Wix Vs WordPress: Which Is Best For Creating Your Website?

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Are you not sure if you should build your website on the self-hosted version of WordPress or Wix? WordPress is the most popular website builder, but it is not the […]

How To Disable OneDrive On Your Windows 10 PC (& Why You’d Want To)

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Microsoft, like its competitors, has a desire to tie you into the Microsoft ecosystem as much as possible, with services like Microsoft Office, Xbox, and OneDrive integrated into Windows. OneDrive, […]

How The Trello Desktop App Helps You Work More Efficiently

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The Trello desktop app can help you to work more efficiently than the browser version. It can do this by introducing some new features and minimizing the inconvenience that comes […]

How To Merge Data In Multiple Excel Files

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When you’re working in Microsoft Excel, you may find that your data has become a little hard to follow, with data sets spread across separate sheets, pivot tables, and more. […]

How To Sync Browser Bookmarks & Data in Firefox & Opera

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People no longer access the web from a single browser or device. Most switch between devices as they go about their daily routine. Each browser has its own set of […]

How To Add A Font To Photoshop

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If you want to know how to add a font to Photoshop, you’ll need to choose between two different methods. The option you choose depends on what you need the […]

How to Enter BIOS in Windows 10 and Older Versions

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The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is the initial low-level code that allows your PC to start up correctly when it’s first powered up. Some PC users will be familiar with […]

5 Free Alternatives to Google Analytics

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When it comes to plug-and-play analytics tracking for your website, Google Analytics is the go-to solution. All it takes is a few minutes of setup and copying and pasting a […]

How to Recover a Facebook Account When You Can’t Log In

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Are you having problems logging into Facebook? Whether you forgot your login details, or your Facebook account was hacked, there’s  no reason to panic. There are a few different ways […]

How To Copy Text From a PDF File

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If you want to copy text from a PDF file to add to a Word document, paste a formula onto an Excel spreadsheet, or insert into PowerPoint slides for a […]