Windows 10 Pro vs Home: What’s the Difference?

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How To Uninstall Microsoft Store Apps

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How To Delete Facebook Pages, Groups, and Accounts

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How To Block Robocalls On Your Mobile Phone

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You’re just sitting down to supper and the phone rings. You want to ignore it. But maybe it’s work? Maybe it’s family or a friend in an emergency? No. It’s […]

The Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Windows, iOS, macOS & Android

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WiFi is all around use these days. This wireless network technology can now be found not only in computers, but also in everyday items such as watches, TVs, fridges and […]

Windows 10 Search Not Working? 6 Troubleshooting Tips To Try

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What Are Inodes in Linux and How Are They Used?

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Everything in Linux is considered a file to maintain consistency. That includes hardware devices, printers, directories, and processes. Regular files such as music, text, videos, and other multimedia files also […]

How to Remove all Traces of a WordPress Plugin

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How To Fix Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel

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How to Use Python on Windows

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As one of the best programming languages to learn and use, it’s no wonder that millions of new coders turn their attention to learning how to use Python. It offers […]