Best Free ASP .NET Tutorials and Code Samples

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If you’re just getting started with ASP .NET, there are so many concepts and features to learn that it can be pretty intimidating at first. Luckily, there are also tons or resources out there that can teach you the basics of ASP .NET and get your started writing small ASP .NET projects. In this article, […]

Automatically Turn Off Windows Computers on Your Network

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As an IT administrator these days, it’s a good idea to think green and find ways to save energy and reduce power consumption. If you manage a large network of servers and PC’s, you might want to consider using software that can automatically shutdown PC’s after a certain time or based on activity. I’ve previously […]

Migrate Group Policy ADM files to ADMX files using ADMX Migrator

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If you’ve started using Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 in your environment, you may have noticed the new Group Policy ADMX format. This new format for Group Policy templates takes advantage of new features and capabilities. The new ADMX format for displaying registry-based policy settings are defined using XML now, instead of the proprietary […]

Scan Your Network for Security Vulnerabilities using GFI LANGuard

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There are many software suites out there that can scan your entire network for security vulnerabilities, but they are mostly very expensive. Recently, while testing software, I came across another program that provides solutions for computer security, application security and network security all in one package for a cheap price. GFiLANguard is an award-winning software […]

How to Open and Forward Ports on Your Router

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Earlier I wrote a post on how to configure a router for remote desktop, which went through the steps of logging into your wireless router and forwarding the appropriate ports. I tried to go into as much detail as possible, but setting up port forwarding is still too technical for some people. So if you […]

Create Windows Installer (MSI) Packages using NSIS

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I’ve written a fair amount of code in my IT career and released a good number of Windows programs also. A good tool to create Windows installer packages was always key. Each program would have a different set of needs, such as scripts, DLLs, security settings, etc, so one tool to create any type of […]

Open and View Access Database using MDB Viewer

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Have you ever needed to open, edit, or modify a Microsoft Access database file (MDB), but you didn’t have Microsoft Access on your computer? Microsoft has programs to view Word documents, Excels spreadsheets, and Powerpoint files without having the original software installed, however, they do not have this option for MS Access! Who knows why, […]

Get Detailed Information on Hidden Windows Processes

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Have you ever gone to the Task Manager in Windows and clicked on the Process tab only to see that svchost.exe is taking up 100% of your CPU? Well, unfortunately that doesn’t help you figure out which program in Windows is actually using up all that processing power. In Windows, there are many processes, like […]

7 free PDF writers and PDF printers

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If you have your own small business, you’ve probably realized the benefits of free software by now! Yes, it’s nice to get a little technical support by buying software from big companies like Microsoft and Adobe, etc, but sometimes price trumps everything. Frankly, buying Adobe Acrobat for all employees in our company so that they […]