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19 Best Outlook Mobile App Tips for Android and iOS

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Outlook has been the heartbeat of business for a long time. Now, it’s moving into our personal lives too. Is that because work from home has exploded? Is it because […]

How to Cite a YouTube Video in MLA and APA

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The first rule of fight club academic writing is to cite your sources. (Honestly, we wish it were more common in other kinds of writing, too.) Two common styles for […]

How to Rearrange Pages in Word on Windows and Mac

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Word has a lot of powerful features that let you organize documents in sections, pages, and even an outline of the entire document structure. But rearranging pages in Word isn’t […]

What Is ntuser.dat in Windows 10 and Can It Be Removed?

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When you create a new user profile on Windows 10, the operating system needs somewhere to save your settings. While you might think this information is saved in the Windows […]

13 Windows 10 Tweaks for Better Performance

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Whether your computer is old or new, you need it to deliver optimum performance to enjoy your work, gaming or media streaming experience. There are many reasons why the device […]

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi: Which is the Better DIY Platform?

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If you’re planning a new tech project and you’re looking for a small, single-board computer that can act as the brain of your design, you’ll probably consider one of two […]

Ubuntu vs Windows 10: Which OS is Better for You?

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Almost every PC or laptop available for purchase comes with a Windows 10 installation. Excluding Macs, you wouldn’t think that there’s much choice in the desktop computer market for different […]

OpenShot Video Editor: How to Get Started

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Affordable, consumer-level video editing software used to be a needle in a haystack, and to find it for free was nearly impossible. However, the proliferation of smartphones coupled with a […]

What Is MMC.exe and Is It Safe?

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Launch the Task manager on any Windows computer and you’ll find hundreds of system processes running in the background. Some of these processes are properly labeled and identifying their purpose […]

What Is Lockapp.exe in Windows 10 and Is It Safe?

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When you switch on a Windows PC, a number of hidden system services and processes kick into action. These processes determine how Windows appears on your screen, how your device […]