Use a Seedbox and WinSCP for Fast, Private Torrents

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There’s a common misconception that BitTorrent technology is illegal. It’s been associated with media piracy for such a long time that many people who have never used it can’t separate what people do with BitTorrent  and the technology itself. In case you didn’t know, BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol that stores files on the […]

Enable Game Mode to Smooth Out Performance in Windows 10

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For gamers, the latest version of Windows has been a mixed bag. You don’t have to search far on the net to find complaints from gamers that Windows 10 game performance isn’t what it should be. This isn’t true for everyone, but it seems common enough to warrant some concern. Every update to Windows seems […]

Best Ways To Play Games Smoothly On An Old PC

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One of the worst feelings is finding out a new game you’re excited to play can’t run on your old PC. The most immediate solution would be to purchase an upgrade to your hardware, but when budget is a concern, you can use these tips to get the very most out of an old machine […]

Make Quick Digital Photocopies With Google Drive and Your Phone

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We’ve been promised a paperless future for decades now and yet, despite smartphones being everywhere, there’s still a ton of paper around. To make things worse, at some point you are going to want digital copies of paper documents. Usually this means trying to find someplace with a scanner, which is becoming a harder thing […]

Best Vertical Mouse to Reduce Wrist Strain

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The popularity of the vertical mouse has exploded recently, and it’s really no surprise. With a vertical mouse, you can keep your wrist in a more natural position, which goes a long way to reduce wrist strain. If you use your computer for extended periods of time, a vertical mouse seems like a no brainer. […]

Best Apps for Managing Tasks – Trello vs Evernote vs Wunderlist

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If you are struggling to manage your long list of tasks, you may want to consider using one of these desktop apps. They are specifically designed to help you stay on top of absolutely anything, from work projects to chores around the house. These apps also offer support for collaborating with others, so they’re perfect […]

Fix Killer Ethernet Driver Stopped Working

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Most of the time, the Killer Ethernet driver that comes prepackaged with your motherboard is a reliable ethernet driver. However, like all drivers, you may occasionally run into problems with it. If your version of Killer Ethernet driver stops working, it may be due to your driver being outdated or to a recent network change […]

How to Fix a Water Damaged Keyboard

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Have you spilled water on your laptop or desktop keyboard and need help getting it fixed? In this article, we take a look at the best solution for getting yourself out of such a frustrating situation. It’s common knowledge that water and electronics do not mix well. In many cases, water can completely fry electronic […]

How to Use OpenPGP to Secure Email

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In 1991, Phil Zimmermann created Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), a cryptographic program that, for the first time, gave the average individual near military-grade encryption. Over the years, PGP’s source code was released and an open standard—OpenPGP—was eventually born. This opened the way for a myriad of open source products that continue to offer some of […]

How to Check if Your CPU Temperature is Too High

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Worried about whether your CPU temperature is too high? This issue will normally only come up if you are trying to overclock your processor. If you’re a computer geek and know how to overclock anything on your computer, you probably don’t have to read this article. However, with more users opting to purchase custom PCs […]