How To Fix The Black Screen Of Death On Windows 10

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Getting a blue screen of death is bad. But with it, at least your computer will tell you that there’s something wrong. On the other hand, if you end up with a black screen of death, you’re on your own. You’re left guessing what the problem is. Let’s look at the causes and solutions on […]

Easy Ways To Find Hardware & Other Computer Specifications

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“What do you mean how much RAM do I have? It’s a computer, how should I know?” If you’ve found yourself saying this, you will know the frustration of not having technical answers. It can also delay getting the help you need. Let’s look at some tools to keep those answers at your fingertips. Find […]

How To Reboot & Select The Proper Boot Device On Windows

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The Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device error message pops up when a motherboard can’t connect to the hard drive that contains the operating system. But there’s no need to bring in your PC for repairs just yet. In this post, you’ll learn some of the ways you can troubleshoot the issue on your own. […]

Block Websites For Free With Parental Control Software

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Since the internet found its way into our homes, there has been a new avenue through which our children can be exposed to inappropriate content. Your children are only a click or a tap away from violent or pornographic content. Before the advent of smartphones and tablet there was usually only one PC in the […]

How To Fix Slow SSD Boot Up Times On Windows 10

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If you’re noticing slow Solid State Drive (SSD) boot up times on your Windows 10 computer, you’re probably wondering where things went wrong. SSDs are renowned for having faster boot ups and faster operation speeds than regular hard drives, so when things start to get slow, something may need to be fixed. In this guide, […]

The Best Apps To Monitor Internet Usage

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There are quite a few tools available to the general public that can help you monitor your monthly internet usage limit. Seeing as unlimited plans are not considered the standard in the United States, these tools can be seen as almost necessary to avoid overspending.  Most users are unaware of how much data they’re using […]

Use The Windows 10 Task Scheduler To Automate Almost Anything

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This seems to be the age of automation when it comes to our private lives. From smart homes to Siri shortcuts, we can now achieve more by doing less. So why are you still doing repetitive tasks manually in Windows? It turns out that Microsoft has really turned the dial to 11 when it comes […]

The Best Virtual Private Networks Compared Side-By-Side

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Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are more popular than ever before – and easier to find, too. VPNs let you access the Internet through a secure connection and greatly increase safety when browsing online and accessing personal information. But the benefits don’t just stop there. Through the use of a VPN, you can: Bypass region-specific […]

The Most Common Windows 10 Error Messages & How To Fix Them

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On-screen errors are always a source of frustration. It never fails to drain the life from one’s face anytime your Windows OS succumbs to an internal hiccup. Even more so when you have no idea how it happened in the first place. In a time when our lives are being made easier through the use […]

How To Share An Excel File For Easy Collaboration

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Collaboration is important in many work spaces. Since most projects require files to be accessed by a lot of users, collaborative setups have become necessary. Microsoft Excel is one is just one of the many programs used by companies worldwide. As such, the need for shared workbooks is crucial. In this post, you’ll learn how […]