Use This Script to Rename Multiple Files at Once in Windows

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Do you need to rename several files at once in Windows? It can be quite the task to do it manually, but Windows supports scripts that you can run to automate the renaming process, saving you loads of time. As an example, consider a case like in the example image above where you have a […]

Replace Command Prompt with PowerShell and Vice Versa in Windows 10

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PowerShell and Command Prompt are command line tools built into Windows, and both are accessible from the Power User Menu in Windows 10 and Windows 8. However, you can use that menu to access only one of them at a time depending on how your computer is set up. If you’re like most computer users […]

4 Great Anonymous and Private Email Services

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Email is a wonderful invention, but it’s also become a bit of a burden. Sometimes you may want to send a message without revealing who you are. At other times, you might want to sign up for something online, without having to endure the subsequent barrage of spam messages. The good news is that there […]

How to Create a Simple Pivot Table in Excel

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If you are in the field of finance or accounting, you already know that most of the job opportunities require intermediate or advanced Excel skills. Some of the most common Excel functions in these roles are Pivot Table and VLOOKUP. This article will outline the basics of a pivot table. Go here if you want […]

How to Use If and Nested If Statements in Excel

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One Excel function that I use quite a bit in my formulas is the IF function. The IF function is used to test a logical condition and produce two different results depending on whether the logical condition returns TRUE or FALSE. Let’s use the mobile phone sales table below as an example. You can download […]

Instantly Remove Backgrounds from Images using AI

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What would the world be without applications like Photoshop? Computer-based image manipulation has revolutionized publishing and visual arts in general. Best of all, anyone with the right skills can create some amazing imagery using nothing but their computers and the right software. The key word here, however, is skill. Creating great manipulated images requires a […]

5 Great Reasons to Ditch Windows for Linux

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Linux. You have probably heard of this alternative to Windows, but how much do you really know? Linux has developed a reputation for being highly technical and best left to geekiest of computer enthusiasts. What you might not know is that Linux or one of its close cousins run almost everything we use. Your favorite […]

Play Any PC Game with a Gamepad Using JoyToKey

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There was a time when “hardcore” PC gamers would look down on the idea of using a gamepad to play PC games. The mouse and keyboard reigned supreme, especially in the golden age of first person shooters. The truth is that joysticks and gamepads have a rich and storied history on the PC, with genres […]

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10

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We have included two free methods for recording your screen on Windows 10 in this article. One method is via a feature built straight in to Windows 10 and the other requires you to download free software. For both methods, we will be showing you step by step instructions to record videos and access your […]

Best New Features in Microsoft Office 2019

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Microsoft Office 2019 was announced and released on September 24, 2018 and it’s now available for Mac and Windows 10 users to purchase in all regions. Microsoft Office 2019 brings a number of small tweaks and additions so we thought we’d highlight all of the most exciting changes in this article. What is Microsoft Office […]