How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger

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More and more people are turning away from social media, or at least Facebook. Whether you want to distance yourself from the “keeping up with the Jones” nature of social […]

The 5 Best Budget Chromebooks in 2020

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Chromebooks have taken the world by storm. The Chrome OS-based laptops are affordable, come in a variety of sizes from a whole host of manufacturers, and are incredibly simple to […]

Google Translate vs. Bing Translate – Which One Is Best?

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There was a time when Google Translate was everyone’s go-to app when it comes to translating any language. Now the situation has changed and Google Translate has a big competitorBing […]

How To Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

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Facebook isn’t everyone’s go-to social network as it once used to be. Still you probably have pictures, contacts, and information on your profile that you wouldn’t want to lose access […]

How To Delete a Reddit Account

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Reddit is a social sharing site with millions of monthly active users who go on the platform to gather links, comment or vote on the links, and share them with […]

4 Ways To Speed Up Windows 10 Boot Times

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Windows 10 is Microsoft’s fastest booting operating system ever. But could it be faster? The answer is yes, it could. You have a few options available to help Windows 10 […]

The Most Common Video Formats and Codecs Explained

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Digital video is all around us. Whether it’s a disc, a streaming service, or a file on your computer, every video has a specific format. Understanding common video formats is […]

12 Chromebook Tips And Tricks

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Chromebooks are popular laptops for web browsing, but they are capable of so much more. Chrome OS supports most Android apps and features a full Linux Virtual Machine alongside its […]

How To Change The Administrator On Windows 10

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Windows 10 has the Standard user account and the Administrator account, each with different privileges to use a device and applications. An administrator account offers complete system control with privileges […]

How To Transfer a Windows 10 License To a New Computer

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Upgrading your computer is exciting. There’s nothing better than unwrapping the box and taking a big gulp of that new computer smell. Setting up your new computer is the next […]