Add a Message to the Logon Screen for Users in Windows 7/8/10

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Windows 7/8/10 allows you to add a message that is displayed on the logon screen when users log in. To setup a message for users logging in on your computer, […]

Run Programs as Administrator with Full Rights in Windows

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We have previously written about creating a shortcut to run a command prompt window with administrator rights in our post, Create a Command Prompt Shortcut with Admin Rights. If you […]

Paste Text into Word Without Formatting

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By default, Microsoft Word tries to preserve the styles of text copied from a source outside of Word. If you don’t want to have to manually remove the style information […]

Assign Drive Letters to Folders in Windows

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If there are folders that you access frequently, this post shows you how to quickly access these folders in Windows Explorer without having to enter the full path to the […]

Fix Missing or Corrupted Hidden Files and Folders Option in Windows

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By default, Windows Explorer does not display files with the Hidden attribute. However, there is an easy way of showing hidden files and folders in Windows. Hidden files and folders […]

Use Spike to Cut and Paste Multiple Text Items in Word

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There is a little known feature in word that allows you to gather groups of text and/or graphics from different locations in a Word document and then paste all of […]

Change the Location of User Folders in Windows

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If you have an old computer or a new computer with a small SSD drive as your primary drive, you may need to periodically move data out of the default […]

How to Layer Objects in a PowerPoint Presentation

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If you never use desktop publishing programs such as Microsoft Publisher, Corel Draw, or Adobe InDesign, you may not be familiar with using objects and layers to create documents for […]

Easily View Hardware Information in Ubuntu 10.04

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If you need to know the details of your PC’s hardware, there is a simple graphical application, called GNOME Device Manager, in Ubuntu 10.04 that allows you to view the […]

Change Measurement Units in Microsoft Word

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By default, Microsoft Word uses inches as its unit of measurement in dialog boxes and on the ruler. You can change measurement units to centimeters, picas, points, or millimeters. This […]