time to improve your display quality can go a long way to improving your […]

Use a Seedbox and WinSCP for Fast, Private Torrents

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There’s a common misconception that BitTorrent technology is illegal. It’s been associated with media piracy for such a long time that many people who have never used it can’t separate […]

Enable Game Mode to Smooth Out Performance in Windows 10

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For gamers, the latest version of Windows has been a mixed bag. You don’t have to search far on the net to find complaints from gamers that Windows 10 game […]

Make Quick Digital Photocopies With Google Drive and Your Phone

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We’ve been promised a paperless future for decades now and yet, despite smartphones being everywhere, there’s still a ton of paper around. To make things worse, at some point you […]

How to Use OpenPGP to Secure Email

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In 1991, Phil Zimmermann created Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), a cryptographic program that, for the first time, gave the average individual near military-grade encryption. Over the years, PGP’s source code […]

99 of the Best Windows Freeware Programs You May Not Know Of

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Due to the popularity of my previous article on Help Desk Geek entitled 99 ways to make your computer blazingly fast, I’ve decided to write another list post with 99 […]

DVRs You Can Use Without Needing a Cable Subscription

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I stopped paying for cable about 6 months back and I have to say that I’m really happy. I’ve always been one of those people who thought cable was absolutely […]