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How to Find and Change the Steam Screenshot Folder

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When an incredible moment happens in a game, the easiest way to preserve it is to share it with your friends by snapping a screenshot (if you aren’t streaming, anyway). […]

How To Fix “Your Computer Is Low on Memory” Error on Windows 10

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You’re just browsing the web, listening to some music and trying to get that Excel spreadsheet done when suddenly you get a popup that says “Your Computer Is Low on […]

13 Ways to Open Task Manager on Windows 10

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Whether it’s to improve performance or troubleshoot the myriad issues in Windows operating systems, the Task Manager is indispensable for any PC user. It makes identifying resource-intensive processes, managing startup […]

9 Ways to Open a Word Document Without Word

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Did you just download or receive a Microsoft Word document on your desktop or mobile device but you don’t have Word installed? Don’t let that DOC or DOCX extension freak […]

4 Ways to Use a Check Mark in Excel

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There are many reasons you may want to use a check mark in Excel. In some cases, you may just want a way to place a check mark image either […]

What Is Hardware Acceleration and How Is It Useful?

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Hardware acceleration uses specially-built computer hardware (i.e., silicon microchips) to do a narrow set of tasks faster than a general-purpose CPU (central processing unit). What does that mean to you […]

The Best Blog Writing Format to Get Your Points Across

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If you own a blog or write for one, it’s easy to get carried away with what you’re writing about and forget that an actual person needs to read and […]

How to Create Multiple Linked Drop Down Lists in Excel

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Drop-down lists in Excel are powerful tools. They let you provide users with a drop-down arrow that, when selected, provides them with a list of choices. This can reduce data-entry […]

Stream Video and Music to Your Xbox Console from Windows 10

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Everyone knows the Xbox can support every streaming service known to man, but did you realize you can stream content straight to your Xbox from your PC? The instructions below […]

Random Number Generator in Excel: How and When to Use It

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There are a surprising number of ways you can make use of a random number generator in Excel. But before you do, it’s important to understand the function of a […]