Best Gaming Headsets For The Ultimate Game Experience

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Whether you’re looking to communicate tactically with teammates during an intense session of Rainbow Six: Siege or wanting to trash talk your opponents with clear and concise vitriol, you’re going […]

How to Mute a Browser Tab in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and More

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There are many reasons for wanting to mute a tab in your favorite browser. Perhaps you’re opening up multiple tabs and one of them auto-plays an ad? It’s so loud […]

9 Best Linux Distros For Hacking

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Linux is an operating system kernel that has been used for many things. There are distros for gaming, business, leisure, and many other various purposes. But did you know that […]

What Motherboard Do I Have? How To Check Your Hardware

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Checking your computer’s system specifications is a rather easy task. It doesn’t take much more than a few clicks to discover most of the information you’re searching for. Unfortunately, the […]

How To Use The Windows 10 Video Editor

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Although not the most powerful on the market today, Windows 10 has its own hidden video editor that gets the job done. It’s a feature of the Photos app and […]

Create a Gmail Desktop App with These 3 Email Clients

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In spite of the massive boom that is social media, whether for work or leisure, email is still an often used way of keeping in touch with others and managing […]

What Is The Best Linux Distro For Gaming?

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Microsoft Windows has always been the definitive platform for gaming, beating the likes of Mac OS at almost every turn. Generally, when you think of PC gaming, your first thought […]

How To Delete Facebook Pages, Groups, and Accounts

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Social media can be a blessing. You get to stay connected to your nearest and dearest, engage with new friends and followers, and promote your business or brand to pull […]

HDG Explains : What Is UNIX?

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Three of the most popular operating systems the world over are Windows, Mac, and Linux. These three operating systems receive all of the press, the two former more than the […]

LCD VS LED: All the TV Acronyms You Need to Know

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You’re looking to purchase a new TV but are confused by all of the acronyms being thrown around. None more so than the acronyms used for the displays. LCD? QLED? […]