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Windows Key Not Working in Windows 10? 10+ Ways to Fix It

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The Windows key is incredibly helpful when used in combination with other keys on your keyboard. Besides opening the Start menu, the Windows key can do all kinds of things […]

How to Trim a Video with Microsoft Stream

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Stream is Microsoft’s video-sharing service where users can view, upload, and share videos securely with other people in the same organization. It’s only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, and it’s […]

How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk in Windows 10

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Although there are several ways to access your Windows computer if you forget your password, using a “Password Reset Disk” is by far the fastest. If you fear that you […]

How to Fix “DNS_probe_finished_bad_config” in Chrome

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There are any number of issues that could prevent you from loading webpages in Google Chrome, from a broken internet connection to a domain name server (DNS) outage. It can […]

What Is DirectX and Why Is It Important?

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DirectX is an API or Application Programming Interface. It acts as the middleman between the software code of video games and the hardware used to play them. Without DirectX, playing […]

Amazon Fire Tablet Won’t Turn On? How to Fix

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So you’ve just purchased a brand new Amazon Fire tablet. You’ve hardly used it. Then, one day, you press the power button and the Amazon Fire tablet won’t turn on. […]

The Amazon Fire Tablet Web Browser: A Full User Guide

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If you purchase an Amazon Fire tablet, you may be surprised to discover that you have access to one web browser: Silk. Silk is Amazon’s native web browser. It does […]

8 Ways to Enable On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 10

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If you use a Windows 10 PC as your daily device for personal or work-related tasks, there are different kinds of keyboards that can help you work better.   The most […]

How to Fix a Driver Power State Failure BSOD in Windows 10

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When a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) occurs on your Windows PC, you might be inclined to think the worst. In many cases, however, a BSOD is a sign of […]

What Is SMSS.exe and Is It Safe?

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Launch the Task Manager on your Windows PC and you’ll find a bunch of system processes running in the background. Usually, there’s no reason to care about these files and […]