LastPass vs 1Password vs Dashlane

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Lugging around a notebook full of important passwords and information can be both time consuming and inconvenient. The days of remembering dozens of complex passwords is over when you have […]

How to Troubleshoot Common Printer Problems

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In the cult-classic film Office Space, there’s an iconic scene where a group of office workers take their lamentable printer/copier into a field and proceed to destroy it with a […]

Automatically Backup Important Windows Folders with OneDrive

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When you take up an Office 365 subscription from Microsoft, you get access to a whole suite of programs beyond just apps like Word or Excel. One of the most […]

Make a Custom Live Linux Distro with Linux Live Kit

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Linux, it’s a word that makes many a non-geek’s eyes glaze over almost immediately. However, desktop Linux offerings are now pretty much on par with the big names such as […]

4 Excellent Online Alternatives to PowerPoint

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Microsoft Powerpoint has become such a ubiquitous part of presentation culture that people speak of “making a PowerPoint” rather than “making a presentation”. It makes sense that this software is […]

8 AI Assistants and What They Can Do For You

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At one point, not too far in the past, the world was full of assistants. People whose job it was to schedule meetings, take calls and generally take care of […]

Mark all Your Gmail Messages as “Read” in One Go

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Gmail has become the primary email service for more than a billion people worldwide. That’s a lot of people who need a good mail interface and powerful mail management. The […]

Retrieve Excel Data From a Web Page Directly

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Excel is an incredibly powerful piece of software that can do almost any mathematical or logical calculations you could want. Excel gurus can create spreadsheets that automate complex processes, essential […]

How to Find Your Bluetooth Adapter Version in Windows 10

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Bluetooth used to be a new, strange and cutting-edge wireless technology. For those of us who remember using the IR port on out very dumb phones back in the day, […]

How to Send Files Too Big for Email

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Are those files you’re sending too big for an email? Maybe you tried text and that didn’t work either. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to send large files to […]