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How to Tell What Version of Windows You Have Installed

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Every installation of Windows has a major version, a specific version, and a build number. While you might never, ever need to know the specific version or the build number […]

How to Fix a Corrupt User Profile in Windows 10

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In Windows 10, your user profile is stored in the user’s profile folder, which contains various settings like sound, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, taskbar preferences and personal folders. All these settings […]

What is SearchUI.exe and Do You Need It?

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While certain elements of the Windows operating system (such as the system kernel) are vital for it to work, other parts are less important. If you’re trying to lower your […]

How to Migrate Windows 10 to a New Hard Drive

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 If you’ve just upgraded your PC and want to migrate Windows 10 to a new hard drive, you’ll have to consider your options. This is a job that beginners might […]

How to Fix a System Thread Exception Not Handled BSOD

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Windows 10’s “System Thread Exception Not Handled” BSOD (blue screen of death) error is associated with faulty, obsolete, or corrupt device drivers. In most cases, the stop code (usually 0x0000007E […]

Firefox vs Waterfox – Which Browser is Safer to Use?

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Mozilla Firefox is an open source software, which means that any user can access its code. If you know what you’re doing, you can make changes to the existing code, […]

What is mrt.exe in Windows and Is It Safe?

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It’s normal to question the legitimacy of unknown system files, especially when they abnormally consume system resources. If you launch the Task Manager and discover that a process dubbed MRT.exe […]

The Best Portable Linux Distributions (Updated 2021)

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Linux has blossomed into dozens and dozens of different distributions (or “distros”) over the decades since it was first created. Each one has its own fanbase, as well as a […]

How to Install Firefox for Chromebook

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Although Chrome is the principal browser on Chromebooks, there are valid reasons to install Firefox. You could love Chrome OS but not the Chrome web browser. Using Firefox or any […]

10 Gboard Tips and Tricks to Improve Mobile Typing

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With over a billion downloads, Gboard, the Google keyboard, is one of Google’s most-downloaded apps. It’s pre-installed on almost every Android device, and iOS users can download it from the […]