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Trust GXT 960 Graphin vs 
GXT 970 Morfix: 
A Comparison Review

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Trust is a well-known name in the European computer peripherals market, but with the GXT 960 Graphin and GXT 970 Morfix, the company is showing its pedigree, with two high-quality […]

Why Wsappx Causes High CPU Usage and How To Fix It

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If your computer is sluggish, one of the ways to investigate what’s causing the problem is to check the Task Manager. While Task Manager displays the running processes that could […]

How to Adjust Brightness on Windows 10

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One of the best ways to avoid or reduce eye strain and headaches while using your computer is to have the correct screen brightness. For many Windows 10 users, using […]

How to Set up Windows Sonic for Headphones on Windows 10

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Poor quality audio can take the buzz out of a movie you’re watching or a game you’re playing. Rather than settling for mono and outdated sound quality, you could think […]

How to Open HEIC Files on Windows

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The HEIC format (short for High-Efficiency Image Container) is the default format on iPhones since iOS 11. As its name implies, a HEIC file is incredibly efficient at storing photos, […]

How to Transfer Files and Settings Between Windows 10 PCs

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If you just bought a new Windows 10 PC and you want to move all your files over from the old computer, you can do that quickly and easily using […]

How To Fix Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Errors

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Adobe products, like Photoshop and Illustrator, are expensive to buy and use, which means that pirated copies aren’t hard to find. To help stop software pirates in their tracks, Adobe […]

What Is WiFi Direct in Windows 10 (And How to Use It)

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Bluetooth is the gold standard for device-to-device file transfers and close-range communications, but it has a competitor that you might not have heard of: WiFi Direct.  What is WiFi Direct? […]

How To Crop In Photoshop

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Changing the composition of a photograph has been made easy with programs like Photoshop. You can use the crop tool within the program to fix your photo and have it […]

Best Digital Camera Settings For Sunset Photos

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Sometimes you may see a sunset and wish you could capture those colors for eternity. But when taking a picture, those red, purple, and orange hues will likely not come […]