2 Tools to Perform Reverse Image Searches Online

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Ever found an image on Instagram or Facebook and wanted to see if that picture shows up anywhere else on the Internet? Or maybe you want to see if an […]

Capture, Save or Record Screenshots in Mac OS X

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Looking for an easy way to take screenshots, screen captures, or even screen recordings in Mac OS X? There are some convenient keyboard shortcuts and built-in OS X tools that […]

CPU Processor Comparison – Intel Core i9 vs i7 vs i5 vs i3

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Although they’ve been out for more than a decade now, Intel’s Core lineup, Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 processors, still feels relatively young. Here, we will review the […]

Router vs Switch vs Hub vs Modem vs Access Point vs Gateway

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With all of today’s modern devices, some of the terminology can be quite confusing. Pretty much everyone has heard of the term router, but what does it actually mean? Is […]

How to Create an FTP Server using FileZilla

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FileZilla is a popular FTP application that you can use to connect to other computers using file transfer protocol (FTP). With FTP you don’t need to worry about compatibility since […]

HDG Ultimate Guide to Taking Screenshots in Windows 10

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Taking screenshots has always been fun in Windows, especially with Windows Vista and 7, which included the new Snipping Tool. Basically, since Vista, there have been two ways to take […]

Create Custom Environment Variables in Windows

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By default, Windows uses certain environment variables to allow users to quickly access certain paths and directories within the operating system. This helps to make Windows easier to navigate. By […]

8 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

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Previously, I had written about 10 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 on Online Tech Tips and today I’m here to write about a few more! With the new multiple desktops feature […]

Fix Missing Windows Default Apps in Windows 10

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For the most part, Windows 10 has been quite successful since it’s release. This doesn’t mean it hasn’t had its share of problems, though. Now that we are getting big […]

Create a Windows 10 System Image Backup

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Windows 10 is probably the most stable and usable OS Microsoft has released since Windows 7. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t run into serious issues at some point. I […]