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Attach a VHD File in Windows XP

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If you also use Windows XP on another computer, you can transfer that VHD file to the XP computer and mount it without having to run Virtual PC or Microsoft […]

Center Your Worksheet Data in Excel for Printing

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If you have created a small worksheet in Excel, you may want to center it on the page when you print it. By default, it will print in the upper, […]

Generate Random Text or Lorem Ipsum Text in MS Word

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Ever need to add some random or meaningless text into Microsoft Word to test a document, temporarily fill some space, or to see how some formatting looks? Luckily, Word provides […]

Troubleshoot Windows Hanging During Shutdown

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Does Windows hang when you try to shut it down? On one of my laptops, I ran into the problem where Windows would just hang on the shutdown screen for […]

Cannot Run Windows Update on a Windows 7 PC?

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Recently, I was working with a client and they had an issue updating their Windows 7 PC. Basically, whenever they tried to run a check for updates, they would get […]

Convert Images Between Formats via the Command Line in Ubuntu

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If you need to convert an image from one format to another you can use GIMP to do so, but there is an easier way. You can use ImageMagick, which […]

Stop Windows 7 from Automatically Installing Device Drivers

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Although Windows 7 makes some things much easier than in previous versions of the operating system, sometimes it can be an aggressive bugger when it comes to detecting, downloading, and […]

Windows 7/10 Safe Mode – Boot Options

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In the first article in this series on Windows 7/10 Safe Mode, we looked at what to do when the F8 method of starting up Windows in Safe Mode just […]

Take Control of Windows 7 Administration

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Windows 7 represents a step forward in security for home PCs, but administration in the operating system can be a bit confusing. Everything from the secret administrator to User Account […]

Quickly Add Date and Time Stamps to an Excel Worksheet

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You can easily change the format of any cell in an Excel worksheet to let the application know what type of data to expect. Two often used formats are the […]