Each second, an average of about 6,000 tweets are sent on Twitter, which can be overwhelming if you had to read every one of them.

If you’re tired of the micro-blogging site and want to permanently turn your back on it, we’re going to show you how to delete a Twitter account.

What To Consider Before Deleting Your Twitter Account

Before you delete your Twitter account, it’s important that you know the implications to your data and any other information related to your account.

Once you confirm deletion, your data – tweets, favorites, followers, media and more – will be erased forever. Unlike deleting a Gmail account, which doesn’t allow anyone else to register a new account with your former email address, Twitter allows anyone to register a new account using your former username.

Twitter has no control over any content that Google or Bing and other search engines have indexed based on your data (read our piece on how to remove your profile from search engines). However, when you deactivate or delete your Twitter account, everything from your display name, username, and public profile will be removed and won’t be viewable on the platform.

By the way, you don’t have to deactivate your account or delete it if all you want is a new username. Twitter allows you to edit and change it from your account settings. 

The good news though is that if you delete your Twitter account, and have a change of heart within the 30-day window prior to permanent deletion, you can reactivate it and have everything back exactly the way it was before.

However, after the 30 days, the account will be gone forever, and you won’t be able to recover anything. 

How To Delete Your Twitter Account On a Computer 

  1. Open Twitter on your web browser and sign into your account. Click More. 
  1. Select Settings and privacy.
  1. Click Account.
  1. Next, click Deactivate your account.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Deactivate link.
  1. Enter your password and click the red Deactivate button.

How To Delete Your Twitter Account On Android

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your Android device, and then tap your profile icon or the menu at the upper side of the screen.
  1. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  1. Tap Account.
  1. Next, tap Deactivate your account.
  1. Tap the red Deactivate link.
  1. Type your password when prompted and then tap the red Deactivate button to complete the process.

How To Delete Your Twitter Account On iOS

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your iOS device and tap your profile icon. 
  2. Tap Settings and Privacy
  1. Tap Account.
  1. Next, tap Deactivate Your Account.
  1. Tap Deactivate, confirm your password, and then tap Yes, deactivate.

Note: When you follow the above steps to delete your Twitter account on your computer or mobile device, Twitter will remove all your data and put your account in line for permanent deletion. 30 days later, the deletion process will begin. It can take up to a week for the process to be completed.

How To Make Your Email Address Or Username Available For Re-Use Prior To Deactivation

If you want to use an email address or username on another account though, you have to change them first and confirm the changes before deactivating your account. 

To do this, open Twitter on your computer, click on the drop-down menu under your profile icon, and select Settings and Privacy.

Choose a new username in the username field. Change your email address in the email address field to the new one that you own, and then click the blue Save button.

Type your password to confirm your action, and then go to the new email address you entered and confirm it using the link. The username and email will be available to use on the new account if you sign in during the 30-day deactivation period. From here on you can continue with the steps to deactivating/deleting your Twitter account. 

How To Reactivate Your Twitter Account

In case you’ve deactivated your Twitter account and it’s been less than 30 days, you can reactivate it and continue using it as you did before with all your data and other details intact.

To do this, open Twitter on your computer or mobile device through the Twitter app, and sign in to your account.  Enter your login credentials, and you’ll get a notification asking you to confirm your account reactivation.

Selecting reactivate will take you back to your Home timeline, where your tweets, likes, followers and so on are available though they may not be restored immediately.

If you try to reactivate but you get a message saying the account reactivation is currently disabled, this is temporary so you may want to try reactivating again later. However, if the 30 days deactivation period is almost up, you can go to the Twitter forms page, select Account Restoration, and then click on the I need help reactivating my account option.

How To Access, Review & Download All Your Twitter Data

To find your Twitter data, click More>Settings and Privacy and select Account under Settings.

Under Data and permissions, click Your Twitter Data.

You can also click the Settings link at the bottom of the Twitter page and access your Twitter Data and Personalization and Data settings if you don’t have a Twitter account.

If you’re using the Twitter app on your mobile device, tap your profile, select Settings and privacy > Account > Data and permissions > Your Twitter Data.

To download your Twitter data on your computer, click Settings and Privacy > Privacy and safety

Click Personalization and data

Under Data, click See your Twitter data

Enter your password and click Confirm.

Click Request archive.

When your archive is ready, you’ll get an email or notification in the Twitter app with a file labeled “Your archive”.

Bye Bye Birdie

We hope you now know how to delete a Twitter account. If you want to quit other social media platforms, check out our guides on how to delete a Facebook account, page, or group and how to delete an Instagram account.