How To Use Windows Snipping Tool Shortcuts In Windows 10

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Using keyboard shortcuts with either the Snipping Tool or Snip and Sketch just makes life easier. Both Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch, which can be used to take screenshots […]

How To Fix a Row In Excel

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Dealing with very large Excel spreadsheets isn’t always easy. This is especially true when you have lots of embedded calculations where results in one row depend on data in other […]

The 10 Best Google Forms Templates

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Companies and brands use Google Forms templates to collect data for a multitude of reasons such as customer feedback, surveys, job applications, track expenses, event registration, party invitations, and evaluation […]

Google Draw: A Full Guide For Beginners

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Google revolutionized the office landscape with the cloud-based Google Docs, challenging the supremacy of Office apps like Word and Excel with reasonable success. One little-known tool in the Google Docs […]

10 Apps & Tips to Be More Organized & Waste Less Time

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Looking for how to be more organized making sure to waste less time is a constant struggle, especially for people who are very busy. There are countless books and thousands […]

How To Insert An Animated GIF In PowerPoint

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Using different media types during a PowerPoint presentation helps keep the audience entertained. Inserting an animated GIF in PowerPoint can capture attention and add humor when well-placed and relevant to […]

10 Advanced Chromebook Tips To Become a Power User

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A chromebook is an amazing device, and one of the best budget laptops on the market. Most people think it’s just a barebones laptop that only has access to the […]

How To Find Your WordPress Admin Login

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So, you’ve done it—you’ve decided to set up a blog with WordPress, or maybe you’ve determined that WordPress is the ideal content management system (CMS) for your site. If you’ve […]

HDG Explains : What Is Miracast?

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Miracast is one of a number of wireless display standards. If you have a Miracast device and display, you can send a video signal from one to the other, without […]

How To Import Data Into Google Sheets From Another Sheet

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Of all of the G Suite web applications, Google Sheets may be the most impressive. Released in 2006, it quickly became a fierce competitor to stand up against Microsoft Excel […]