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Install Adobe Digital Editions In Ubuntu Linux

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Libraries have been around for quite some time.  One of the nice things about living in the digital age, however, is being able to check out books from the library […]

Use Alternate DNS Servers In Windows For Faster Internet

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For many computer users who have complaints about their ISP’s Internet speed, one factor they may not be considering is the quality of their ISP’s DNS servers.  DNS stands for […]

Create and Edit Zip Files In Linux Using The Terminal

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In a previous article, we detailed how to use the tar command to create archives. While tar is a very common compression scheme for Linux, it isn’t nearly as popular […]

Shutdown and Restart Your Computer From The Ubuntu Terminal

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In Linux, it’s pretty simple (as it is in most operating systems), to restart your computer, logout of your user account, or completely shutdown your system.  Often, it’s as simple […]

Track and Log USB Device Usage/Activity with USBLogView

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If you have a computer that is accessible to other people, then there may be times when you want to know what USB devices were plugged in. At an office, […]

Difference between Windows 7 Home, Professional and Ultimate

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If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista and are thinking about making the switch to Windows 7, you might be wondering what’s the difference between all the different […]

Is there a Classic View in Windows 7?

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Yes Windows 7 has some fancy eye-candy graphics and display options with the new Aero interface, but maybe you don’t want that? Maybe you’ve gotten accustomed to the classic Windows […]

Fix “Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook” Error

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I recently ran into a problem when using Microsoft Outlook on my laptop. It’s got Windows 7 and I am using Office 2010 at the moment. I went to open […]

Fix “There was a problem sending a command to the program” Error

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Windows is full of strange error messages that I’ve written many posts on previously, so in this post I will cover another odd one. I recently ran into this message: […]

Retrieve Your Wireless Network Security Key in Windows

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Have you experienced a situation where you have to add a computer to your wireless network and you can’t find the network security key? Windows 7, like previous versions of […]