Use Netstat to See Listening Ports and PID in Windows

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In another article, we explained computer ports and what they’re used for. Other than that, what can we do with port information? Since all traffic in and out of the […]

Squarespace Vs WordPress: Which Is the Better Site Platform?

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Which website builder is best for your needs: Squarespace or WordPress? There is no one right answer. It depends totally on what is most important to you for your site, […]

Share Folders between Host and Guest OS in VirtualBox

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VirtualBox is one of the best (and free!) virtual machine applications out there, but it’s even more useful if your virtual computer can integrate more tightly with the host computer. […]

How To Make a Background Transparent In Photoshop

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If you want to know how to make a background transparent in Photoshop, you’ll need to follow a few different steps. Thankfully, the whole process is straightforward once you get […]

How To Use Chromecast To Cast Your Entire Desktop To TV

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Casting is a method of projecting or sending content wirelessly to a different screen such as your television or second monitor. Once you set up your Google Chromecast device, you […]

How to Host a Zoom Cloud Meeting On a Smartphone or Desktop

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Productive and successful teams know that video conferencing software is the cornerstone of their success. Tools such as the free Zoom Cloud Meetings enable groups of people to work together […]

Can’t See Other Computers on a Network? Fixes For Windows, Mac, and Linux

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If you’re trying to share files between PCs on a local network, but you just can’t make a connection, it could point to a problem with your network configuration. You […]

How To Embed HTML Into a Google Doc

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Google Docs is a very flexible word processor in many ways, but what many people don’t realize is that you can embed HTML into a Google doc. There are several […]

Forcefully Close a Program in Ubuntu

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When a program stops responding in Windows, most users know how to stop it by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on their keyboard, pressing the Task Manager option and […]

How To Hard Reset a Frozen iPhone or Android Device

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Since we rely on our phones for 90% of all everyday tasks, having your smartphone freeze on you can be a total nightmare. To get a taste of that, try […]