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How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10

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Windows 10 creates all sorts of temporary files as you use your computer. These could be anything from cached system and application data, error reports, update files, to browsing data. […]

Volume or Sound Icon Missing in Windows 10: How to Fix

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By default, you should find a volume icon and a bunch of other system icons in the notification area (i.e. bottom-right corner of the taskbar) of every Windows 10 computer. […]

How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

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When you browse the internet, a Domain Name System (DNS) service will actively translate, or “resolve,” the various web addresses that you come across into a format that your Windows, […]

How to Draw in Microsoft Word

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While Microsoft Word may not be the first drawing tool you think of, its drawing tools are among its little-known features that are simple to learn and easy to use. […]

How to Access the Windowsapps Folder in Windows 10

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The Windows operating system has a file directory structure that hasn’t changed much across major releases. You’ll find the core system files in the Windows folder, user profile data in […]

9 Fixes for Critical Structure Corruption BSOD Error in Windows 10

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There is no such thing as a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error that isn’t scary. Still, “critical structure corruption” has to be one of the most scary-sounding errors we […]

5 Best Video Converter Software Apps for Windows 10

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Streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix make video seem easy, but as soon as you have to start working with the medium yourself, things are very different. There are a […]

The 5 Best Humble Trove Games

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Humble Bundle has grown over the years into the fantastic value it is today. For $20 per month, gamers receive a set of 12-14 games each month that they get […]

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial: How to Use the New Editor

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If you’ve been using WordPress for quite a few years, then you remember when the folks at WordPress rolled out the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 back in 2018. This […]

How Big Is Windows 10 and Can It Be Reduced?

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How big is Windows 10? The size varies based on the exact version of Windows 10 you have installed. It also depends on whether you upgraded from an older version […]