What To Do If You Think Your Computer Or Server Has Been Infected With Malware

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Just as our bodies struggle with the groggy feeling that comes with infections, our devices also throw up certain symptoms or errors that could indicate a number of problems. Malware infections usually come through visiting compromised websites, clicking on the links to malicious sites from social media or email messages, or inserting infected USB flash […]

Ryzen 3900X vs Intel i9-9900K – Which CPU Is Truly Better?

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The ultimate CPU battle – the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X vs the Intel Core i9-9900K. Both are the best offering from each side of the CPU war, but which one comes out on top? I will dive deep and find out which CPU is truly better. For a long time the i9-9900K was considered the […]

How to Convert Your Analog Files to Digital Format

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Every few years, it seems some form of technology has been replaced by something new. But for many of us, older media holds valuable memories. You may have a VHS tape with your elementary school play or a stack of old albums your grandparents passed down to you. Whatever the media you’re holding, to enjoy […]

4 Lesser-Known Mechanical Keyboard Brands & Why They’re Worth Trying

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Keyboards are becoming an art form. Today, you can find enthusiasts that are are as passionate about their mechanical keyboards as anyone who collects sneakers, comic books, video games, or anything else you can think of. Just like with any collectible or piece of fashion, the most prized items are usually those with quirky aesthetics […]

5 Ways to Automate a File Backup in Linux

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It hardly needs to be said but storing and maintaining the integrity of your operating system, personal information, and personal files is basic to data management. While disasters are rare in Linux, protecting your data from system crashes, corrupt files, and lost or stolen computers is still an absolute necessity.  Backing up your files protects […]

Use an Old Web Cam To Monitor Your Property for Free

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Webcams are everywhere these days, including on the computer or mobile device you’re probably using to read this. If you have an old device around the house, you can repurpose its webcam into a surveillance tool for your home or business. If not, you should be able to find an old webcam nobody’s using, or […]

Keypad Not Working on Acer Laptop? – 5 Troubleshooting Steps

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Owners of Acer Aspire laptops can encounter a bothersome issue which is that their keypad suddenly stops working. Different Acer online communities have been harping about this issue including their official forum board. But instead of visiting these sites for a solution, we are going to walk you through five troubleshooting steps that will help […]

How To Reinstall Linux Mint Without Losing Your Data & Settings

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Do you want to reinstall or upgrade your Linux Mint Distribution but don’t want to lose all your settings and data in the process? It is possible and not that difficult.  Start by backing up your existing operating system in case you need to restore it if something goes wrong. Create a Bootable Disk Or […]

How To Speed Up Any WordPress Site Using .HTACCESS

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Is your WordPress website taking too long to load? Do you know that a slow site will affect your SEO and user experience? There are several different ways to speed up your site besides using plugins. One way is to leverage browser cache and another way is to compress your files.  Both can be accomplished […]

Does Windows 10 Need Antivirus When You Have Windows Defender?

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With the Windows 10 update came the new Windows Defender Security Center. It’s more functional than previous versions and has extra features such as a SmartScreen Filter and parental controls system. It also manages Windows Firewall, a program that protects you from external threats. Due to its feature-packed nature, you must be wondering if you […]